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  1. I think part of it is airbrushing. The pic like the one you posted is totally "touched up" to the point of even changing the shape of her face, imo. On the show, she looks a lot more like that picture without the makeup. Of course, she looks much better with the make-up, I'm just talking about her facial structure. I think she looks very good, but I'm not sure she ever looked like the touched up picture, at least not in the last 20 years.
  2. I wish she were a series regular, but it sure didn't turn out that way. That headline is odd considering those of us in the US know how it turns out.
  3. I'm excited about it, HBO has a pretty good track record. I think people who see the show before they read the books will probably be happier with it than those who read the books first. But even if the show doesn't quite live up to the books (and I'm not sure it could without a Rome like budget) We'll, see.
  4. Clearly written by someone who hasn't read the books. There's tons of magic in them.
  5. I can't believe these people still have jobs. How can you work in the media and think it's ok to say these things? At least JW showed some joy in his his skating, which can't be said for Plushenko. http://tiny.cc/JaG1T
  6. Thanks so much for answering DaytimeFan. That's something I've always wondered about. I can imagine it's not easy to say no, especially when one is dealing with a high powered patient. If nothing else, I wish someone had been able to slow some of these people (such as Hunter Tylo) down a bit.
  7. Don't doctors have some obligation to put on the brakes when someone has gone too far and is making a mess of their face? Or is it a situation where, as long as what the person wants isn't physically dangerous the doctor can ethically let them keep going.
  8. He just left. I don't know if you saw the epi where his girl friend was killed, but after that he had a hard time. He left a note for Spencer up at the cabin telling him that he just couldn't continue with the job. We don't know where he went or what he's doing.
  9. That is such a sad, untrue statement. Hollywood has really warped people's self image. The saddest part is there is no going back. Going forward most people will likely have unrealistic ideas about what they should look like, especially as they age and will never manage to be happy with what they see in the mirror. All thanks to the smoke and mirrors the media puts out there.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Game_of_Thrones
  11. Unfortunately, this one is only a tiny step above a straight up procedural so far. Hettie is saving it for me, but at the same time these shows tend to work better with a tortured alpha male lead. I just hope that they manage to make this a better show over time. I'm not sure if it's going to work with the cast they have. For me, the only once that are working are Hettie, G and the shrink. The other female lead just doesn't have chemistry with the rest of the cast thus far.
  12. This latest episode was good. I'm glad they focused a little more on the characters personal lives for the holiday episode.
  13. You did not just go there. The books are basically fluffy vampire romance novels. Entertaining enough, but not exactly what I would well written.
  14. I can't agree with you on that, but I do like some of what he's done. Dragging out the storyline with Maryanne was a big change from the books that I didn't like at all. Those endless orgy scenes dragged the show down for me. I also don't like the numerous times good things Eric has done in the book were done by Bill in the series or left out. Yes, I'm an Eric fangirl. I own it. I hate that AB seems to be all about Sookie and Bill. On the plus side Lafayette lives and Jason and Tara have a bigger role in the series, which I am happy with.
  15. I bet they will come through with a good 100th episode. This show usually doesn't disappoint.
  16. A few little tidbits about season 3. http://www.tvguide.com/News/True-Blood-Tidbits-1010929.aspx
  17. I am. I still like this show a lot.
  18. Me too. Despite my disdain for procedurals I've watched many and I think NCIS is really a cut above. Criminal Minds isn't half bad either (Matthew Grey Gubler is all kinds of hot), but NCIS has managed to create characters that are easy to care about. Now if only I could get just a little tiny taste of Ziva I'd really be happy. I don't need them to be a real couple. I just need a little more push pull kind of like Scarecrow and Mrs. King before they ruined the show by getting the characters together.
  19. , but you all love him. Andy is no longer a bad guy. The Maenad is gone. Hoyt's mama? I love her now that she's a Wii player. One little conversation about eating children and you try to kill him off. You used to be my favorite poster Mark. That's not really a spoiler, since I don't know it for a fact, but it kind of seems incredibly likely to me.
  20. I've heard it's the rerun marathons on USA. People see the show and then fall for the characters, which is something I can definitely relate to. I hate procedurals almost as much as medical and lawyer shows, but NCIS is something special. The cast has a ton of chemistry with each other. I don't think they've captured the magic with the spin off, but I guess we'll see.
  21. But he should be telling me otherwise and I am pissed that he hasn't yet. If he writes Eric as completely evil he's wasting a huge opportunity and deviating from the books in a way that I find completely unacceptable. AS is just too talented (and hot) to be pure evil. A bad boy, sure, but not evil. But I didn't get the feeling he'd done it recently. 1,000 years is a long time. Children were considered nothing but little adults until the late 1800's or so. Tea cup humans, I believe Eric said.
  22. I always, always regret reading these types of interviews, but sometimes I can't help myself. WTH is AB talking about? Eric obviously loved Godric and was going to die with him.
  23. I found the last two episodes very disappointing. The finale was especially weak. I think it would have been much better if they had wrapped up the Maryanne story in the middle of the season and then ended with the FOTS/Godric confrontation. Also, I may be biased, but I think when Eric is missing from an episode it tends to fall flat. He brings something the show seems to really need. Maybe it's tension (not to mention the sexy). but I can't put my finger on it exactly. Thank god for Sam, Andy and Jason.
  24. Yeah, I kind of wish that they hadn't gone down this PTSD route with Lafayette, that would make it a lot easier for there to be some sort of friendship between them. At this point, I'm not sure how Eric and Lafayette can be in the same vicinity without Lafayette freaking out. Maybe Eric will either help save Lafayette and Tara or he'll see how bad off Lafayette is and glamor the memories away out of pity.
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