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  1. WOW at these Met Ball looks.


    Does anyone know if Dame Joan attended? 

    1. DaytimeFan


      She did not. Dame Joan is in the UK preparing for a short tour of her one woman show to promote her new book: My Unapologetic Diaries.

    2. Taoboi


      Thank you, Daytime Fan. I figured if anyone knew for sure it would be you.


      And I was so hoping she would upstage someone like she did at the last one. 

    3. j swift

      j swift

      I'm over the multiple social media accounts reviewing the outfits, as if they have any perspective on fashion beyond perusing the latest Zara collection.  And if I hear one more critique about people not following the theme (it is not the runway of Rupaul's Drag Race, there are no rules or prizes for staying on theme) or the influx of influencers (is anyone actually missing Nan Kempner and Nancy Kissinger?) I am going to scream.  Tables were bought by large tech companies, who then invite young people to attend, and raise money so that the Met remains a low cost, privately funded option, for the citizens of New York to be inspired by art.  The Gala is not even their biggest fund raiser of the year, and the only reason most people have heard of it is because of pop culture.

  2. Well, I see Carly and Jason wedding got the SOD cover. Hope it's dramatic...

  3. Kenya Moore AND Sporty Spice are doing DWTS. 


    OKAY, I'M IN. 

    1. Soapsuds


      Every year the shittiest dancer wins. I think its fixed!

      Give me Chandler Massey and Zach Tinker dancing the tango together and I'm there!!

    2. Taoboi




      Don't take my joy away. 😜

    3. DemetriKane


      Happy for Kenya.

  4. Oops!


    Nothing like Next Week's issue of SOD at the supermarket before THIS week's issue...lol.

    1. xtr


      lol. Do you know if they have the Fall Spoilers in next week's edition? I really want to see the Fall Spoilers for GH.

    2. Taoboi


      Hehe. Nope. It's all about Hunter and Michael leaving Y&R and Kimberlin returning to B&B. So I expect the Fall Spoilers the following week. Or I guess this week given the delivery. 


      It did see an interesting spoiler in it about GH, but since I'm a week behind I'm not sure how spoilery it is. I am intrigued and I guess it reveals in some way who has Drew hostage. Not surprising, but intriguing. 

    3. xtr


      Okay, thanks for the information Taoboi🙂 I hope we get Fall spoilers soon. I think that GH is pretty good right now and I'm looking forward to the Fall Spoilers. Especially about Sprina. 

  5. OMG! Really?


    Drag that trick, Garcelle.

  6. La Dame on CHATROOM??? With Gizelle? Lord...

  7. Well I see my tv system has struck again. Talk about leave a heffa hanging when you want to watch gatherings. #rhobh

  8. That moment when you know you are about to curse a family member out when you just helped them out of a bind, but they choose to stay in it, putting more drama up on all the family members around them when the focus should be on the parent.


    Lord give me strength. 

  9. O...M...Goodness!!! The shade Terry just threw at the Britch.


    Can we keep this feud? 

  10. Well...this week is looking like a rough one.


    Please if you don't mind...keep my mother in your prayers. Thank you.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Taoboi


      Thank you, @Cat. It is...manageable at the moment. Hopefully, next week will answer a lot of questions. But in a place now again, where I can be strong for my mother. For me, that is what is mattering...work be darned. 

    3. Cat


      @Taoboi Work is just going to have to understand! Stay strong, but take care of yourself too. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

    4. slick jones
  11. This Sam/Liz scene though...LOL.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cat


      I really loved the scene! It made sense given their history with jason and Carly. Also, I saw more chemistry with each other than in their most recent screen pairings. From Kelly Monaco especially! 

    3. Taoboi


      lol. I agree. 


      It made me think of the days when people made fun of Jason's harem of women circa Guza. The hilariousness of it. 

    4. Cat



  12. This whole La Dame and MJ at WWHL is a total kiki!!!!

  13. Ooooo the critics going in on new GG vs the fans going in on the critics due to reverse ageism (?) is something else...

    1. DRW50


      I still don't understand why this was revived, but more than anything I'm confused as to why people who are watching a show run by middle-aged white people are saying they can't trust middle-aged white reviewers.  Posing as so above the system doesn't work when you give your time and money to the same system.

    2. Taoboi


      Which made it all hilarious to me yesterday when they were going back and forth. Especially the few reviews I read which I am finding are more spoilery than they should be. Talk about taking the taste out of some of the surprises. I write better blogs about tv shows, getting the plot point across without too many spoilers...and do alerts just in case. 


      It would be what I would revive but HBO MAX is doing what new services do: find a good brand to get some buzz. 


  14. Maxine Shaw, is that you?


    AKA Watching RUN THE WORLD...

  15. LOL!!! Every once in a while, the Carly smirk as she wins against an actual loser gets a giggle out of me....

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    2. Taoboi




      I also hate the Carly smirk, but THAT smirk felt oh so good. I had to rewind and holler. ;) 

    3. KMan101


      Certain smirks she can pull of fabulously and they work so well. That was one of them LOL

    4. Taoboi


      LOL!!! What you said @KMan101

  16. Now...can I spin in these boots...? lol.



    I need to catch up...

  18. Oooooo...the shade they are throwing at the SATC girls.


    And quite meta at the same time...

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I loved it.Tea Shade GIF

    2. Taoboi


      I love SATC, but no lies detected. ;) 

  19. I see Candy's 'surgeon' is back...


    AKA covering everything in a final season...

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I'm so glad to see Ms. Orlando too. Electra eats caviar daily. Because it has B-12 Vitamins. So she can read a bitch. 


    2. Taoboi


      And she read the heck out of the owner.

  20. Daaarrrrn even Kate from BELOW DECK is shading Erika Jayne's 'I'm innocent' act.

    1. Faulkner
    2. Taoboi


      Oh, but she did. I was so surprised (and shocked she was watching last night) I hollered. 

  21. Darrrrrn they are really coming for her on Twitter and doing that math....


    ...*sips tea*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Taoboi


      Awwww :( 


      I agree. She worked so hard to change her image over the last two years. And all of that for THIS. Yeeeeah color me fooled. 


      That last part has not been confirmed yet. I guess we will know come July when filming starts. But if she does, target on the back. 

    3. ChitHappens


      I hope the rumor of both being pregnant is just a rumor 🙄

    4. Taoboi


      Lord...I hope not. I think all of our heads would explode.

  22. Wow. Elektra is giving me so much life tonight.


    This is so interesting to watch...

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      Elektra's origin's was so good. It was great seeing Candy. Elektra meeting Cubby, Angel and Lemar as kids. House Abundance slaying during their first appearance at the ballroom. The gang finally getting rid of the white boys body. Elektra's Mama from hell. 


    2. Taoboi


       @victoria foxton First (and last) ballroom walk. ;) And I...CAN'T...STOP...WATCHING!!! It's EVERYTHING. Everyone got a moment and you could tell the writers soooo missed Candy's presence from her walk to her hammer to her shade. 


      This episode has been excellent. I love when recurring subplots get a payoff. And I loved what they did and how it revealed so much about Elektra. 


      That said...so Lemar and Angel are cousins? Wow!!


      My only disappointment is that my BFF won't see it until the morning because he looooveeesss Elektra. 

    3. robbwolff


      Dominique Jackson was amazing! Her performance was riveting. I loved seeing Candy. I was so disappointed that I didn't see Angelica Ross when I was in Provincetown, MA in March as she was there filming American Horror Story.

  23. 30 minutes into POSE's premiere and the twists on some of where the characters are in 1994 is shocking. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Taoboi


      I agree @marceline. I was over at the FB page and the cast was giving little interviews so I was excited for everyone. And then the death happened and I got in my feels since that person did not spoil that in those interviews. I just assumed, but smh. I should have known better. And I will stay worried for Blanca just because she is sooo happy and I think soaps/shows have taught us to not be tooo happy for happy cast members. 


      The boyfriend is new due to the time jump. ;) I was happy to hear about the two kids from last year's finale though. 


      Oh God...the OJ stuff was soooooo spot on. I hollered at Lulu's line. So true. Critics wanted to pick on that. I was in HS and remember it being the same way with family so...*shrugs*



    3. marceline


      The OJ stuff gave me flashbacks. 😀

    4. Taoboi


      HAHAHAHAHA!!! Same.

  24. That moment when your internet is good enough that you have to ask yourself...do you really want to get caught up on Y&R?

    1. AbcNbc247


      How about DOOL instead? 😂😂

    2. Taoboi


      I'm farther behind on that than Y&R @AbcNbc247. lol.  Ironically where I watch I could do both though so good point. :) :) 

  25. Oh, Southern Charm NOLA...how I miss you...

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