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  1. 10 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    I can understand why people mostly want to vent their rage against people who are flouting social distancing while they have stayed at home and lost freedom and money. I also get that comments like "grandma and grandpa will die" have lost any effectiveness they ever had. I just wish that so many wouldn't make blanket statements about how these idiots are all going to get sick or die. Many of them won't. That doesn't make their behavior any better. But it does mean that people who are opposed to such selfishness are more easily written off as hysterical and easy to ignore. 

    It's sad to me that this has become some strange partisan squabble.  We're something like 11 weeks in now. How many people can truly say they haven't taken any risks at all? I could say that for the first two months. Then I took my son to a friend's for a play date. Then my neighbor starting putting his son over the fence in the backyard to play with my son (without invitation).  I looked outside to see them sharing a water bottle!! 


    It wasn't long before I realized that many of us are now lying to ourselves about how careful we're being. We are making small exceptions and thinking that counts as being careful, but all those small risks compound, which is obviously how infectious disease works.



  2. 5 hours ago, Khan said:

    Unfortunately, such sights as those won't matter to those who still believe COVID-19 to be a hoax or something that's been blown out of proportion in order to scare folks/defeat Trump in the election.


    But, I agree, it needs to be done.  In fact, as I've suggested elsewhere, if/when this is all over, there needs to be some sort of national memorial like the ones erected for the victims of 9/11.

    I have no patience with these people at all. As if we all want to make our lives so much harder in a questionable attempt to get rid of Trump.  The economic damage being done right now is catastrophic. The full force of it hasn't hit these idiots yet.


    Of course this will be another case where a democrat has to try to fix a destroyed economy. It's going to be even harder this time with Mitch McConnel at the helm trying to make sure the rabble don't get a single extra crumb, while his cronies are still making money hand over fist. It's disgusting to watch unfold.

  3. 2 hours ago, Wendy said:

    No link as I just heard this on my local news, but I guess Mike Bloomberg is about to begin a media blitz with his deep pockets for Joe Biden. Glad he is keeping his word.

    Please be true. I'm not a big fan of our corporate overlords, but if Satan himself offers to finance Biden's campaign, I suggest he take the money.

  4. 9 hours ago, sivad40 said:

    That's a hard one for me. McConnell was corrupt before Trump took office but Trump was going to be Trump no matter what. 

    True. McConnell just needs to keep President Obama's name out of his ugly lying mouth.

  5. I did not see that, thank you Carl. I would be thrilled. Bacon is a Trumper through and through.  I'm very excited to vote for Kara again and I hope she pulls it off this time. I don't know much about the candidate going against Sasse for the Senate, but it can't be worse than what we have.

  6. 4 hours ago, marceline said:

    There's nothing to do now but sit back and watch this disease tear through the White House. There's no stopping it now.



    I've never believed that #naturalcauses2020 would save us, but you can't help hoping.  It would be such sweet poetic justice.


    There is some evidence that vitamin D deficiency can make your body more vulnerable to Covid. If you are overweight and/or have darker skin maybe talk to your doctor and see if you are deficient.  I found about a year ago that I had a severe deficiency and have been taking a 5000 IU supplement ever since. https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-05-08/healthy-vitamin-d-levels-could-be-linked-to-covid-19-survival

  7. 1 hour ago, DRW50 said:

    More examples of rich people bragging about how they want others to die so they can go shopping. 


    (she also believes Jewish people need to befriend Nazis)



    I admit I see her general point, but it's self fulfilling thanks to our horrible leaders.  We could have shut everything down for a few months and given everyone stimulus payments for the duration. 


    Instead we did a half assed lock down in most places and the working class and blue collar middle class can't pay for food and rent unless we reopen. We have truly screwed ourselves for no good reason. Now as a society we are all going to have to learn the hard way unless there is some sort of miracle.

  8. Things are getting crazier by the day.  Clerks getting shot or assaulted for asking people to wear masks. Then this idiot wearing a Klan hood. I wish someone had beaten his sorry ass. #sorrynotsorry.  At the same time I do feel sorry for the store employees. They did try to stop him, but having to confront people like this seems above the pay grade of retail workers. $12 bucks an hour and risking covid19 to deal with these violent freaks.



  9. 5 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    I haven't eaten beef or pork in over 20 years and I try to eat more fish than chicken or turkey. When I first heard about possible infections (it had yet to be confirmed), I vowed not to buy anymore chicken or ground turkey.  I've been stocking up on beans, rice, etc. because it's going to be homemade veggie burgers this spring/summer. May as well put that food processor to use.




    That's great. I bet you are healthier for it.  I don't eat pork either.  I doubt I could get my husband to give up beef forever, but he's onboard with eating much less meat due to these workers being all but forced to risk themselves.  Eating more beans, nuts and fish for a few months will be a good change. I have nothing but time to work on new recipes these days anyway. I've even started a few tiny gardening projects.

  10. How much do you want to bet Elon Musk is supposed to be on meds and isn't taking them? I'm not making a joke of that, I think there is something wrong and someone needs to intervene ASAP. It's been ongoing though and it's pretty clear that the people around him don't want to say no. Sound familiar?


    Pressuring people to work in these slaughter houses is really unconscionable.  Most people still like to eat meat, but going a few months without is not going to kill anyone. Our priorities are all screwed up.


  11. 7 hours ago, Wendy said:

    So, this whole Tara Reade mess. Let me be honest and say I think this is all crap. But the thing that seals that for me is, I read somewhere yesterday that Ronan Farrow allegedly met with Ms. Reade and he chose not to do an article or whatever.


    If that is true, that tells me ALL I need to know. Farrow has been a dog with a bone going after predators, so if this had merit, I think he would go full throttle.

    I don't believe it either. Still, what if it were true? It won't change my vote. I can't think of anything that could at this point. 

  12. On 4/30/2020 at 12:01 PM, DRW50 said:


    Which is why Elon Musk keeps shouting about how everything must reopen and how America is a fascist country. If he was not an ugly white man he would not get so much endless support and esteem that he does nothing to deserve.

    And wealthy beyond belief. That's a key element. I don't know why we are still paying attention to these "masters of the universe". I've started to accept that it's not going to change in my lifetime. Only something like 40% of people disapprove of how Trump is handling his crisis. It's unreal.

  13. 12 hours ago, sivad40 said:



    So, I'm assuming this is the plan to "get back to normal" (for red states). Re-open everything and just hide the numbers & outright refuse to disclose the # of CV infections/deaths. 


    Yikes.  For awhile I was impressed with how NE was handling the virus. There wasn't an actual lock down, but our schools were closed before NYC's and we had very few cases at the time. So while we weren't technically sheltering in place almost nothing was open, including libraries, parks, playgrounds. I couldn't believe it because Ricketts is a complete Trumpian jackass. I cannot stand him, but I had to give him some credit.


    Then all of a sudden when we are at our peak outbreak and have the highest transmission rate in the country he decides to open restaurants, salons and retail back up. It started a couple of weeks ago when one of his rich contributors decided he wanted to open his outdoor mall back up. That didn't work out because the national chains did not want to be associated with this mess. Part of me can't believe the stupidity, but then again, it's all about the money for these people. It's clear to me that he is bowing to the pressure from the business community and it is just gross to watch.



  14. ^ I agree the GOP is actively trying to undermine SS. I don't necessarily think they will get away with it, but we'll see. Notice how quickly so many people decided that the elderly are expendable during the pandemic?  It's really pretty shocking. I see people straight up saying things like "The people who die are over 70" and " the death rate is only 2% (!!!)".


    Neither of those things are true, but damn, some people are just jumping on the crazy train. We would be awash in bodies if the death rate were really 2%, instead we are just awash in ignorance and apathy. I suppose since these people don't mind if the elderly die from Covid, they also won't mind them dying on the street for lack of SS money.


    BTW, has anyone seen the video of the Covid test going around on the internet? I can only hope that's fake because I'm pretty sure I can't even bare to take the test, never mind survive the disease.

  15. 6 hours ago, I Am A Swede said:


    If that is true I wonder what the implications will be. If one can get re-infected will it be possible to relax the restrictions which have been implemented before a vaccin is produced? Will concerts be possible, or sporting events? Will theatres be able to re-open?

    This could have severe repercussions for a very long time.

    There is also the possibility of effective therapeutics/antivirals.  We have tamiflu for the flu. They will eventually come up with something for this.


    Notice a lot of these experts seem to think this will follow the pattern of the flu and be with us seasonally for a long time to come.  The flu doesn't really disappear in summer after all, it just isn't as prevalent.


    Would it surprise any of us if we come up with a vaccine that is similar to the flu vaccine in the sense that they have to figure it out every year and it's often only 40-70% effective? Then we have the people who are either anti vaxx or just too lazy to go get it.  We should make these vaccines (and the flu one) free and easy to get as soon as they become available too. I doubt we will though because socialism is bad.

    6 hours ago, DRW50 said:


    It's very annoying, and typical of the smugness of many on the other side of this argument. Over and over I hear people say that the lockdowns are wrong because there will be no chance to develop immunity. There has been no evidence of immunity in the first place. 


    The other thing that annoys me is that while there are many poor and nearly poor people who have suffered from this lockdown, they don't even get a voice. Instead you have rich people speaking for them, pretending to care. I saw that yet again today NYT, the paper that is always so happy to see people die, put out a propaganda column from Bret Stephens, falsely claiming that the public does not approve of lockdown measures. This is something the media desperately wants to be true, and they will do their damndest to make sure it is.



    Apparently the governor of Georgia will be reopening theaters next week. I imagine other states will follow suit. For the time being I don't see anyone going to them in large numbers, or the studios putting out new films. 

    I'm not sure what to think on this topic. When you look at the projected number of people who are going to starve thanks to this plague the numbers are pretty grim. I mean world wide, not the US. I feel like all we can do is rely on experts to figure it out. It's not like the US will help these people in any case as long as 45 is in charge.

  16. 6 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    Immunity always seemed like a concept that was promoted rather than proven.


    Yeah and a case of wishful thinking too. I've definitely been hoping it was true, but all along experts have been warning it might not be. Some people just refuse to listen and rely on science.

  17. 2 hours ago, Antoyne said:

    I’m in Georgia and most everyone I know is in absolute shock that our governor is already starting to open things up Friday and Monday. He’s literally trying to kill us. I pray that he’s actually right and things are good but i highly doubt it.

    Like others have said, just because these fools are taking a risk that doesn't mean you have to go along.  I don't know your situation, so you may have to work. You don't have to go to a salon, a movie or a restaurant and you shouldn't. Let all these people out on the streets screaming about their liberty be the lab rats.

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