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  1. She did work wonders with the crap they gave her on GL. She'll most likely do the same. It's a damn shame that it's Nina.
  2. EON used to mention Oakdale a lot.
  3. I just finished watching it. They do a great job modernizing it. While still retaining it's offbeat soulful style. Anna's flashback episode is the best. I wish this would've been a 2 parter. Jen Richards gives an amazing performance as a young transwoman coming into her own. I wanted to see more of Anna & Tommy's ill fated romance. The best of the new characters were Jake, May and Shawna. I found the Twins and Ben bland. Even through Ben's a bit bland. He did have great chemistry with Michael. It's and enjoyable fun ride. That starts a bit slow. It was great to see the gang of 28 Barbary Lane.
  4. Lock Up a spanish show on Netflix and Tales of the City.
  5. A ''dying'' Will looking quite adorable in his hoodie. Sonny bear wearing that ugly suit. His always wearing.
  6. I would recommend 2000-02. Mid nineties ATWT, It's so hard to watch. I tried recently and stop.
  7. Wow! A whole week has passed. And no one bothered to do the June thread. It speaks volumes. Even if they were paying attention. They don't give a #$@&%*!.
  8. I rather see Nicole slapping Sami. Then crying in every scene. Given their history the slaps are so in character.
  9. Promo's are always way better than the actually episodes. I did like Sami and Nicole slapping each other.
  10. Guys i just remembered the Vinny Morrison story will soon start on BandstandMike's channel. This was a wonderful showcase for Monti Sharp. If i remember correctly Vinny Morrison's murder was juxtaposition with Gilly's past with Miles Davenport.
  11. Rory has been a bright spot. In this crappy story.
  12. Will's tumor story is a chore to watch. When it's on that is. Since WilSon appear once or twice a week. During their ''big'' tumor story.
  13. Days seems to have stop doing the seasons of the year awhile ago. It never rains. It never snows. There never have any heatwaves.
  14. I loved Petronia Paley as snobby Vivian. A shame her one big story was Vivian starting up an affair with Griffin. So Gilly wouldn't unknowing sleep with her own father. I love the name Melissande Boudreau. Never cared for the character.
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