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    Wondering where the LBGTQ+ characters are during Pride Month (as well as the rest of the year). #firefrank Why have diversity solely in the list of cast members rather than on the screen? Less screen time for Frank's pets might open up some room for characters that are trotted out to say "look, we have gays and trans characters" for press releases. JMO.
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    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      @KMan101 be careful, you may get scolded for #firefrank negativity. 


      And yep, those three come to mind right off the bat. 


      "Next week on General Hospital Roger Howarth debuts as Audrey Hardy. Elizabeth immediately tells Audrey how good she looks and how amazing she is!"


    3. KMan101


      lol "Frank the Savior" kool-aid is real


      And I'm dead. "Roger Howarth debuts as Audrey Hardy" LMAO. Lord. I'm so tired of Howarth. He ruined Paul Ryan on ATWT and he's sucked up 9 years on GH. Sigh. It feels bizarre to think back in the day I wanted him back on OLTL as Todd. He can retire now. I'm good. Bye felicia.

    4. slick jones

      slick jones

      He was surprisingly good as Todd on OLTL 2.0-- not chewing the scenery considering the Paul Ryan tear down he committed on ATWT.


      Now he just smirks at the camera, laughing at those of us that wish we were finally rid of him.

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