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  1. Not sure I like this section being on the left side...

    1. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      I agree. Maybe one will get used to it eventually, but right now it feels completely wrong... :wacko:

    2. ChitHappens


      Ok, so I didn't mess up something on my computer.  

    3. DramatistDreamer


      It may take some getting used to but I appreciate the use of space, particularly the "white space". Whereas before, things often looked askew on my laptop, depending on which browser I used, at least now the layout looks spatially balanced for me.  And because I tend to enlarge the font my huge screen, it used to lead to that skewed look but now, things look more symmetrical on my screen.


      My sole quibble is that  the font size appears to be missing from this Status post, making this post, in particular look miniature on my 18.4 inch screen.

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