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  1. I liked Sally as MJ. She had great chemistry with both Fry and Burgi She had a good sisterly chemistry with Kathleen & Cheryl. But that back story of MJ being a hooker was so badly written. Sally did the best she could with that mess. RIP
  2. A look at the cast for American Horror Story: 1984
  3. I would ship Will & Tripp. Not that's ever going to happen.
  4. Days spoilers for Monday July 15: Xander is arrested! “Nicole” makes a move on Brady. Stefan is completely blinded-sided. Lani and Eli share their good news with Abe. Days spoilers for Tuesday July 16: Eric contemplates a big change. Xander gets revenge on Kristen. Ted does his best to throw Hope off track. Gabi suspects Nicole is behind Stefan’s troubles. Days spoilers for Wednesday July 17: Jennifer makes an impassioned speech to Jack about the person he used to be. Gabi has a bizarre encounter with “Nicole.” Brady tries to oust Xander from Titan. Gabi pressures Kate to come clean. Days spoilers for Thursday July 18: Will makes an unsettling discovery. Hope and Ted kiss! Xander and Kristen play a game of cat and mouse. Jennifer decides it’s time to move on from Jack. Days spoilers for Friday July 19: Will and Sonny experience déjà vu when the real Susan arrives Ciara is thrown to find her mother kissing Ted. Brady is thrown when “Susan” hits on him. Gabi has a showdown with Xander. Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of July 22: Days spoilers for Monday July 22: Kate accidentally attacks Sarah. Susan is shocked when she encounters a familiar face. Gabi gives Stefan disappointing news. Xander makes Kristen grovel. Days spoilers for Tuesday July 23: Lani questions Ted about the inconsistencies in his statement. Stefan attempts to bargain with Kate. Xander ends his alliance with Kristen. Days spoilers for Wednesday July 24: Xander and Rex get into it over Sarah. Jack is surprised when Eve supports him taking the serum. Jennifer is determined to move on and plans a date! Haley has disturbing visions of Claire. Days spoilers for Thursday July 25: Jack shares surprising news with JJ. Stefan and Gabi strategize on how to deal with Nicole. Eve takes drastic measures to stop Jack from regaining his memory. “Nicole” shares her plans for DiMera with Brady. Days spoilers for Friday July 26: Jack catches Eve committing an act of betrayal! Needing an ally, “Nicole” seeks out someone from the past. A misguided Tripp tries to help Haley.
  5. This is so heartbreaking. It made me cry reading it.
  6. The #Cin shippers are gushing about them over on Twitter. It's sick that people worship a serial killer. At least some people can see pass the pretty face.
  7. At least Y&R has different sets. On Days it's HTS 24/7.
  8. These's 26 yrs old episodes are more socially relevant than present day soaps. Vinny's attack on Stavros is hard to watch. As are the disgusting racialist comments he makes at Kat & David. If hatemonger Vinny was on today. They would make him the shows leading man. This is the GL i feel in love with.
  9. Maya is a great new addition. I get the impression Robin has feelings for Steve.
  10. Even though i liked S2. It felt like a retread of S1 to me. This season after everything is set up. In the first two episode. We get a compelling action pack season. Even with all the action we get character moments. Just love all the 1985 realness. Dustin and Suzie singing the theme from "The NeverEnding Story" was the cutest thing.
  11. KL is awful as Rex. He was fine as Brady. As Rex he is miscast and so awkward.
  12. I remember Larry Pine from playing nice guy Roger Gordon on OLTL. His turn as the wicked Ted Channing was a couple of yrs before i started watching. I did watch GL during this time.But i've forgotten about this role. Did you make the cool gifs?
  13. https://www.abc.soapsindepth.com/posts/one-life-to-live-jessica-tuck-megan-jake-171459 Jessica Tuck Reflects on Megan and Jake's Final Embrace on ONE LIFE TO LIVE (EXCLUSIVE)
  14. I'm glad i missed it. It all sounds rather meh. At least they gave Bobbie something.
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