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  1. Don't let anyone steal your joy. 

  2. I've discovered who Chris Chan is.😬 Due to his/her disgusting crime,  Wish i hadn't. The docs Geno Samuel's does are really good. The kid also has musical talent.😍


    1. danfling


      Isn't she actually Christine Kennedy, who worked at Ryan's Hope and a former writer for Another World/

  3. OMG!!! I'm a Collaborator now. Instead of an Enthusiast.#BeingSilly

    1. Taoboi


      It's a good silly though. ;) Congrats!!! :) 

    2. j swift

      j swift

       I'm an Explorer as of today, which feels like being a Cub Scout in the world of soap fandom.  I'm a couple of popsicle stick craft projects and a diorama away from Apprentice Enthusiast  ;)

    3. AlexElizabeth


      LOL I just became a contributor after 10 years here and 6700 posts! 😂

  4. Binge watching Cable Girls. It's so soapy and good. The modern day sound track. To a 90 yrs old period piece  Can be a bit jarring at times. 


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    2. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      Cuevas was also a cutie.

      images (1).jpg

    3. vetsoapfan


      @victoria foxtonI have not seen Money Heist, no, but a friend who watched and enjoyed Netflix's Elite (which I loved) has mentioned it.

      Decades ago, daytime soaps were written by master writers who knew how to weave twists and turns into the storylines, yet keep everything grounded within the realm of reality/possibility. That hasn't been the case for a long, long time. The writing today is either tepid and mediocre (Y&R, B&B) or offensive and stupid (GH, DAYS). Soaps used to fire and replace failing headwriters quickly in the 1960s and 1970s. Now, hacks like Josh G, Charles Pratt, Jean P and Ron C remain long after it's clear that their material is flopping.

    4. vetsoapfan


      @victoria foxtonYes, Cuevas was also cute.

      I won't say that all the hunky men were my main motivation to watch GC, but they sure didn't hurt. Sense8 also sported a plethora of beautiful men whom I had a difficult time choosing a favorite from. 

  5. Young Royals is so good. A well written soapy teen drama. Prince Wilhelm & Simon are adorable.


    1. Taoboi


      Good to hear. It has a nice trailer. 

  6. Don't spend time and energy trying to impress people that hate you.

  7. Love Love, Victor even more for mentioning Satin Jackets and Empire of the Sun.

  8. Just adore Special even more for mentioning Sky Ferreira's Everything is Embarrassing.

    1. te.


      Will Young is actually covering Everything is Embarrassing for his new covers album, which is basically a playlist of underappreciated female pop gems.

    2. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      Thanks for the tip @te.

  9. A bio about flamboyant fashion icon Halston writes itself. The Ryan Murphy, Netflix bio was BLAND, BORING and by the numbers. A total waste of time

    1. NothinButAttitude


      Thank you! I was tempted to watch but I'll take your word.

    2. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      @NothinButAttitude I found this bio doc more interesting.. Plus the doc on the Battle At Versailles is also quite good too.


  10. Simply love  Satin Jackets feat. Panama - ''Back To Me''. It's always fun to discover something new. snoopy GIF by ARtestpage

  11. Recovery from passing a kidney stone. Don't wish that pain on my worst enemies. 

  12. I had no idea the now cancelled Imposters exist. Only found out about it when Netflix started streaming S2. A shame it was buried in a sea of trashy reality shows on Bravo.  6d10538591648d408d0d09da423e10da.gifA1XUpilOvsL._RI_.jpg


      I love this tweet.  It sum things up perfectly.

    1. Khan


      If I were on Twitter and had read Soaps in Depth's tweet, I would have said: "Takes guts to remind your readership of when your network didn't suck!"

  14. Did anyone watch American Vandal on Netflix? It's an engrossing mystery with a lot of twist & turns. 


    1. YRBB


      Thank you! Much appreciated. I hadn't seen this one.

    2. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      You/re welcome enjoy.


    [Exclusive] Owners Talk Relaunch of Iconic Halloween Costume Company Ben Cooper!


    Get ready to feel nostalgic. Ben Cooper is back, baby.

    Today, the Halloween costume business is absolutely exploding with pop culture licenses, allowing you to purchase high-quality masks and costumes based on nearly all of your favorite movies and television shows. But that wasn’t always in the case.

    Not until Ben Cooper came along, at least.

    Originally established by Ben Cooper in 1937, Ben Cooper, Inc. quickly began dominating the Halloween scene just a few years later. While other companies were putting out costumes depicting generic monsters such as witches and devils, Ben Cooper was setting itself apart from the pack by acquiring popular licenses like Spider-Man, Batman and “The Munsters.” They even released a costume based on Ridley Scott’s Alien, which was nothing if not a bold move in 1979. Alien was, after all, an R-rated movie.


    Financial troubles plagued Ben Cooper in the 1980s, eventually leading the company to file for bankruptcy in 1988. After holding on for a few years, Ben Cooper finally ceased to exist in 1992, when it was absorbed by Rubie’s Costume Company.

    Twenty-five years after officially closing up shop, Ben Cooper’s plastic masks and vinyl smocks are still remembered by those who grew up wearing them. Many of those boxed costumes, which sold for mere dollars during their initial release, are now fetching collector’s prices on eBay, proving that there’s still a demand for the simplicity of Halloweens past. And all that nostalgia, well, it has played a large part in the company unexpectedly returning from its grave.

    Yes, Ben Cooper is back, and we had the chance to sit down with Ira J. Cooper, son of original co-founder Nathan Cooper, and his partner Jon Miller to talk about the exciting relaunch!

    Ben Cooper was a fond memory from the deepest recesses of my childhood when I came across it again over a year and a half ago,” Miller explained to us, detailing the events that led to the company’s relaunch. “I’ll never forget my C3PO costume that I wore for Halloween, 1977. It was like a completely visceral moment when I bought one of eBay last year. Even down to the familiar smell of the vinyl mask.

    I had always wondered if Ben Cooper was an actual person or just a brand so I decided to try and find out,” he continued. “That led me to Ira J. Cooper, who was willing to talk to me about the family-business and how they stayed on top of the Halloween market for so long. I thought the story of Ben Cooper was as awesome as the costumes and masks that they made. I knew other people would want to hear about it, too. That was the impetus for Ira and I to bring the brand back. But neither of us could ever have imagined the immediate interest we would receive from everyone. It’s really been phenomenal to hear how beloved Ben Cooper still is all these decades later.”


    Digging into the specifics of the relaunch, Ira J. Cooper laid out the plan.

    We’re being very careful to bring back the original Ben Cooper aesthetic the way everyone remembers it,” he told us. “It’s kind of a blend of child-friendly Halloween archetypes mixed with darker, edgier characters that we think Ben Cooper, Inc. would tackle if they were still around today. In 2017, you’ll start to see some limited edition collectibles here and there like enamel pins, wall décor, shirts, posters, etc. We have a website shop and will also be working with some really talented artists who are inspired by Ben Cooper Halloween art doing their own thing. We love artists and concentrate on working with folks that have a passion for masks and costumes as much as we do. If they come up with something really wild, we’re more than happy to work with them on it. It’s been so much fun to hear everyone’s fondest memories of Ben Cooper and there’s going to be some real surprises for our fans the closer we get to Halloween. Some stuff that is what you’d expect but other stuff like fashion apparel that even took the Coopers off-guard!

    Ira continued, “This year we’ll be kicking things off with limited edition offerings with companies we are huge fans of. Last year, our first offering was with CreepyCo who we absolutely love working with and will be doing more with this year. Retro-A-Go-Go is another company that we’re happy to be in business with offering super-large, Official Ben Cooper aluminum mask wall décor that is available now. There’s a couple others that we’re actively working on projects with for Halloween 2017 and will have more to say as we get a little closer to the fall. I’m superstitious by nature, so I don’t want to give up the ghost on a couple of them – but suffice to say they are some truly awesome collectibles and in-keeping with what we think Ben Cooper would love. I think fans will really love the time and attention that’s going into each and every one of these unique items and be a great lead-in to 2018, when we expect the brand to really take off.

    It was Jon Miller’s passion for the iconic brand that directly paved the way for its relaunch, and he seems incredibly passionate about its future potential on the Halloween scene.

    We love our fans and always want to hear from them, not only about their fondest memories from Halloweens past, but what they would like us to do today with our iconic costume designs,” he told us. “We’ve even had people suggest to us that we make adult size renditions of their beloved Ben Cooper costumes so that they can wear them AGAIN! The sky is really the limit, what with Halloween being as popular as Halloween now.We think Ben Cooper had a lot to do with that, along with the rise of cosplay and comic book culture in general. It’s a really nice feeling to have brought the brand back when we did, because a lot of stuff has fallen into place organically. I’m really thankful that Ira Cooper returned my phone call and was willing to open the Ben Cooper vault to me. It’s like being invited into Willy Wonka’s candy factory, only better because it’s Ben Cooper’s Halloween costume factory. It really doesn’t get better than that!

    Learn more about the relaunch on the official Ben Cooper website, where you can currently purchase a logo t-shirt that helps support the cause.

    More new products are coming soon!




  17. Did anyone watch OA on Netflix?

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    2. Cheap21


      thanks. I thought you were abbreviating it

    3. Vee


      I love it.

    4. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      This show is a masterpiece  i hope it's renewed. Prairie/The OA has to get her revenge on Hap and reunite with Homer. The OA and Stranger Things are so original and different. 

  18. Did anyone watch Stranger Things on Netflix? It was really good. 

    1. DramatistDreamer


      I just looked it up. Winona Ryder and Mathew Modine? I'm sold. I will have to check it out.:)

    2. Vee


      It's a blast.

    3. AllMyDaysatGH


      2 eps in...loving it!

  19. Is anyone going to check out Voltron on Netflix? It's awesome!

    1. dragonflies


      I am now that you reminded me lol

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