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  1. I liked Brian & brunette singing Melissa. I think it was Gene Palumbo who wrote off Melissa and Sarah. The writers made Emilio unbearable then killed him off. So Days had 2 murder mysteries going on at the same time. I remember i liked parts of it. But hated that they killed both Nick and Emilio. Never liked Brian with Ginger.
  2. Claire plays innocent when Haley is arrested Sonny and Will celebrate an expected turn of events Brady warns Rex that Eric has a history of stealing his brothers’ women Stefan and Chloe bond over Holly and their similar upbringings Tripp questions Claire on how authorities knew where Haley was hiding Leo surprises Brady with news that they are brothers Sarah comforts Eric and impulsively kisses him Rex confides in Chloe about Eric and Sarah Brady blasts Eric for kissing Sarah Stefan encourages Ben not to give up on love, while Julie counsels Ciara about Ben
  3. From what i seen online i liked Hilary with Jim. She even had chemistry with Fletcher. I heard that both MC and JWS were Marland's spies.That's a messed up thing to do.
  4. I didn't know that Hillary and Kelly were a couple.
  5. It was BORING today. Wilson must be still hiding from Leo in Diana's tiny hotel room. Since they weren't on today. Eve wore an ugly coat. MAGAJack wanted Haley found at all cost.
  6. The Mayoral race with Jack acting like Trump is so bad.
  7. Sonny's rumble in Turkey yesterday was horrible. A shame there using Robert for this.
  8. This is so strange. We known for months now that he has loss weight. Yet we have yet to see the weight loss on screen. He is getting fattier instead of thinner. Maybe a recast might wake up the beautiful Mr. Massey. I wonder when we will finally see this weight loss.
  9. Anyone remember Téa Leoni's Flying Blind?
  10. I remember 21 Jump Street starting at 7 pm. Early Fox did have a nice menagerie of different shows. Adding something new to primetime tv of that era. I fondly remember all those shows you guys have mentioned. I remember everyone at my school. Taking about 90210 the next day.
  11. Monday, March 4 JJ warns Haley that Eli and Lani are at the hospital looking for her Ben insists he has to break up with Ciara because he’s too afraid of hurting her Kate gives Rafe an earful about Ted Hope is upset to learn another secret from Ted's past Tuesday, March 5 Rafe confronts Ted about making a play for his wife Tripp hides Haley at the loft Rex presses Eric to convince Sarah to accept his marriage proposal Chloe finds evidence that someone may be watching her Wednesday, March 6 Marlena confronts John about Leo’s paternity secret Will and Sonny break into Diana’s hotel room to look for ammunition against Leo Rex confronts a man with a gun who appears to be stalking Chloe Sarah is torn about what to do about Rex’s proposal Thursday, March 7 Stefan tells Chloe he'd like to pursue a romantic relationship with her Brady pressures Gabi to team up with him to take down Stefan Jennifer is upset when Jack announces he's running for mayor Friday, March 8 John breaks into Diana's safe Diana decides on a way to eliminate Marlena Jennifer blasts Jack for using Haley as a scapegoat to further his political ambitions Claire betrays Tripp and Haley
  12. With his slick back dark hair Sonny looks like Eddie Munster.
  13. It's been awhile since Freddie lost weight. But we have yet to see it on air. Chandler looked good in the suit. Plus he was actually awake.
  14. February brought Mexican thugs. A mayoral race. Illegal immigration. Chabby departing. Among other things. What will March bring?
  15. This mayoral race with Grumpy Abe, Ice Queen Melinda & Resurrected Jack is a farce. RC should stick to camp. Socially relevant stories are not his thing. Doug Marland he ain't. Don't care for a bland Haley. But i hated Jack for revealing she's illegal. Hated the Claire fake out. Don't like Claire at all. But i hate that she's being thrown under the bus for Ben. The pretty boy serial killer.
  16. I found 1981 a bit better than 80. But it's still a chore to watch. I don't understand why both Margo and Tracey met such sad ends. I watched 1981 last year. LVB does get rid of some boring characters but there still so many more left.
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