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  1. 17 minutes ago, titan1978 said:

    I agree that you can’t blame Marlena for what happened to the Hortons.


    If you watched the show in like 1987-1990, she wasn’t even there.  Jennifer Horton was the lead for her age range, and Mike Horton was given a b story or two, same with Melissa.  We saw plenty of Alice and Tom, not as much of Mickey and Maggie.


    The Brady takeover is what did it.  Everything was tied to them.  Bo, Roman, Kim, Kayla, and you a lesser degree Caroline and Shawn.  I enjoyed all those characters.  But in hindsight they did disrupt the balance of the show.

    I would hardly call Mike's romances with Robin and April ''b stories''. Later on the quad of Mike, April, Eve and Nick was also a front burning story.

  2. 29 minutes ago, ironlion said:

    What did you all think of the period between GH's golden eras? After Monty's first stint but pre Wendy Riche (1987-1992). I read that it wasnt the best era for the show, but it was most certainly better than Valentini or Phelps IMO. 


    Just saw some stories from that era for the first time such as Alan & Lucy's affair & Dawn's intro, which were decent. One stand out episode I enjoyed as one from 1991 that aired during the 50th anniversaey marathon. It featured Ana tying up Robert, and the ELQ Tracy explosion. The look of the show was good, and the Quartermaines looked really Y&R/B&B level glamorus. 

    I started watching GH in late 87. GH was a decent enjoyable soap. Gloria Monty's second run was a mess. She killed off and wrote off characters. Robert and Anna hastily and clumsy got back together. The Eckert family invaded PC out of nowhere.  1991 wasn't great. I started watching GL instead. 1987-90 wasn't bad. GH didn't need a massive overhaul. 

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