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  1. that's quite the stretch. it was very Tracy and Luke. conspiracy theories are always ripe for the picking, and I think a large part of that is because certain viewers can't seem to tell the difference between GF and the "Angel". it doesn't take much of an imagination for an anonymous person to say their spoilers are wrong because there were last minute changes - not that they were just wrong or were playing a fanbase that is as gullible as all get-out

    but regardless of conspiracy theories, some things are just canon, period. Tracy saved Luke, period. Tracy and Luke are together, period. daydreaming another story is only fanfic, not canon

    Sweety Im just telling u the truth! No need to get snippy. The breakdown poster on DD posted photo copies of all the breakdowns and Laura and Luke had this story. Thats a fact. The she came back weeks later with the rewritten breakdowns and Tracy was there. Just like when TR stepped in and Robert got tweaked Luke lines last year. Even the mags had Laura being in the exact same CI scenes Tracy got so we know the breakdown girl was right. No conspiracy theory dear!

  2. *waves to TracyLuv*

    Yeah I have to say it. I don't have a problem with adventure Tracy. Her whole life has been an adventure-and in some ways, not unlike parts of Luke's life-like when she and Dillon were a "team" when they lived in Europe.

    But Tracy has always been anti-gun. I balked at her having a gun in her safe at the mansion, and I'm balking at her shooting a gun at anyone now. It's not that she CAN'T. Obviously, she can, will, has. But there was always a part of Tracy before that was strictly anti-violence. It's part of the reason she hated Sonny. Not JUST because he was a criminal, but because he was a criminal of the lowest common denominator.

    Tracy has committed crimes, but she always, ALWAYS prided herself on using her wits. Her WITS. Not bumping off an enemy.

    It's just so OOC. She'd see it as so banal and ordinary, pedestrian. Uncivilized. And taking away Tracy's wits and making her shoot a gun makes her ordinary. I don't like it.

    I'm not saying again, she wouldn't ever do it. I think she'd kill to protect Luke, Lulu, even Ethan and Lucky, Dillon, Ned, likely even Monica, Michael, etc. Thing is-it would always be a last resort for her.

    And I get, this was kind of a last resort thing. It was either shoot Jerry or let him hurt/kill Luke. So I get it. I'm just on the fence about liking it.

    I mean, Jerry deserved it, don't get me wrong. I just think OldSchool Tracy would much rather see Jerry rot in prison.

    But I realize I'm in the minority here on that, so eh.

    That's cuz those scenes were written for Laura. All the breakdowns that got released had Luke with Laura during all those scenes and Tracy back in PC in her own story. Scenes didn't feel like Tracy cuz they were written for Laura before Genie was gone and Tracy was slipped into the CI story.

  3. I like Tracy an hate lacy! Don't like it honey sorry but you need to DEAL. I dont need your permission to post in this thread. I dont care what you think about me being here. I dont care how you feel about LnL! I came here cuz I like Tracy an support her an if you cant handle that dear than scroll baby SCROLL! tongue.png

  4. Whatever I am not gonna get into a debate with you ladies about tired lacy. Whatever will happen will happen. Im here to give the great JE some praise not get caught up in some stupid fanbase war with you. Is this the lacy thread and somebody forgot to put the right title on? LOL, please!

  5. Baby,they're just begining. Don't get your hopes high enough to where you fal flat on your face. Although I do agree,she killed it!

    Sorry I haven't been posting every so often. I've been super busy,parties,family,classes,vids,typing,etc. (btw to my peeps who read my fanfic..IM SOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING IN MONTHS!! I'VE HAD A HUGE WRITTERS BLOCK AND THEN I PUT IT OFF FOR SOOOO LONG,TOO LONG! I will update this week for each story...I hope) Aaanndd I have a wedding to go to this weekend,so my scheadule is basically blocked from now till the first week of june.

    Oh honey, no. I am NOT worried about no lacy. Please. I know who will be together in the end. Everybody does! But Tracy is FABU and I hope she gets the kinda soulmate shes wanted for her whole life. Even if she ends up back with Luke for a spell I will STILL be rooting for her to get the real thing once he's back where he belongs.

  6. So so glad Lacy r finally over! Tracy said everything I always dreamed she would with Luke. She took a stand! Now somebody hand JE a emmyoscargrammy whatever cuz she KILLED IT! I was balling my eyes out. She's just as good as she was bck in the day when I use to watch in high school. Maybe even better!!!

  7. Oh I hadn't thought of that but that sounds totally plausible. I bet you're right.

    I'm tired of the relish business too, but I have enjoyed the addition of Nikolas into the mix. I can't believe I said that. I've always found Nik quite Zzzz worthy, but I'm enjoying this incarnation of him. Go figure.

    There is something really different about old Nik! Him and Tracy...wowza. They totally should hook up! That would make Luke go craaaazy.

  8. I never said TG was an atheist.

    I've never said he denied the exist of God-which is what an atheist is. I fully believe TG knows the God that Jonathan Jackson used to serve (no idea if he still does, he certainly never mentions it the way he used to) exists and is real. It's LUKE who claims to not believe. I did say he(TG) comes across as a God hater, and while I have read things over the years that made me feel that way, that might have been a little strong. I DO believe TG still incorporates (because he is one of the few cast members who can change his dialogue) his own views into Luke's POV.

    I definitely remember a conversation between Luke and Tracy where they were discussing God, it might have been when Tracy admitted her deal with God over Dillon, and Luke asked her if she "believed", and she said "yes", and Luke said something like "well, not me."

    True, that is the character, and I have no concrete proof TG feels that way, but his little comments over the years lead me to believe so.

    I can't believe some LnL fan lurking here (that NEVER fails to make me shake my head, memories of the old stalkers from SOC) thought that comment was so important that they felt the need to join here just to reply.

    That....I find curious. But whatever.

    Thank you partyperson, for encouraging me when I spoke up, anyway, and thank you any and everyone else for sticking up for me. And I agree- we try to be respectful of each other here, even when we disagree with what someone has to say.

    I'm still over him, but it's just an "over him" in general. I have been watching here and there-and he just seems tired-and that makes me tired. I get that he loathes the idea of LnL as a couple again-I don't blame him. But....Jane is always so full of energy, no matter who she's in scenes with. It's a stark contrast.

    I am trying so hard though to get into the relish storyline, but it's boring me. This is the best they could come up with for Jane and Sean? sad.png

    I joined back in FEB after lurking here for YEARS! First thing I posted was a nice article with Tony talking up the fab Jane Elliot. Honey I can lurk where I like and I don't need special permission from you to post in this thread. Get over yourself thinking I registered just so I could talk to you!

  9. I'm kinda over Luke as a character and TG as an actor, honestly. Which means that unless he(both TG and LS) step it up and start to impress me, I'm forever and a day over Lacy. Tracy simply deserves better. And Jane, while I love her, might be more challenged with a brand new scene partner. Why couldn't they bring Thaao P back as Victor, and given them a past? Oh, well.

    I guess what really set me off was Luke's ranting when Lulu "died" about how this is why he didn't believe in God. I've honestly always known TG had his serious issues with "religion"(which is a whole separate thing from God anyway, but I digress), but I guess I have just had enough of him interjecting his own views and politics into his fictional character. That's not his job, and quite honestly, I can't imagine that too many people care what a God hater he comes across as. He should come to work, do his job, and go home-much like JE has learned to do. Tremendous respect for her there.

    As far as Luke the character-I don't blame a father for wanting to rant and rave and blame someone when a tragedy happens. But in fictional as in real life-things just happen.

    It's not God's fault Stavros is a crazy homicidal creeper. We're all given free will to make our own choices. Stavros, being Stavros, made another bad one. Again...not God's fault.

    Tragedies happen all the time. Both to people who don't believe, and to people who do. That's just life. It's just a pet peeve of mine to sit and listen to people-IRL and fictional-blame God for the misdeeds of HUMANS. And then in the next breath, be given such a blessing-like Lulu actually being alive-and nary a mention of God then.

    I woke up this morning, was able to groom myself, have all my body parts and while they sometimes ache, they are in good working order. I had a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head-I have a family and friends, a job-a home, income-and while there are things I WANT-I have all my basic needs-and I cannot say that I am not blessed.

    THAT is evidence of God's love for me, and if that's all I ever have, it's enough.

    It's sad to me, that some people like Geary, are seemingly so full of bitterness and hate that they can't see the forrest for the trees.

    Eh. I wasn't going to post this, but I am hormonal today. Carry on.

    Oh honey you need to get a grip and some new info! Tony Geary isn't atheist, Luke is. "My spirituality--like most of my life--is between me and God." That's all the man has said about God. He talks about LUKE being an atheist but he ain't never said he was one himself.

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