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  1. If I wanted to read posts at Datalounge, I'd go there, but I don't. Just sayin'. Also, saying an actress was fired for them to "hire black characters" is in very poor taste

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    2. Donna B

      Donna B

      I'm sure you mean to be kind and I thank you for that.

    3. vetsoapfan


      @DonnaB, we all get excited and enthusiastic about our favorite shows, and love sharing information and opinions about them. We just need to remember that other posters can only read and process so many messages. :)

    4. Donna B

      Donna B

      @vetsoapfan, yes, that is, of course, true. And, a good point to make. I've had some extra time lately. Maybe I overused it. My BFF was in London all week & I only had 1 PT appt. & 1 dental appt. & I got trapped by ATL's Marta Mobility bus & had Thursday go completely to waste. I'll try to work things out.


      If anyone can give me any specific advice about general formatting, keeping posts from merging into BIG THINGS or anything else like that, I will hear it gladly. At the same time, don't mistake me. I'm not saying that is anyone else's "job to do."💜

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