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  1. Unnerved. Nothing like coming out of your workplace to find it swarming with policemen and almost no way home. And La Mesa is still burning from what I see online. Yep. Trump has been fanning that flame waaaaay too long for that NOT to happen. But my theory has always been that this close to November he will do ANYTHING to steal the election...or get it cancelled. Martial Law, anyone?
  2. I like the idea behind GIgi's, but I couldn't finish it. Not because it was not good, but now that song (and Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off') have new emotional attachments to them due to the show THE MAGICIANS. But no spoilers here if you haven't watched that. I came middle of the show from work. I liked it overall. I loved that Heidi got voted that. And I am happy with who won because I felt of the three I could not take my eyes off her.
  3. So I get off my day back at my main job after a looooong day to see this...and I admit I smiled a little bit...and I do believe that is Buffie from MARRIED TO MEDICINE
  4. Well timed. I know it's going to be a looong day for me. Stay strong, my friend.
  5. *HUGS* I already said this was going to be a long day. And that was BEFORE the arrest of the black reporter who was just reporting, Trump's meltdown over Twitter censoring him, and that shooting at that one protest. To think, today is my first day back at my main job and I really don't want to go out my door. Just scared, tired, and angry.
  6. Well...I see tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day here in America. 


    Better go to bed. Good energy to you all and please be careful and safe. :)

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Seems like this has indeed been a long day. And exhausting.

    2. Taoboi


      Oh, lord. Yes. I can't begin to say how many times I've cried earlier. Thank God for Obama saying something. 


      And I see there is more going on (Chicago, ATL, Minnapolis) and I am scared to even click on anything. 

  7. + 1. In total agreement. What makes it more sad? More than likely he will be too busy with being butthurt that Twitter just started to censor his tweets now.
  8. BH Well...in light of this week's episode, I find these dropping INTERESTING.
  9. I figured. I've only seen that scene as a flashback in another episode so given how scenes come and go, I thought better safe than sorry. Apologies.
  10. Where was this military when people WITH GUNS was playing 1863 with some of the legislative in their state? *side-eye*
  11. WOW. It took minutes before I realized that was BD's Jill. She looked so YOUNG. And just in case...the next video after the next one...
  12. I finally saw the commercial again. I think you are right and it was just Kendra with a deeper voice. My bad.
  13. That Hillary is Dru's daughter would have been a great idea. However, there would be a hole where VR would need to be to give it so much pop. So much potential.
  14. Let's see... VERONICA MARS S1 (slowly, but surely) KRYPTON S2 BEING HUMAN (U.S.) S2 ONCE UPON A TIME S1 (my first time, and given my love of fairy tales, I am liking) PROJECT RUNWAY S5 (been binging for a while and really on S8, but skipped 5 since library didn't have it, but see it is currently on YT)
  15. Taoboi

    Vanderpump Rules

    Yeah, I am sure it will come into play somehow (season finale?), but just too many weddings this past season.
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