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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. See? I'm actually going to have to disagree with you. Marlo...in her original form in Season 4...was about fashion, but her deadliest weapon was the truth. From her fight with Sheree to her appearance in Season 4 reunion...other than what she said about Kandi...everything she said about EVERYONE ELSE was the truth while they were up on that stage trying to front. We all even commented years ago about how all that Marlo said about the cast turned out to be right in the first place. In short...Marlo knew where all the bodies were buried aka 'she was the streets.' But with knockout fashion. Now...yep...pretty much what you said. Now she just gets dragged by just about anyone. But then...she had bite...and everyone knew it. I didn't like that ugly comment either. Thus why I said NayNay...not Nene. That was just disgusting and it's clear she was jealous of Tanya.
  2. But what do you think of the tracklisting? The intro video for Madame X? That was definitely intriguing to me.
  3. Nope. Not at all. So worth the two month wait for me. I've been liking a lot of the memes so far (looking at you Dr. Dre Bran. )
  4. RHOA Now for something more interesting...Part 2 was good. I loved that finally, finally, FINALLY the girls held Nene's feet to the fire. And it looks like Season 7 Cynthia will definitely be popping out and off on her next weekend. And I am HERE FOR IT. Still loved Porsha's speech in context. Loved Tanya holding her on on Nene to the point that NayNay came out. Interesting that Kandi and Shamari were thick as thieves throughout. Hmmmm…. And as much as I said to say it...for all of her pot stirring, Marlo is just no longer good at a verbal fight. Where the Marlo from Season 4? Just smh.
  5. Back when Marlo was on point with her fashion game...last seen in Season 7 with the Goddess Boots 😎 I admit...other than the fallout scenes last week, I have full stop on watching. And I don't see much to make me want to see it other than to see @NothinButAttitude, @Cat, and @DaytimeFan's thoughts on it here. And honestly, it only looks like they were all right, that they are going to turn on each other (as well as Camille as already rumored).
  6. Mmmmm….Brenda...
  7. Good to see all those pictures. Though I can tell I am going to cry.
  8. Ooooooo….shady Andy!!!! Bethanny, THANK YOU!!!!
  9. Well...WOW. Now that I've seen that... 1) LVP TH is PERFECTION. 2) Kyle looked waaaaay too smug for me. Cold like how Nene looked on the reunion in fact. 3) I don't think I've ever seen LVP explode like that...
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I was just finally getting around to catching up (and taxes) so thank you for making my day then.
  11. So they are actually going to use it after all???? If so...SCANDALOUS!!!!! LOL. And now for the both of us...I guess it's the moment of truth then re: Camille. If true, I hope she goes Season 1 on those haters. lol. was that you online on another page with the hashtag #thankunext. If so, you were the highlight of my day on a RHoBH thread. RHOA WOW. Watching that and going with the rumors...given that ladies were actually civil but ready to pounce on Nene if it is true that what really sets them loose is seeing Nene disrespect Greg next week. Loving all the sneak peeks released so far. And the one with Porsha calling Nene out in a shockingly mature way (for her) has really and truly made me a fan of hers. [email protected] has truly frozen over. LOL!!! That said...good first part. Other than Nene who really needs to be dragged just like Wig was at last reunion in the worst way.
  12. Hahaha!!! I was just thinking about starting a similar thread today at work. How well-timed.
  13. Agree. Until then, they can stay pressed.
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