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  1. Well, to be fair...FARSCAPE doesn't get kicking until the last 4 episodes of Season 1. I too wasn't into it when it first started. Until I saw all those promo about this 4 part finale and the introduction of Scorpious as a deliciously bad (and leather clad) antagonist for our hero. His long game against Critchon was the main arc of Season 2 and worth the journey. But the potential started around the 'they took Pilot's arm in order to get home' episode and then it snowballed. Season 2 got by on being remixed sci-fi tropes before it took pushed into crazy new territory and darkness to me. Even though for pure creativity and drive I would say Season 3 was the best. He really was...and then they started putting him in leather pants all the time and it was just...wow. Not feeling guilty at all for the main times I've rewinded for the camera angle I suspect they purposely did of him in them in a late Season 3 episode. lol.
  2. Now if they would just call out Nene though...since they are going after OGs...😎
  3. But she can throw them out of her house for bringing up her mother. But I liked Emily. That said...looks like the season will end with Shannon vs Tamra. And maybe even Viki will be the cause of it with some pot stirring. I bet she pulls a NYC LuAnn Season 6/BH Camille this season on that cast. ETA: Oh, yeah...demoted she was...
  4. First of all... Perez had a kid? REALLY?!? Second of all...boo for not including the read he gave her in the promo after the 1:54 mark. Third of all...I happen to see it on tv this past weekend and it was like a trainwreck. LC really was the glue to that gang so it feels so contrived. Example...Whitney was LAUREN'S friend and supporting at best in the original before she was spinned off to THE CITY so it's just odd seeing her there with those others she only met through LC. At least Lo knew some of the cast currently present.
  5. I haven't even tried to play catchup yet, but just reading the threads and all the spoiler news, it does seem like 2013 Y&R again...which is when I stopped watching ironically.
  6. POTOMAC That was cray cray...and I loved it. I think @DaytimeFan said it a few weeks that it was like old school Y&R how the slow burn of what Michael said at Ashley's uncle's party. And like a good secret on a soap the more people in the know, the more chances that it will come out...which is looking like next week so YAY!!! Monique had me rolling with her comment about the salad while the Young Bucks fought. And Karen's look at the dinner was priceless.
  7. Given the amount of booty shaking I've done to several songs off of it so far, if you don't mind, could you clarify party song?
  8. Maybe they will pop up again someday.
  9. I agree. I wonder if the promo for the finale will even live up to what it shows. It looks like she got them all gathered except for Denise...which should be interesting.
  10. For me... GH FAISON. I had always heard so much from my Mom who was a big Luke and Laura fan (I still remember them coming back and seeing the Cassindine promo with the ring and asking my Mom what was that about and her giving me that Mom look) so when he showed up and started playing cat and mouse with Luke and Felicia...I didn't understand, but his presence...his vibe...was something truly scary. You knew when he was on the scene...something dangerous was coming. And I liked the first RC return. We got Lisel and I like her and other than that diva toss when she came to PC and her first NB with the Cabaret number and 'is that all there is?' I liked her menace back then. DAYS STEFANO. As a kid, he had his moments. And you knew...if you crossed him...you WOULD REGRET it. But maybe it was just Joseph Mosolo's presence. Y&R. That 2005 Sheila promo gets me. Every time.
  11. BOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, that does my heart so good. Never stop loving either.
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