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  1. I just don't know if even a talent actress like CW can breath life into a nothing character.
  2. So Rex and Sarah tell Will, there's something seriously wrong with him. All Chandler does is his smirks.
  3. I agree with most of your assessment. Except the lighting. Everything was so dark i can't barely see anyone.
  4. General Hospital 56th Anniversary ~ In Memoriam
  5. I liked 1990-91 of Days. Even through it wasn't as good as mid 80's Days. It's after the second half of 1991, that it became a slog to watch for me. The Howard Hawkins story. The Tale of Two Romans were both awful. Salem Place looked like a real outdoor mall. Now we have the overused godawful HTS. With an extra or two lurking around. I gave up on Days for most of JER yrs. I loved the 7th floor Nurses Station. Watching the anniversary episode. I noticed they showed different parts of the hospital. Which i really liked seeing. But i missed the warmth the old 7th floor nurses station had.
  6. The production values for Jennifer & Jack's scenes are awful. Sonny will never lose weight again🤣 I enjoyed Eve & Jack marriage of convenience in 1991. This wouldn't be anywhere as good.
  7. Jack's ''big'' rally was awful. They could only scrape together a couple of extra's. Wonder who deleted the video from Eve's laptop? Out of the entire week today's episode was the best. But that's not saying much. Since Eve couldn't show the video. She told the ''big crowd''. She and Jack were getting married. I remember Jack & Eve's marriage of convenience. That was entertaining . This second marriage wouldn't be.
  8. Marlena decides to tell Sarah the truth about Eric’s feelings for her Will and Sonny await Will’s test results Claire helps Haley prepare for her wedding to Tripp Eric offers to help Jennifer stop Eve and Jack’s wedding Rex and Sarah give Will and Sonny shocking news Jennifer pulls out all the stops to prevent Jack from marrying Eve Claire makes a huge confession to Eve Haley and JJ share an intimate moment as she forgives JJ for his betrayal An unexpected visitor makes an appearance at Tripp and Haley’s wedding Claire plots to stop Tripp and Haley’s wedding
  9. The Tom/Emily affair was so bad. I can't believe i watched most it. During the course of that story. Tom, Emily and Margo all became completely unlikable. If i remember correctly the affair overlapped with the Eddie/Alec stuff. Another clunker from that era.
  10. Tom was going through a midlife crisis. He quit his position as town district attorney. He then got a job as a reporter. While working with Em the two had an affair. Their affair went on for a while.
  11. The anniversary episode felt wonky and a bit flat. But i guess it's better than nothing. Sonny. Franco, Alexis Carly & Julian all felt out of place. Even through most of them are vets. Scotty & Laura propping up Franco & Sonny. What a waste of time that was. I wished they would've shown flashbacks through out. When they did at the end they were so lackluster. No Gail flashbacks at all. Franco has to be the worse shoehorned character ever.
  12. HBS looks good. The outfit isn't bad. But it's too small on her. Couldn't they get her an outfit that fits?
  13. It was nice to see the long neglected vets. Being used as well as their histories mentioned. Could've done without Franco. It was also nice to see the different parts of the hospital.
  14. It was still way better than FV 💩 At least they didn't have the red carpet stuff. The message of why everyone was gather there always came across. It wasn't a soulless camp fest. Characters didn't disappear from the NB without explanation. It felt like a proper event not a cringy train wreck.
  15. FV's NB's are so embarrassingly bad. That red carpet nonsense. For a min i thought it was on sale. Even for free i wouldn't watch them.
  16. Now if the episodes were from the 90's NB's. FV's NB's are a joke. The WR/CL NB's were amazing. They had heart & soul. And a real community feeling. Never losing focus as to what the fundraiser was for.
  17. Ben the serial killer got a new set. It isn't much to look at. With Days dollar store budget. We can't expect to much. Ben gets a new set yet we haven't seen John & Marlena's or Hope's homes in ages.
  18. https://www.showbiz411.com/2019/03/31/soap-opera-chaos-as-scientologist-actress-michelle-stafford-exits-general-hospital-as-show-does-cult-storyline?fbclid=IwAR0EdnwjJArYbmCbwRb0oRLFxnAzgG8RBK5IOKp7uwt-24xW5f14zMwfWio
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