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  1. That's for damn sure. I think the human mind isn't really good at processing this much tragedy. Some people are getting hardened to it, but I won't begrudge them that coping skill. Other people are depressed and anxious like we talked about a couple of weeks ago. That doesn't help anyone, but I think it can be a normal reaction to the instability and watching other people suffer. It really is sort of odd to watch both left and right throw stones over antisemitism. The real problem is it's becoming normalized across the spectrum. It's a virus that spreads and I will always believe that Trump let it loose this time around. Islamophobia will go hand in hand with that, of course. Some vet running into a group of people because he *thought* they were Muslims? Heaven help us all get through this insanity.
  2. At this point there are so many mass casualty hate crimes I can barely keep up. What a time to have such a lack of decent leadership.
  3. ^ Me too, but I figured that was too much to hope for.
  4. I'm not sure if there is a viable political solution to this, but damn. The U.S. number is so high.
  5. I'm reading The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton. I just can't get it off my mind. How do you get over having 30 years of your life stolen? What a case of justice failing over and over again until the very end. I'm not very sympathetic to violent criminals, but I'm starting to think that not even the worst deserve to be on death row. I used to only be against the death penalty because there is too much bias in the system, but this made me see that it's just too cruel to make people hear and smell death for years before their date. Maybe it just has to be enough to keep murderers in prison for life.
  6. Take the damn money Joe.
  7. Is there any much chance that we can take the Senate in 2020?
  8. Not more power to them. More like this is why they are like Trump voters and haven't we had enough of people who just want to destroy? https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/1120807544300158976 https://twitter.com/NateSilver538/status/1120807544300158976
  9. Good Lord. The Saudi government actually crucified someone. (CNN)Saudi Arabia has executed 37 men convicted of terror-related crimes, the kingdom's official news agency said Tuesday. One of the convicts was crucified, according to an interior ministry statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
  10. I love that you knew exactly what I meant.
  11. I can think of one thing better to hope for. 😏
  12. Hopefully someone will because only EW gave a decent amount imo, if these are the real numbers. It's not really about the amount though. I'm a believer in the Widow's mite way of looking at it. It's about the percentage. In Beto's case, I'm hoping he made some off book donations because otherwise I'm embarrassed for him. If you want to be my leader lead and that means giving when you are relatively wealthy. I'm really sorry you went through all of that. It seems many people on this board had similar experiences, so you are not alone.
  13. There's an understatement. You always seem to keep your cool DD, which I admire. The Obama's were treated horribly. The way people talked about Michelle was disgusting and shameful. I sort of reminds me of how Megan Markel is treated. I have no love for the royal family in general, don't get me wrong, but it's obvious that she is getting a raw deal in the press because she is bi racial. It took me awhile to realize that people were praising KM as graceful, ladylike and all this other BS as a way of contrasting her to MM. Same thing they do with Melania in regard to Michelle Obama. It's so unfair and untrue.
  14. This thread doesn't change who I support, but I find it very disappointing. If you click on it the numbers for most of the candidates are there, not just Beto. What a stingy group. As for Beto, I give more and make less. That does not endear him to me.
  15. Yeah, I really despise these people who actively helped elected Trump by voting for JS or writing in Bernie's name. Things have to get worse before they get better? Worse for who? Probably not for them. These are almost certainly all people who can go about their daily lives and not worry that someone is going to assault them in the Target parking lot or start screaming at them about going back to where they came from (which is usually right here, but never mind that). They aren't having their kid's ripped away at the border and they are ok with that happening to others because that's how we bring on the revolution. 🙃
  16. ^ I don't call them cheaters. I call them criminals.
  17. ^ And he won't get the leeway that Trump does when he starts making those gaffes.
  18. I'm embarrassed to think how blind I was at the beginning of last primary season. I guess I was thinking that if people could get economic justice that other good things might follow, but now I just cringe at what an ass he turned out to be. My only consolation is that I never hesitated to support Hillary once it was obvious she would be the nominee. And yes, I will be grateful when it's all over too. I wish Biden would announce already. It seems to me he has a good chance as long as there aren't any more serious skeletons in his closet. I want to see how much money he can raise. Either way I'm with Kamala Harris when it comes to her sentiments about beating Trump. We have to get rid of him. Anyone who puts their ambitions above that goal is persona non grata to me.
  19. ^ He's never claimed to be a socialist (democratic socialists are still capitalists) so I won't fault him there personally. I'll just fault him for being a jackass. Who claims to be for the people and then tells the masses to go write a best seller? It was really a disgusting thing to say for so many reasons. I don't on any level begrudge him his millions, but to act like everyone has the platform and ability to get rich that way was so utterly republican. I just can't. 🙄
  20. I won't be the least bit surprised if she gets away with it.
  21. I had no idea you were doing so much on your own. Thank you for keeping things going.
  22. Since she decided to do so, do you have an opinion of her candidacy or does running before her time disqualify her for you?
  23. She doesn't realize how far over the edge she's gone. Not everyone is so obsessed with status that they would cheat their way into a school their child doesn't even care about. There are plenty of people who would never do this even if they could.
  24. ^ I can't argue with Seth Abramson there. I think one mistake MA made was raising his profile when he had a lot of dirt to hide. Add to that coming for the villain in our story and missing. That's not a good combination. I can only pray that whoever the democratic nominee is they aren't making the same mistake as we speak. That is insane. Seriously unreal that they would even try to enact something like this.
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