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  1. Damn it. This one hurts even though I didn't watch 90210. There was just something about him in later roles that touched me. I'm sorry for his friends and family. They could not have been prepared for such a loss. Sure, but I think a lot of people start to look their age in their 50's, if they aren't getting a ton of work done. So many people live into their 80's now, this kind of sudden death at 52 is a shock and I suppose a reminder that we never know how long we have. Damn.
  2. Yes, it's happening to me too. Very annoying. Sometimes if you refresh it will go away.
  3. Let's start Women's History Month out right with a comment about "host bodies" https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/florida-house-speaker-apologizes-calling-pregnant-women-host-bodies-abortion-debate-184215981.html
  4. Yeah, that worst Black History Month ever skit made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. My husband didn't find it funny. I've read that you aren't supposed to laugh at gallows humor unless you are the one about to be hung. All I can say is it brought me back to childhood where my BFF and I would laugh at some pretty serious trauma. What else can you do? Things are just so f*cked right now I can hardly process it. I don't know how can keep going another two years. It's bad enough that Trump is our leader with nearly the entire GOP lined up behind him, but there are far too many racist Democrats out there right now. I just don't understand why people keep making the same mistakes over and over. Black people deserve better and so does everyone else who didn't willingly bring on this madness.
  5. Is this real life? 🤣 I know it's not really funny, but g*ddamn. I agree he should. I'd respect him more if he would hold one of those stupid town hall meetings and have a real discussion about it featuring black leaders. It might not lead anywhere right now, but why not raise awareness and educate people when you have the spotlight? You never know what's possible if there is a strong Trump backlash in 2020. Realistically, the poor and middle class are so resentful of each other it might be hard to get it done, but we should talk about it more.
  6. I can't decide if she just isn't capable of getting it or she doesn't want to get it. At some point it gets harder to give someone the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to root for her because we can't let Islamophobia flourish the way it has been under Trump. Particularly the travel ban that is still in place. This thread is too right though.
  7. What's crazy about that article is when RR says this case has set race relations back decades. Really, we are going to put that on this case? I can't accept that thinking with all of the very real hate crimes going on all around us. This case sets back race relations if hateful people use it to do so. That's all. It proves nothing.
  8. But isn't there a case to be made that this was more talk than action? I'll look up some articles tomorrow when I have more energy, but from what I've read Canada is not exactly welcoming people with open arms. They aren't as purely evil as our system is becoming, but they have a point system that favors the wealthy and educated.
  9. Ugh. I wanted Elizabeth to make it. Jennifer's death on ATWT was so frustrating to me. It's like she chose to die. 20 years later and it still pisses me off.
  10. I had no idea about the Trump thing. Damn. I'd forgotten about the cancer stuff too. I was never sure what to make of that.
  11. I think this show is pretty good. Anyone else watching? I'm a sucker for Amy and Brad, even though I'm surprised that relationship works as well as it does. They picked the right actress to play the little girl.
  12. This is so horrific. God knows what is happening to these children. Looks like Biden did say it and I'm not that surprised. A lot of these politicians are deeply out of touch. Add cronyism to the mix and this is what you get.
  13. Sad to hear about Luke Perry. John From Cincinnati was widely panned, but I liked it and he was good in it. First time I realized he could act. Hopefully he'll recover. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-47405758
  14. As long as he has the codes to the nukes so am I.
  15. I figured she was a good person when it came out that she took care of her idiot ex husband's children for quite awhile. I guess she couldn't keep it up because they had some serious problems to the surprise of no one. I hope they are doing well and have received appropriate help. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2487972/Denise-Richards-custody-Charlie-Sheens-violent-twins.html
  16. Some good old witness tampering by a member of Congress. Good times! https://twitter.com/NickKristof/status/1100534231938330624
  17. An article about the rampant sexual abuse of children in U.S. custody. My God. Sometimes this world just seems so bleak. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/26/politics/hhs-documents-minors-sexual-abuse/index.html
  18. He never lets us forget he's an idiot. and a disgusting sexual predator.
  19. ^ I admit, I'd never considered how traumatizing that job could be for people. It makes sense, but I just never thought about it. Partially because I never see violent content on Facebook. I've always thought of the extreme violence and unedited war footage as the province of twitter. Add to it the brainwashing and it's an unholy mess.
  20. A few days ago, I realized these guys didn't do it for the money in any case. The flew back to Nigeria after the crime, which would have about negated any profit motive. They must have done it because Jussie was their friend and he asked them to.
  21. This article makes some interesting points. I wish I were more surprised, but money talks and Americans tend to be unrealistic when it comes to their ability to move up the social strata. As a whole, Hispanic-Americans are becoming politically more and more like non-Hispanic white Americans. Two-thirds of the Hispanic electorate is now American-born, and Hispanic voters are far more likely to approve of Trump than naturalized immigrants, according to Pew Research Center data.
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