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  1. Normally, Kim grates on me, but the scenes where she keeps referring to her baby as "Senachael" are hilarious. It probably helps that I can't stand Seneca (SP?) and think Kim is giving him everything he deserves right now. What 50 something marries an 18 year old and doesn't expect to play daddy? Surely not one who passed his psych rotation in med school.
  2. At least she's admitted that much. I think she denied the surgery, which is too bad. I think if you are going to talk about it at all, just be honest. It's not a crime. Good grief, everyone knows that most actresses are going to have something done by age 40. If you don't want to tell the truth just tell people it's none of their business.
  3. How is such a change even possible? Yeah, she's gained weight, but it's not like she's 800lbs or anything. It looks like she's gained 30 lbs at most.
  4. In all fairness, not many people over 50 can stand up to that kind of close up shot. I wouldn't call myself a fan because I never saw her work, but I do think that given her age she looks better than about 95% of her peers.
  5. I haven't and since we don't get that many examples of gay male relationships in the mainstream media, I had no idea violence was a popular theme. Probably 10 years from now we'll be seeing people of all genders and orientations trying to kill each other during sex.
  6. Not necessarily, but would I really be wrong in saying it's usually (not exclusively) men that have a deep rooted, generalized hatred of women and get off on seeing them violated? I'd say the fact that it happened during sex also has something to do with it. If Pam had twisted the head of of her female lover during sex, I would say that springs from misogyny as well. It really seems that the charge of misogyny is being laid at the door of the writers rather than at the character. It's not like we have any reason to think that Bill hates women. The person who came up with that scene is another matter. Our culture as a whole seems to have a fascination with sexual violence towards women. That doesn't make sexual violence against men any less important or horrific. I just don't think it's anywhere near as common nor as glorified in the TV/Movie (especially porn) industry. It seems weird to me as well. I might see their point if it were on a network, but this is HBO. Why single out that scene when there are so many scenes of extreme violence towards women out there? It's unfortunate, but I don't think censorship is the answer, even if it were practical.
  7. Lorena can't compel Bill to do anything. She released him back in the 30's (or was it the 40's ). She is physically stronger than Bill, but notice that she had to physically restrain him last season. She couldn't simply say " As your maker, I command you to sit your ass down". She had to hold him down. In fact, she never has used those words with Bill since she released him. Having hate sex with Lorena was Bill's choice and it was Lorena's as well since she asked for it and could have stopped it (since she is stronger), at least in the beginning. I did find that scene pretty misogynistic overall, but misogyny is all over pop culture.
  8. No way. I do suspect Bill's daughter may still be alive though. I'm really enjoying the lack of Bill/Sookie interaction this season.
  9. I did not see that coming at all.
  10. That has to be the weakest trailer ever. At least show us something. The one for Boardwalk was much better. I can't wait for that show to start.
  11. I think the question is, who's had so few that they remember every single one? I was happy enough with this episode. Jessica is fun as ever and I'm enjoying Sophie Anne and Eric.
  12. I didn't see anything about that, but it's definitely unfair. She deserves credit for even trying. I'm pretty sure at one point they told her she would never sing again at all. When it comes to Dionne Warwick though, I think she sounds damn good for a 70 year old.
  13. I'm guessing that's their point. JA had no choice in what's happened to her while others have chosen to damage their voices, which could seem unfair. But really, I don't see making those comparisons as a practical way to live. We are all living under different circumstances and we make our decisions based on that, not on other people's circumstances. It's like people who get angry because they can't have children, while their are women out there having abortions. One thing really has nothing to do with the other. I think part of the deal with DW is menopause in addition to smoking. Most women are never going to sound the same at 65 as they did at 35 or even 45.
  14. Could they be talking about Eden? She doesn't look that different to me, but I'm not sure I would notice. DaytimeFan- Have you seen Julie Marie Berman lately? Just wondering if you think she's had botox recently?
  15. She's at least bi. In season 1 she was flirting with Sookie, remember? She even ate some of Long Shadow that she took from Sookie's cleavage.
  16. He's attractive in some of his early movies though. I think he just didn't age well, but not because of changes to his skin, imo. I mean, I don't think that it was wrinkles or anything like that, but more like aging brought out the worst in his features.
  17. She still has those beautiful, big brown eyes at least.
  18. Ads for plastic surgery and dermatology. The ones I see are actually specific to my location.
  19. It probably isn't a coincidence. If I shop online at certain retailers the ads I see on this board are geared to the exact products I looked at. There is absolutely no way it could be a coincidence, so they must be using cookies to generate ads now. They could probably do the same with the keywords of threads. I'm just guessing, but it wouldn't surprise me at all.
  20. I think part of it is airbrushing. The pic like the one you posted is totally "touched up" to the point of even changing the shape of her face, imo. On the show, she looks a lot more like that picture without the makeup. Of course, she looks much better with the make-up, I'm just talking about her facial structure. I think she looks very good, but I'm not sure she ever looked like the touched up picture, at least not in the last 20 years.
  21. I wish she were a series regular, but it sure didn't turn out that way. That headline is odd considering those of us in the US know how it turns out.
  22. I'm excited about it, HBO has a pretty good track record. I think people who see the show before they read the books will probably be happier with it than those who read the books first. But even if the show doesn't quite live up to the books (and I'm not sure it could without a Rome like budget) We'll, see.
  23. Clearly written by someone who hasn't read the books. There's tons of magic in them.
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