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  1. 30 minutes into POSE's premiere and the twists on some of where the characters are in 1994 is shocking. 

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    2. Taoboi


      I agree @marceline. I was over at the FB page and the cast was giving little interviews so I was excited for everyone. And then the death happened and I got in my feels since that person did not spoil that in those interviews. I just assumed, but smh. I should have known better. And I will stay worried for Blanca just because she is sooo happy and I think soaps/shows have taught us to not be tooo happy for happy cast members. 


      The boyfriend is new due to the time jump. ;) I was happy to hear about the two kids from last year's finale though. 


      Oh God...the OJ stuff was soooooo spot on. I hollered at Lulu's line. So true. Critics wanted to pick on that. I was in HS and remember it being the same way with family so...*shrugs*



    3. marceline


      The OJ stuff gave me flashbacks. 😀

    4. Taoboi


      HAHAHAHAHA!!! Same.

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