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  2. I remember a lot of that. And DEAD at Molly Ringwald lookalike. I can't remember if she ever mellowed, but like all good soap villain she gets good comeuppance I believe.
  3. Me, me, me!!!! Brooke was THAT bitca back in the day. And everyone was all about Dylan was it? I think other than Ryan Reynolds, the only other person who went on to star in other things was Laura Harris if I remember correctly.
  4. I guess I really wasn't paying attention during the start of the dinner. Silly me. lol. But yeah, I do believe that Kyle has not liked Lips since then as well. YYYYAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Potomac!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!! That was hot.
  5. Still working through the cd (Tracks 10 through 13 honestly are flawless...like 10 is the calm to a storm and then the next several just build to climax being 13 which vintage old school Madonna if Erotica/Confessions had a kid IMHO. I see why critics point to this track as a favorite. The song (with a sound system) WILL...BUMP!!! I also like all the Madonna/Maluma tracks on the cd. And will the following was also on it tbh...they make a good team.
  6. RHoBH How funny that now that LVP is nowhere around and Camille is also nowhere around, those girls turned on each other. What's interesting is that they targeted Erika next. VERY interesting. Now she knows how LVP felt. And she really cannot take it. Nor can Kyle take that everyone would consider Erika next up for the 'throne.' RHoNY Saw a good amount of it. And while I found LuAnn understandable in how she was feeling if extra, Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn Bethanny!!!! I mean... She just lost her mind. I just can't. Overall, I thought it was a good episode though and I would love to see how it was resolved. THIS. She stood out in her first season not only for her fabulous life, but she was the common sense of the group. And not only that Eileen also remembered everything PERFECTLY when she went up against pot-stirrers due to all that soap opera training. But sadly she did fall to the second season curse.
  7. RHoNY So THAT is the Countess you all have mentioned to me about LuAnn pre-Season 6. Yep...you all were right. I DON'T like that side of her at all. That said...it's nice to be making some time to see episodes again. I am in the minority here, but except for moments here and there, I haven't felt it this season. That said...Sonja is love. lol. I loved Bethanny taking care of her with the EMTs. RhoBH Well, if it is to be believed LVP has better problems to be concern with than these catty mean girls. My only hope is that they turn on each other with the swiftness. @Cat who is to say that Rinna will take all if they put Sheridan on the show? She has always given me the impression she is not one to mess with or cross. Like their twitter fight that Harry actually had to step in to break up this past season.
  8. THIS. The male Nikki if you will to Victoria's female Victor.
  9. When you say it like that, I guess I won't read that. While MS is Phyllis, I feel the same about Gina. I enjoyed her version when I watched regularly under SS and MY so meh. And that picture above just gives me the shivers.
  10. You don't overrespond. If anything I feel I underexplained. If LVP does show, I guess I ponder how LVP will play it? Ever since Puppygate hit and LVP withdrawn, she has still outmaneuvered the girls more for more (like the lie detector test). I wonder if she will have some trump card to play that will leave them shook and exposed. Or will she stay calm and go Season 5 Eileen on them. Or if she will actually go in on them like she did with Kyle in their showdown. Just so many possibilities on how she can play this. What do you think is most likely? Did that make sense? Part of what makes it interesting for fans for sure (like a good soap) contract or not will she go or just leave?
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