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  1. 22 minutes ago, j swift said:

    Don't forget Cousin Joey Mancini (aka the lost Eckert).  He was in the first scene of Tony Geary's return episode, flirting with Amy at the nurses station, while Bill was laid up in a hospital bed (hurt by the Mac's eco group's bombing of the Q ship) and Bobbie was shocked by his similarity to Luke (even though Bill was blond and not permed).  Cousin Joey appeared for a couple of weeks and then disappeared into the mist of the Port Charles just like Laura (not literally, but nobody ever mentioned him again). 


    It was a crazy transition because weeks prior Bobbie was involved in a very heavy baby selling scam story, and crying daily over the loss of her marriage to Tony and her baby.  She was even suspended from the hospital due to her involvement in the illegal adoption.  The villain who set up Lucas's adoption was also poisoning the water supply at the apartment where some of the nurses lived.  And there was a possibility that Scorpio, not the presumed-dead Julien, was Lucas's father.  Meanwhile, Edge Jerome (the Cousin Joey of the mobsters) was flirting with Anna.


    Then, a month later, Bobbie was suddenly back at GH and had to play wacky in the scenes with Ruby while they spewed exposition about how their cousins lived in Port Charles but they never spoke to them.  The nurse's water was fine and Scorpio was told by Cheryl that he was not Lucas's father.  Anna started tying up Robert in order to seduce him and Edge pivoted to Dawn before both were quickly killed off. 


    Then, Papa Eckert died, Mama Eckert moved out west (never returning for Jenny's wedding or Bill's funeral),  Bill became wealthy by surprise and his ex-wife returned creating the Eckerts 2.0.  I think the best remnant from that period was Bill and Sly's lighthouse set which Kevin moved into after Bill's untimely death.

    I remember all this well. After a couple months i switched over to GL. The changes happen way too quickly. Most of the cast was purged. I hated  that they killed Dawn. I Hated that they made Julian Lucas's father. When it was quite clear that Robert was intended to be Lucas's father. I liked the new characters like Rita and Edge who were dropped. I hated that Bobbie/Cheryl baby Lucas drama was aborted. All of a sudden. Pretty much out of nowhere. Anna and Robert were awkwardly put together. I think cousin Joey was on a couple of months. He dated a fellow newbie Nurse Sheila. 

  2. 2 hours ago, carolineg said:


    Thanks! I really enjoyed this episode even though nothing truly important happened.  So many good characters.  The Q's!, Alan's increasing drug addiction, Bobbie being a good friend, Emily and Monica having a true heart to heart, SJB's Carly and her schemes, Aj, Keesha, and Julia (love Julia!).  The weakest link was Jax and Brenda who were pretty boring and having the same conversation about Sonny they have in various forms for the next 6-9 months ( who am I kidding they have this same conversation about Sonny in various forms for the next 20 years) The Q's add so much.   It's weird because I remember thinking 1997-1998 was a mess for GH at the time except for Carly/Tony/Aj/Jason.  Mb had left and the Brenda breakdown story was awful and Port Charles had just started so things were a little weird, but the show was actually good.  Also I wished they kept CC as Julia-she was great.  And young Amber Tamblyn was great as well.  I actually want to see the next episode

    Julia was the best of the characters from GM's second run. I forgot she made an appearance. Poor Dara Jensen they never did anything with her. It's great see all the Q's alive. I also forgot that Buffy's Emma Caulfield was on GH. I'll take 1997 over today's GH. Present day GH feels so lifeless and flavorless. Even through it's a low key episode it still entertaining and lively. Jyz1Ev.gif

  3. 3 hours ago, MichaelGL said:

    The scenes of Jennifer being held captive are far from menacing when you realize she's being held in the blue room. 

    It's pitiful they already used the blue room for Rolf's lab. I miss the old days. When soaps had great production values. Even during mediocre era's. 

    3 hours ago, Gray Bunny said:


    Exactly. Sets matter. 


    I echo the praise for the Mar-Darr era and it was so sad to see the momentum and potential squandered. And all we have to show for it is that damn Horton Town Square, who magically lost its brick wall and flight of stairs (recycled from their old early 90's expansive park set) on the right side after about a year.  One day, it'll just be the park bench set but with Alice & Tom's jenky tree in the bench's spot. 


    I really liked HTS in the beginning. Now it's just the same overused spot. With an extra or two in the background. Hard to believe it's been 8 yrs since HTS debut. HTS is Days version of GL's Main Street set. L70GPp.gifwV2xEg.gif

  4. 17 hours ago, Donna B said:



    I figure that Ellen Weston inflicted Sandy & that darned sock puppet on the show. Of course, she did more/bad, too. ::Maryanne Carruthers, Carrie Nye,  having the young adults go tunneling & then fall through a hole, Eden getting Ben to act as a male escort, Ben committing suicide, (I never got over missing Ben.) Conboy hired WRESTLER Marty to play Shane. Conboy overspent his budget. Thank God "ConWest" was only there for a single year's tenure.


    Speaking of the devil. Some of this awful ConWest run has recently been upload. I tried watching but it's all so flavorless. At least they still had sets.


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