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  1. This Far Wind seems like such a departure from the typical Doctors stories. This must of been an act born out of desperation.
  2. That's DC as Far Wind. Some people on other sites are calling him Fart Wind.
  3. If i remember correctly. Diana only appeared in New York. When Karen went to visit her. I love the idea of Diana fighting Kate for Gary. Diana would've added some much needed spice to that lackluster pairing. I loved Stacy Galina as Kate. But Knots had no idea what to do with her. Still Gary was way better than the oceanographer.
  4. EastEnders: Family Means Everything Trailer Eastenders = 35th Anniversary Trailer #2 (February 2020)
  5. Cin will hideout in plain sight in Ben's gatehouse. Chad will discover Cin.
  6. Ben's great escape from prison. On a $ dollar store budget. I would've had Ben take Will. On one of those lonely nights on the run. Ben bangs Will.
  7. Barbara Windsor talking about how it was a disgrace that Pat was killed off and how Pam St Clement didn’t want it to happen.
  8. I'm liking the slight improvements. I only hope Frank doesn't sabotage Dan O'Connor. Dan is the first HW in many moons who has some potential.
  9. Nelle vs The Q's was somewhat entertaining . Only because Tracy is there. Everything else was so painfully boring. Poor Anna stuck with Peter. The same rehashed nonsense . Between Sonny and Jax.
  10. Loving Jan 5, 1990. Picture quality isn't great. Sound quality is good.
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