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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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  1. Will yelling at Sonny Bear was HOTTT. Chandler was awake for that scene.The brain tumor story is rather meh. It would be great if the tumor altered Will's personality. it would be interesting seeing Will interact with different people. In different situations . Instead it's going to be Sonny Bear hovering over Will at every turn. At least they gave the flannel shirts a much needed break today. Chandler/Will looked adorable in his hoodie.
  2. The guy that raped Margo was white. Marty came from a wealthy family just like Todd and Powell.
  3. There's a lot of blue in the sets they have. I don't watch Y&R very often. But they have way better sets than Days. Characters have nice homes which are used often. That's Eric's place. Which is bits & piece of past sets.
  4. Poor Days can't get any money from Sony for sets. Yet Y&R is always getting sets. It's nicer than anything Days has.
  5. Kate overhears Ted on the phone discussing Chloe Jack is curious when he interrupts a tense moment between Abe and Sheila Brady unpacks his relationship woes to Maggie Hope is surprised to learn Lani spent the night at Rafe’s Sarah confronts Eric about his feelings for her Will lashes out at Sonny, Marlena and Roman Maggie and Kate clash over Kate’s return to Titan Nicole makes a shocking return to Salem Sarah tricks Marlena into spilling the truth A mysterious person kidnaps Holly
  6. Same here. I'm sick of everyone sitting in the same spot at HTS Yes!
  7. It's Rafe's house. It last appeared in 2016. The set was once Maggie's home.
  8. Spoilers pic for tomorrow. Looks like their going to use the hell out off the Hernandez kitchen.
  9. You didn't miss much. Tripp & Haley got married. As did Jack & Eve. Ciara & Ben had sex in that shack Stefan gave Ben to live in.
  10. "What if..." Generations and Sunset Beach had not been cancelled. GH - What if Gloria Monty had not returned. GH - What if Dr. Lesley Webber had not been killed off in 1984. GL-What if they haven't fired Michael Zaslow. GL - What if Beverly Mackenzie had stayed.
  11. He doesn't even have the brotherly bff friendship/homoerotic chemistry with Jay.
  12. What if GL's Bridget & David became a couple. What if GH's BJ never died. What if GH"s Sonny never appeared. What if GH's Alan never died.
  13. What if GL's Maureen never died. Instead out of spite embarked on an affair with Roger. What if Days John had remained Roman. What if AW, ATWT, GL OLTL& AMC were never cancelled.
  14. I've been enjoying the Brezes way more than i ever enjoyed Marland. So far the Brezes are doing a good job. TD feels much more cohesive. I wonder when the Brezes when off the rails? I'm going to miss Eleanor. Also liking the new Sarah.
  15. It's disgusting they made Ben a child trafficker.
  16. I had no idea the now cancelled Imposters exist. Only found out about it when Netflix started streaming S2. A shame it was buried in a sea of trashy reality shows on Bravo.  6d10538591648d408d0d09da423e10da.gifA1XUpilOvsL._RI_.jpg

  17. Sonny and Gabi fear the worst. Days of our Lives spoilers for Monday April 15: Ben invites Ciara to spend the night at his place... Days of our Lives spoilers for Tuesday April 16: Eric learns Rex and Sarah have set a date for their wedding and makes a surprising offer. Days of our Lives spoilers for Wednesday April 17: Chloe is furious when she uncovers Brady's deception. Days of our Lives spoilers for Thursday April 18: Gabi and Ciara are held hostage by a cartel member. Days of our Lives spoilers for Friday April 19: Rafe is rushed to the hospital after getting shot. Hope and Ben team up to rescue Ciara.
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