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  1. Some pics of day 1 of the Nurses Ball.
  2. Maggie comes in on Kate and Victor in a close moment and demands an explanation Will lashes out at Marlena John offers to help Marlena find Rolf’s diary After Holly’s funeral, Nicole lashes out at Eric, Sarah, and Maggie Gabi recruits Kate to help her destroy Stefan’s relationship with Chloe Doug and Julie celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary Chloe discovers Gabi and Stefan in bed Brady finds Maggie passed out Xander is caught red-handed A major secret is revealed
  3. OH WOW! They remembered Rory. Can't wait to see him again.
  4. Oh Lord! Franco & Nina fighting homophobia at the elementary school🙄
  5. I can finally see the weight loss in Freddie. This Tumor story with Wilson is awful. They appear once a week. None of the beats are being played.
  6. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/lethal-weapon-canceled-at-fox-1203188446/ Lethal Weapon’ Canceled After Three Seasons at Fox
  7. Lani lies to Ciara to keep Ben away from David Sonny and Will are surprised to learn what caused Will’s tumor Stefan rejects Gabi Haley and JJ have an emotional moment as they learn her fate JJ attacks Jack, who tries to reach out to him Rafe gets divorce papers from Hope Jack is announced as the winner of the election Hope is fired Ciara comforts a devastated Claire Melinda drops a bombshell on Haley
  8. Ceara had an edge before the child molestation story. Which she lost after. Ceara became extremely bland. I never saw any chemistry between her and Jeremy. I think Genie did a good job playing a vixen. Throwing her in a triangle with Jeremy and his equally dull son David did her no favors.
  9. I liked Mel & Dorian. May Mr. Markle RIP.
  10. Cray, cray Claire angrily snapping at Sonny bear & Tumor boy was funny. Cray, cray Claire makes yet another housequest at Uncle Vic's already overcrowded mansion. I almost forgot Claire is a 2 or 3 cousin to both Sonny & Will. At least bummy weepy Nicole wasn't on. Days production values are bad. I'm sick of the same couple of sets. With an extra or 2. But at least the production values aren't Guiding Light/Peapack bad.
  11. They used dress Nicole well. Now she looks like crap. And those crying faces.
  12. They were replaced by godawful Dena Higley. In the first of her many disastrous runs.
  13. I remember they had Lily singing ''I Can't Make You Love Me'' over and over. All over Oakdale. 24/7 in 1993. Holden would walk in as Lilly was singing it. I wish ATWT would've had Lily singing other songs. Everytime i hear the song. I think of Holden & Lily.
  14. I loved their run. I started watching regularly again because of them.
  15. Cricket had Billy(on-screen) on February 11, 1982 . Billy wasn't a retcon. Hogan being Ron before Ron 😂. Is so spot on. Once Jeanie P joined Hogan ATWT became unwatchable.
  16. I wonder if Days blew their meager budget on this lame explosion 😁
  17. Maybe it's a good thing It's fake news. I don't think Curly would fit too well in modern Corrie. I don't think the writers would give him anything great. Wouldn't want to see Curly acting like a moron. Like most of the Corrie characters act in present day Corrie. The stuff with Curly and Reg at the supermarket Bettabuy. Could be silly. But it was still better than what passes for comedy now.
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