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  1. I'm loving this vetsoapfan. I thought Emily McLaughlin also had a daughter?
  2. Kate accidentally attacks Sarah Lani questions Ted about the inconsistencies in his statement Jack is surprised when Eve supports him taking the serum Jennifer is determined to move on and plans a date Xander and Rex get into it over Sarah Haley has disturbing visions of Claire Jack shares surprising news with JJ Eve takes drastic measures to stop Jack from regaining his memory A misguided Tripp tries to help Haley Jack catches Eve committing an act of betrayal
  3. The look on Will's face when he saw Brady naked was great. I liked Gabi kicking Xander where the sun doesn't shine. Aside from that everything else was meh. The episode felt like 20 hrs long.
  4. Sally & Zane both badly killed off. One behind the other sucked.
  5. For all it's problems. I still enjoyed what i've seen of 1985. I liked 85 way better than the dark and dour mess AW became in it's final yrs.
  6. Late Breaking News. Will's alter street hustler Lance Berry. Makes his first appearances. Lance will be first seen in a back alley. Just finishing servicing a hunky young man.
  7. Xander took her Nicole mask. And replaced it with the Nacho Libre one.
  8. Being a teen back then. I love all the early 90's realness. They do a great job capturing that era.
  9. I've been loving S2. I'm still reeling from last weeks show. Don't want to give any spoilers away. Since most of you guys are still on S1.
  10. A bunch of Texas episodes from 1981.
  11. Yes! with Ryder and Danny. What little there's of the circus story looks boring.
  12. Search for Tomorrow July 3,4 and 5 1985 The infamous Circus story. Sherry Mathis last episode.
  13. I was wondering is anyone enjoying the new HW? i'm still finding the show boring. The last 5 HW regimes all feel the same. This soap needed a HW that would've captured it's essences.
  14. Today was so BORING 😴 At least Stabi have sparks. Kristen in a Nicole mask is a clunker. That has been going on way too long.
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