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  1. If only "we" just expressed our own opinions, maybe they wouldn't read quite so condescending  . No disrespect intended. 

  2. Happy Birthday @MichaelGL.  Love  reading your posts!  Have a great day!

    1. MichaelGL


      Thank you!!! ❤️

  3. Happy Birthday @dragonflies!

    1. ChitHappens


      Have a wonderful day :) 

    2. dragonflies


      Thanks guys, I'm off work early, gonna have a chicken dinner and just relax with my cat lol

  4. As social media users continue to bitch about Paulina and Chanel on Days... And now that OG Marla Gibbs will be on...



    Wondering where the LBGTQ+ characters are during Pride Month (as well as the rest of the year). #firefrank Why have diversity solely in the list of cast members rather than on the screen? Less screen time for Frank's pets might open up some room for characters that are trotted out to say "look, we have gays and trans characters" for press releases. JMO.
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    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      @KMan101 be careful, you may get scolded for #firefrank negativity. 


      And yep, those three come to mind right off the bat. 


      "Next week on General Hospital Roger Howarth debuts as Audrey Hardy. Elizabeth immediately tells Audrey how good she looks and how amazing she is!"


    3. KMan101


      lol "Frank the Savior" kool-aid is real


      And I'm dead. "Roger Howarth debuts as Audrey Hardy" LMAO. Lord. I'm so tired of Howarth. He ruined Paul Ryan on ATWT and he's sucked up 9 years on GH. Sigh. It feels bizarre to think back in the day I wanted him back on OLTL as Todd. He can retire now. I'm good. Bye felicia.

    4. slick jones

      slick jones

      He was surprisingly good as Todd on OLTL 2.0-- not chewing the scenery considering the Paul Ryan tear down he committed on ATWT.


      Now he just smirks at the camera, laughing at those of us that wish we were finally rid of him.

  6. If anyone here is friends with Alan Locher on FB, please let him know that Veleka Gray and Nicolas Coster have expressed interest in participating in future reunions on my soap page. Somerset or any past soap they have appeared on.

    1. Soapsuds


      I already asked Alan I wanted a Chandler Massey one. I'm not sure if he'll ask him. I know he'd do it and he could gain newer viewers with Chandler. He always has a lot of viewers during his chats.

  7. So Hallmark gave in on the commercial... Between GLAAD, Hilarie Burton and SNL's digs last night, glad to see them ... kiss and make-up... LOL

    1. Khan


      Yeah, well...I still think it was awfully messed-up of them to give into One Million Moms' demand in the first place.  But, like they say, money talks and the rest can walk, lol.

    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      I'm not surprised they gave in in the first place. It's 2019, Hallmark.......

  8. giphy.gif

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    2. ReddFoxx


      Is the illness story even true? I don't want to overanalyze, but this seems more like trolling and spamming for no reason at all other than to just aggravate people.

    3. Franko


      Something I picked up yesterday: she mentioned her partner's dissertation on soaps in the thread on soap memoirs. I can't help but wonder how much of her posts have been lifted from it. 

    4. Vee


      I think it's true, yes. And I sympathize with that, but this history of behavior goes back a long way.

  9. If I wanted to read posts at Datalounge, I'd go there, but I don't. Just sayin'. Also, saying an actress was fired for them to "hire black characters" is in very poor taste

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    2. Donna B

      Donna B

      I'm sure you mean to be kind and I thank you for that.

    3. vetsoapfan


      @DonnaB, we all get excited and enthusiastic about our favorite shows, and love sharing information and opinions about them. We just need to remember that other posters can only read and process so many messages. :)

    4. Donna B

      Donna B

      @vetsoapfan, yes, that is, of course, true. And, a good point to make. I've had some extra time lately. Maybe I overused it. My BFF was in London all week & I only had 1 PT appt. & 1 dental appt. & I got trapped by ATL's Marta Mobility bus & had Thursday go completely to waste. I'll try to work things out.


      If anyone can give me any specific advice about general formatting, keeping posts from merging into BIG THINGS or anything else like that, I will hear it gladly. At the same time, don't mistake me. I'm not saying that is anyone else's "job to do."💜

  10. Kelly Reilly had better submit her beating/rape scenes for her Emmy reel. The last ten minutes of last week's Yellowstone were brutal and raw.  

  11. To all the mothers (and Mother-******* )Happy Mother's Day!


    Especially you, @Juliajms  and to fellow Hallmark fan Mama Khan!

    1. xtr


      Happy mother's day to the mothers out there, including the mothers on this forum. 🙂

    2. Juliajms


      Thanks Slick. ❤️

  12. Happy Birthday @robbwolff!   Hope your day is full of fun and games!

    1. ChitHappens


      🎂 Have a wonderful birthday 🎂

    2. robbwolff


      Thanks so much! It was a great day, capped by a wonderful dinner and Miss Richfield 1981's newest show.

  13. Happy Birthday @KMan101!!!!!!

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    2. DRW50


      Happy birthday.

    3. Soapsuds


      Happy Birthday Shawn! Hope you are having a great day!


      Here is your present from me. :D



    4. dragonflies


      Happy Birthday!!!

  14. Having trouble messaging.  @Errol  can someone check on the problem?  Thanks in advance.


    1. Errol


      The issue will be addressed shortly. Thanks for your patience.

    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      No problem, Errol. Thank you!


  15. RIP   Morgan Woodward   Marvin "Punk" Anderson of Dallas and Phillip Colville of DOOL.


    1. applcin


      First time I saw him were his 2 episodes of Star Trek. RIP.

  16. I just finished watching I Am Paul Walker that the Paramount Network released a while ago. While there was no mention of Y&R, my heart broke for his family, and I learned a few things that I didn't realize about him. It was very good.

  17. Loved the final scene of Billions with Chuck, Axe , and Wendy joining forces  to deal with those that crossed them. EPIC!

  18. Is anyone else having trouble posting today?  Different topics won't open to let me post.

    1. DRW50


      I tried to send a new private message to someone and it wouldn't let me. I couldn't even write out the message. 

    2. slick jones

      slick jones

      It was doing that yesterday for me. I was getting frustrated, I'd try topics/pm s I wasn't posting in, and they would work, but not the ones I wanted.

  19. Happy Birthday Beebs! 

    1. ChitHappens


      Happy BIRTHDAY :)


    2. beebs



  20. Sherilyn Fenn as Jim Street's(Alex Russell) prison bound mother on SWAT, a recurring role. Nice to see her while checking out the new show.

  21. Amirah Vann, Ernestine from Underground is popping up all over. Law& Order SVU, recurring on both HTGAWM and Major Crimes. Great to see her on TV again!

    1. NothinButAttitude


      I agree. But I still miss her most as Ernestine.

    2. ChitHappens


      She's super talented so its nice to see her getting the work she deserves.  She can thank TPTB from Underground!  


      What eppy of SVU?  I don't wish to watch that show again, but I'd love to see the eppy she's in.

    3. slick jones
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