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  1. FV has been known to try and lowball people to get them to walk. I'm sure this started over that but in the end after all the mess she got a better figure
  2. Actually this sounds pretty Damm close to her story on Y&R where her son murdered her boyfriend except Lauren was married and cheating.
  3. Ashley Jones recently announced a pregnancy so lets see how long this story goes before it either gets dropped or they get tired of hding her belly and write her pregnancy in
  4. I quit my job so I'm gonna be home alot during the day soon and was trying to get back into the soaps and good lord GH is a mess! I haven't watched steady over the past few years but the show is like an all time low now. I'll just start with the characters in my age range cuz I'm not sure what demo they're going for at this point especially with that promo. Michael, Morgan, Kristina, Molly - All bland characters played by lackluster actors who don't even have interesting offscreen personalities. This is the next generation of GH? Michael is probably the best of the bunch but he's just boring and has always been as played by CD. I mean it was laughable when he was the hotheaded irrational tool who wanted to be in the mob and had a quick temper but Zen Michael is even worse. Morgan is a character that's just all over the place. The attempts to make him the AJ to the suddenly matured and mellowed Michael's Jason fell flat. The character has really not evolved outside of being a dbag except now they're using bipolar disorder to make excuses for him being a dbag. He also shows no signs of having attended military school at all. Where's the structure and discipline? Why did they bring back Lexi as Kristina? She was terrible her first run. And she hasn't improved much during her time away. She still has the same annoying smug face and lacks screen presence. Sometimes she's as sleepy as KeMo in scenes. And why give a sexual fluidity story to someone who hasn't had sexual chemistry with anyone? And where are they going with this crap with the 40 some professor? That mob princess stuff and marriage to old man Trey during Kristina's last run was awful. They could've redeemed themselves and started fresh with a new recast. Why is Molly even still around? HP has been on for damn near a decade almost and has not had one memorable story. Plus she's just not a good actress. I watched Instant Mom and she had no comedic timing on that. All 4 of them need to go. Not one of those characters has even had a good romance.
  5. I think that was because the dancers were Voguing, a reference to the documentary Paris is Burning THey got it in
  6. Nostalgia is perfectly fine but it doesn't mean these shows should continue on for years to come with no actual stories left to tell as a shell of their former selves.
  7. building a summer reading list

  8. Rewatching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie and I have to say that I prefer IDOJ. Because Jeannie wasnt the typical housewife like Samantha and ony was not as controlling as Darren. Darren was just the worst husband.

  9. I'm ready for episode 5 already.
  10. Justin Gaston as John Stamos Lifetime needs to quit with these horribly casted and written unauthorized sitcom movies based off hearsay and lie

  11. No thats where are they now for the stars who are no longer on soaps. There should be a seperate thread for those who are currently on soaps but doing other projects as well.
  12. I think there needs to be a thread where we can post news about current soap stars outside acting projects whether they be guest starring or recurring on other shows, filming movies, or even directing/producing. Kristina Wagner on When Calls the Heart Max Ehrich on Under the Dome and 100 Things to do before High School Jacqueline MacInnes Wood on Hulu's South Beach
  13. He's still on Y&R so not exactly a where is he now post. Maybe we should create a thread for current soap stars guest spots on other shows.
  14. This one with AS is a movie franchise. I posted about that awhile back. I don't knock the Hallmark movie Hussain because like Carl pointed out if an actor is liked by Hallmark they get several movies and a possible series. Now those crappy 1 off Lifetime movies I bash all the time.
  15. Hallmark has two channels. You probably don't have their Movies and Mysteries channel
  16. so excited Nick will be playing So Little Time and all of Mary Kate and Ashley movies

    1. MissLlanviewPA


      I wish Two of a Kind would be shown again somewhere. That was my favorite.

  17. Chrystee Pharris(ex Simone, Passions) Pastor Robinson and his family are just settling into their new house and new church home. Pastor Robinson is a stern man with a high school sports and military background. His wife Melinda grew up in hard times during her childhood, but as an adult wants to enjoy the finer things in life. Their daughter Quinn is attending Christian School and is the most popular girl there. She’s happy to move into a bigger home to get some privacy but not so happy about moving out of the apartment building where her boyfriend Roman Kraft lived. They have been seeing more and more of each other and Roman is ready to take it to the “next” step. Even though Quinn is a mischievous little girl, she was still in fact a girl and not willing to take the big step into womanhood. Pastor Robinson notices the two getting closer and decides it would be a great idea for Quinn to attend summer camp this year to let the two young lovebirds cool off for a few months. While Quinn is having a rough time in school her parents are equally challenged with their marriage becoming stale while under the churches scrutiny. Pastor and Melinda must keep their marriage from failing all while keeping their daughter’s virtue in tact. While they all attend summer camp Quinn plots to get to the biggest high school house party of the year to meet her boyfriend and Pastor Robinson fights to keep the two kids from moving too fast.
  18. I forgot Bewitched crossed over with The Flinstones

    1. MissLlanviewPA


      They did! I LOVE that episode! Sam and Darrin look just like they do in the Bewitched opening credits :) .

    2. SFK


      And for good reason, Hanna Barbera (uncredited) produced the opening titles for Bewitched and Jeannie! Love that episode.

  19. She doesn't have the looks to pull off the drama she's going for in those pics. They should be sexy, dark, and mysterious instead its bland and she looks like a kid playing dress up.
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