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  1. Yep. Then we'll hear about how the dirty immigrants spread disease. Sorry, I'm getting cynical.
  2. I've run out of words to describe the crazy. Even though I've seen the warnings that concentration camp killings start with disease, it's hard for me to grasp it. And the fact that they've made their plans public is just unbelievable. Of course a good chunk of our population is antivax anyway, so I'm sure they will swallow the inevitable deaths to come as unintended.
  3. 🤣 I can't believe this is real life.
  4. Not very good propaganda since the government itself has directly denied they bowed to Trump. I think they did though because they are heavily dependent on the US for aid and weapons.
  5. This is a messed up situation. Then again, that could be said for just about everything 45 touches. It's just an endless shitstorm.
  6. That's how I see it too.
  7. Every time I think he can't go lower he finds a way.
  8. 😂 Please, when Netflix goes down for 15 mins there is wide spread panic here. Plus, it's not like the people of China have any real choice. The government will make them endure it.
  9. Yep. Just today he was using the language of genocide when he said Baltimore is rat infested and no human would want to live there. We all knew what he meant. I'm at a loss for words we are so f*cked.
  10. I used to wonder who would become the conservative bogeyman (woman) when the Clintons are no longer with us. It's just insane how focused they have been on her for decades now. Frankly, if someone put a hit out on that bastard my only question would be "what the hell took you so long?", but it seems obvious to me he just doesn't want to face prison. It's weird how easily guilt by association becomes the default in these situations. Even weirder when it because selective. I've actually seen people on Facebook argue that Clinton is guilty of partaking in these parties, but not Trump. Meanwhile it wouldn't surprise me if either or both of them are guilty, but just because someone went to a party that doesn't mean whey are automatically guilty of pedophilia/rape. I do remember that Trump had an accuser at one point connected to Epstein, but it was dropped. I don't remember exactly why.
  11. Because we are. For the sake of my sanity I'm trying not to pay too much attention right now, but I really feel that our strongest candidates could be torn apart by the rest of the herd.
  12. 🤣 Well, I know it was my favorite.
  13. ^ Those chants of "send her back" are chilling. I think Khan is right that we are at the very least as divided as we've ever been. Now when I meet new people my guard is way up because I'm wondering if I'm dealing with some Trump nut who's on board with all of this insanity. It's unreal how off the rail things are.
  14. Was there a settlement and non disclosure clause in the civil case? I can't help but wonder if the witness was paid off.
  15. Right. Just look at NY. Of course, NYC is blue but a lot of the state is rural and red.
  16. This thread just sums it all up and it just goes on and on for 12 tweets or so. Seeing all the things he's done summed up like this is devastating. The number of people just going along with it is madness.
  17. I can only imagine the number of history books that will be written on this topic. We really have to hope we can turn this around next election. I don't see how we survive 8 years of Trump.
  18. It's sick that we live under a government that actively wants to terrorize anyone. I'm so tired of people saying this isn't who we are. I'm not sure there is a "we" right now, but it certainly is who/what our government and many of it's citizens are right now. More people are going along with all of this than I ever would have imagined five years ago. I recently found out that one of my college professors died in 2015 at the age of 80. He was someone I greatly admired. He and his wife were both the kind of people who make the world a better place just by being in it. Damned if one of my first thoughts wasn't thank God he didn't have to live to see Trump. He would have been horrified to see our country fall for this evil con man.
  19. This is just unbelievable.
  20. Thank God there still people with the stamina to call this kind of thing out. There was never a doubt he would. While that ambassador told nothing but the truth, it just wouldn't be possible for him to continue on after the leak.
  21. The only one that surprises me on any level is Dershowitz. Not that it really surprises me, but I always think when people work in the legal system they should know the consequences of getting caught can be pretty harsh. At the same time maybe what AD learned is that most people get away with this kind of crime so he wasn't too worried about it. Not to say that everyone who has been to one of these parties is guilty, but it makes me wonder.
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