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  1. Well, I wouldn't go that far. What do you mean you don't want him to see the Season of Death (aka Season 3)? lol. But I understand. I cannot begin to tell you how much Season 3 drove me creatively when it was airing live. After not liking it to seeing it push my mind creatively was all kinds of a 180. I loved that they took old sci-fi tropes and turned it on its head throughout in Season 2. I remember converting an ex of mine and we got to Season 3, episode 4 and I was expecting him to cry due to what happened. Instead, it was him consoling me, something I barely reacted to the first time I was balling now. lol. Re: leather pants. Last scene Season 3 Into the Lion's Den Part 1. YW. While BB is showing his age and acting it now (well, he is a good ole country boy IRL and always had been), yep, he could still get it. lol.
  2. Oooooo….your avatar is the BIZ-NESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DIVA That said...boo. I'm a horror fan and I must admit that with so many regulars bailing out, I am disinterested.
  3. Glad to see you still watching. Can't believe it's the finale tonight. I agree with others. Season 1 is my favorite, but Season 2 was still good. Great set-up, muddled middle, but it seems like it's righting itself, depending on tonight. PS. I see your distinguished gentleman from a specific game is going to be on the CROWN this year. I feel that was intentional and will probably factor into tonight's episode. I so did like the vacation last week. And that read of Miss Wintour was EVERYTHING. So good that it was uploaded to YT in HD in a day's time versus other episodes and scenes from this season that took a few days and the quality for the most part on YT is meh. lol.
  4. TBF, Karen was giving all kinds of looks all episode and I LIVED FOR IT!!! He does realize most people like them thick AND long, right? #shadyboots
  5. Start to finish tonight's episode was EVERYTHING!!!! Trainwreck~~~
  6. It looked like they are finally bringing her onto the carpet. But it also looks like Contessa is going to be pot stirring with all of them. (Guuurl, don't come for Mariah...don't do it.)
  7. Hmmmm….I would think Shannon's line was shade at Vicki. 😎 But those were lackluster...except for Kelly's. RHOA So the girls (including Nene) are in Toronto by way of Tanya and lots of fun (with Kenya, Porsha, Tanya, and Kandi slaying their outfits) before drama explode in a Nene/Yovanna vs Kenya/Porsha kinda way. I won't be surprised at this rate if Bravo actually got common sense and gave Kenya and Tanya peaches.
  8. Oh, you know it's serious when Jackie goes off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. And none of it...looks fake. I'm here for Simone vs Quad, Jackie going off on Contessa, and Mariah being Mariah...and all those wigs which I'm sorry looking on point IMHO.
  9. See? THAT is what I usually have to do if I can't wait. LoL!!! I know the next time I see that episode, I'm gonna want to hunt down the songs again.
  10. And could you forward that on for me, hon. Thanks. SMH. They looked great together. A shame.
  11. I couldn't leave without saying this...YES, when one is in a thread there is the potential for spoilers sure. HOWEVER, when we were all watching LOOKING in real time, we all were careful to say what we wanted to say (something big happen) without saying what the big thing is. And when @ChitHappens and I were watching GOT at the same time to get caught up to the last sesason, I didn't see anyone spoil us on events. And we talked so much other people followed. So I was happy when Season 2 of POSE started to 1) find that someone else watched it and 2) all of you were bingewatching Season 1 at the same time. For that reason, Victoria and I kept our comments vague...though to be fair I don't know how to do spoiler tags and never have. So I am sorry that rather than be considerate enough to read and see clearly that a lot of people were slowly watching Season 1, someone dropped a big spoiler on someone else. While I do see the change in the heading, I hope going forward we can still be somewhat subtle in case someone did not see that week's (or seasons' worth of) episode (s). That said...I agree that I thought last week was the weak episode of the season. Good moments for sure. But that ending was rushed, the cameo was great, and yep it was raw. But still...weak. PS. The Solid Gold recreation was SPOT ON. Went back to being a kid again.
  12. I love that LVP post-funeral has almost no F&*# to give and has been mind frelling the whole lot of them. The spark is back. POTOMAC Speaking of sparks...Monique has been online saying that final footage has been edited and that is her cousin speaking at the end. Bravo editing at work. lol. I can only assume that was a sloppy cut between scenes at the same party then. That said...good episode. Gizelle is sooo messy. That wig is Toni Braxton fierceness!!! LOVE. Speaking of POTOMAC, I saw on WWHL that next week PInky and the Brain are going to pot-stir things between Monique and Candiace next week. Just ugh.
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