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  1. Why is Kim Fields looking like Janet Jackson circa VELVET ROPE?

  2. Look at Fergie, pulling a Beyoncé...

  3. Didn't realize that most of GH Brenda's first return was online.  Watching...God, loving her.


    Hopefully someone will post her brief return to help IR exit someday.

  4. Ooooo....the backlash for MOTHER will be delicious...

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    2. Taoboi


      @Cat Same.


      @Cheap21 are you asking me to spoil the movie? lol.  All I can say is there are going to be some angry folk before it is said and done. So far...it has been small I admit and i'm surprised that it seems more people like it versus disliked the movie...I am even coming around with some day difference behind me...it's not my favorite Darren Aronofsky movie...that's BLACK SWAN...but it definitely going to be a love it/hate it situation. Cinemascore just gave it the rare F so...we will see.

    3. Cheap21


      I dindt know it was a spoiler. I know nothing of this film nor why people would be hating on it

    4. Taoboi


      @Cheap21 No wonders. I knew little of the movie which the marketing was very purposefully vague in the trailers. I thought it was a psychological horror movie or in the vein of BLACK SWAN again myself. Uh...until the last 45 minutes when it went straight to chaotic He** where the movie revealed itself as an allegory on several levels. But the main level appears to be religious and thus why people are more than likely going to hate on it...given how religion is like the U.S. Especially since the marketing as anything horror or thriller which movie trailers have been...is...mostly...false.

  5. What do you mean Lizzie doesn't get a NAME intro.



    1. Cat


      She didn't?? Wow, Bravo (and Tamra) must really not like her. 

    2. Taoboi


      My bad. I just saw it. Missed it when I was looking down. :(

  6. UGH. Smh. Bravo should primetime the international Housewives series. They look fun and relatable and yet fabulous.

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    2. Taoboi


      I agree, @DaytimeFan. Bravo is in the midst of an identity crisis now that Andy isn't the head. And I miss Vancouver.


      @Nothin'ButAttitude I like that. I caught two episodes of Auckland yesterday and I really, really liked it. Was it a good one as well?

    3. Nothin'ButAttitude


      I loved Auckland. Sadly, I doubt they'll make a season 2.

    4. Taoboi
  7. Not going to lie. On last Friday's Y&R right now, and I gasped at the Tessa bombshell.

  8. And just like that, Phyllis sabotaged her relationship. SMH. How like her.

  9. Watching last week's Y&R and already rolled my eyes sooo hard at Cane.


    Have your downfall already. lol.

  10. Really, Bethanny? Really?


    Have a seat. Especially giving those comments you made in the morning.


    Can dish it, but can't take it.

  11. Yay to internet working again. And what do I see?


    A Victoria dressed in red and looking put together and Cane being smug over meeting with Jack.


    DG may hate his character's direction, but he does do a good smug. Makes his downfall that much more worth it.

  12. That Cane spoiler is delicious.



    1. Hunk Chandler Massey
    2. Taoboi


      Since I'm behind...I went ahead posted a spoiler thread in Spoiler board just in case...sounds like Cane is about to get desperate.

  13. Internet at it again, and since I have a full week that does not involve sit down at a place with good internet, I guess it's me reading recaps and responses this week.


    The life of the writer trying to make it. La sigh.


    On the good side, I kinda like RC's first episode of DAYS. Can't seem to watch the last 5 minutes, but intrigued.

  14. Erza Miller is cool in person...and apparently likes to make out.


    Overall, great Comic-Con weekend.

  15. Well, that's a DAYS spoiler I don't feel will go over well with you all here...

  16. That moment when some DAYS fans start posting clips from Kristen's return again...*gets popcorn*

  17. Hahah...playing catchup on last week's Y&R and even Scott mentioned avoiding Nick so he doesn't mark his territory with Sharon.




  19. OMG!!!! Those claws came out quick. lol.


    Dina v Jill is LOVE.

  20. I have been popping in and out of this OC marathon and I keep coming to the same conclusion: I really, really love Lizzie. I find her so relatable...how she sees herself, her background, balancing life. Just...love.

  21. Wait!?!


    They are doing a THIRD Southern Charm series?

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    2. Taoboi


      TBF, getting Daniel with no clothes has been enjoyable about the second and so (not all) of Ashley's issues.


      And yep...I agree...I watched that finale last night for SC and it was nothing compared to the finales of seasons past. At this point all I want is for Kat to be with her kids...and well...she kinda is the show so I can see that hype, but I think it's time for her to get better off screen.

    3. Cat


      Oh, she definitely IS the show. People watch for Kathryn. But the line between what is real drama and what is induced has been blurred beyond recognition. Whitney (aka the Crypt Keeper) once said that Thomas and Kathryn think they are Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor: their drunken antics and push-pull love affair are fuelled by constant public display. Both are addicted to the reality spotlight and the drama. It eggs on their behaviour. Their small children seem a secondary consideration (and ofc the fact they met on the show and had children together on the show is fascinating to watch but also -- wow!). I think it would be best if they both went away to dry out and get their act together. Even though there would probably be no show without them. But that is unimportant compared to the well-being of themselves and their children.

    4. Taoboi


      LOL. That is funny, Kathryn touched on that description re: Elizabeth Taylor during the finale.


      That said...I agree with you. However, I feel that Kathryn will get her act together long before T Rev will.

  22. Jill incoming!!!



    Read Lily for flith!!! lol

  24. WOW at the Y&R Old Article threads.


    These old episodes are giving my Billy/Mac heart life...