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  1. This is a terrible story. "Food stamps will likely go unfunded this month; workers will fail to make mortgage payments. Trump might not be able to find the cash to pay the agents who keep his family safe, but he has the cash to send longtime law-abiding residents to their likely doom. His priorities are perfectly clear".
  2. Me too. His initial scenes with Dan were great. Some of the funniest of the series, imo.
  3. I love how Steve Kind tries to make praising white supremacy and white nationalism akin to appreciating western civilization. Some people just swallow up that kind of sloppy logic without a second thought.
  4. ^ So many of these predators are getting a second chance. It's disgusting, but not unexpected.
  5. He just does not give a damn who he hurts. Yes. I wish I had more compassion, but I don't.
  6. We are incredibly lucky that the first time an authoritarian came for our country he turned out to be extraordinarily incompetent. I only hope that the next time we aren't caught asleep at the switch because we won't get this lucky again. That's not to say that he hasn't caused incredible damage to many people and our country at large, but it could have been much, much worse. Of course, it isn't over yet, but at least the end is (hopefully) in sight.
  7. I'm glad. This show has more lives than Jason, but at least they try to bring the drama.
  8. Me too. It's comically bad. Yes!!!
  9. How sad is it that when POTUS gets a platform we all have to brace ourselves knowing that he is going to use that time to incite more racist hate and violence? It's nice that the Democrats will get to respond, but you can't unring a bell.
  10. I do think AOC makes a lot of good points. I love that she gives the GOP no quarter. Time will tell on her relationship with the Democratic party. That HUD issue is horrific.
  11. Thread. https://twitter.com/sarahkendzior/status/1081609639307943936
  12. Exactly! He doesn't think he can do it, he is doing it. God help us all and especially federal employees.
  13. I hope she's right, even though I know only someone green would make a remark like this so publicly. This has to be a hard time to learn the ropes because the stakes are so high.
  14. This is kind of interesting.
  15. ^ Awful and I don't see much hope in stopping the Saudi's from doing whatever they want. Money talks and right now we have a president who listens to little else. I hope she can survive in prison until help comes from somewhere.
  16. I think this person makes a good point. I don't find it worrying though because I agree with others that his window has closed.
  17. He's just like Sasse, nothing but talk. Here's some good news. Let's hope other state policy makers follow this model.
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