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  1. Maxie doesn't need to be recast she just needs to go at this point as the character is tired and KSt just can't act. No one would miss Maxie if she left. Kristina needs a recast. Not sure why Frank brought back Lexi who is miscast as is in the flop fluidity story that went nowhere.
  2. Exactly. I wouldn't be able to perform the small portion of material they get. How can Rob Adamson be horrible when he isn't given anything? Only thing I agreed with this list is that Cady McClain did suck as Kelly, but that's b/c they switched the writing on her from what was given to Cynthia Watros when she played Kelly. I agree. This list read like some twitter hater's rants. Over the past few years I've often seen talk of so and so actor is horrible and blame of the writing on them even though their was no material to work with.
  3. Won't he get sued if he just leaves Y&R? He is on contract.
  4. They'll bring on anyone's parent but Liz's mom
  5. Or if it is a main player they find some way to try and justify it. Like Nikki bashing Diane's skull in was considered self defense against a syringe which I believe only had something in it to numb a body temporarily.
  6. Maybe so but prime time doesn't have the same reputation as daytime, which has always been the redheaded stepchild of onscreen entertainment. Daytime, even at the height of its popularity, never got the respect that primetime TV got for doing essentially the same caliber of work. Daytime has to work twice as hard to be taken half as seriously. @KMan101, I don't necessarily mind doing minor things offscreen but there's a way to do it where you can drop little crumbs here and there, that at the time, may not necessarily tell you anything but when the reveal comes, in retrospect, an audience realizes those breadcrumbs were actually little nuggets that added up to a lot of information collectively, so the audience doesn't feel bamboozled, like the denouement came out of nowhere or worse, that they were purposely tricked. You can have red herrings and all that, but when the reveal happens, audience should be able to look back and have a "Aha" moment and realize that it actually all makes sense, surprises and all. If they're like "WTF, where did that even come from?!", the story has failed. JMO. Many of the stories I see on today's soaps wouldn't pass a Graduate level dramatic writing course. I should know (LOL). it's a lazy plot device period but it has nothing to do with reputation. I'm just pointing out that it's not an exclusive to soaps thing like the other stuff mentioned.
  7. The whole flashbacks to tell a story that could've been told onscreen is a lazy plot device used in prime time too.
  8. And Who's the Daddy. Sick of all of those. Every plot point on GH is a variation of one that happened to the character already
  9. His last name is Richmond. I didn't see anything about it becoming a series though.
  10. I've come across some GH fans who believe bring back supercouples is the solution to saving the soap. As if most of the emphasis on soaps now isn't on couples.
  11. I'm sure he was thrilled for the media attention
  12. I had forgotten it. Like most of the 2000's on GH. It also reminded me of the awful Nikolas lookalike that raped her storyline. What a terrible time on GH. Everything NEm was horrible to me. That Pirates of the Caribbean past life that made no sense (Passions did one of those two). The Garden of Wuv. That stuff is even more cringe worthy when you look back on it.
  13. Emily's cancer wasn't so much a major plot hole as one of the stupidest stories on the show.
  14. "It's an honor to meet you" PUKE. It's a guy Cheap. what was the point of the badly acted fluidity story if there gonna have her date guys as usual?
  15. Pierson is bad but RP is so much worse
  16. I think he is doing just fine and he should leave daytime and let his body land him the jobs. For years daytime has decided group A are good actors (despite the fact they can't get arrested) and meanwhile it is the guys from Passions who got work. His body isn't good enough to get jobs in itself, not when his face is so generic and he has the personality of a dead tree. If he thought he could make it outside of soaps, he'd probably already be gone. Most of the guys from Passions never got work either Who other than Jesse and Ryan got steady non soap work after Passions? And right now Ryan is mostly MOW roles and Jesse is on a Hallmark series.
  17. My unpopular opinion is that I think the recast list for GH should be longer. I'd also add Maxie who as played by KS has run her course. I liked JL in the role and really saw some maturity in Maxie. Which was all destroyed when KS returned. KS was an okay child actress but her acting hasn't improved since her Disney days. I'm not sure why they didn't take the opportunity to recast and reset Kristina when they decided to bring her back but LA need to go. She's always been wrong for who the character should be and she's comes across too bratty teenish. And Molly needs to be recast preferably after sending her to an offscreen college. Haley Pullos has been on this show for almost 10 years yet still hasn't made an impact. She can memorize lines but she can't act.I've seen her on GH and off GH and there was really no difference between how she played the roles and ironically they were both named Molly. She's alright on the sidelines where she doesn't have to contribute much but she's not a young lead to center a group of characters around.
  18. I don't think the soaps do enough recasting. And they definitely don't use a recast to take the character in a bether direction. Lately it's all about the socalled name actors being placed in the roles. And tired of hearing so and so being called a fan favorite when they don't have an effect on ratings or get an overwhelming positive response from the audience.
  19. They had a farewell convo buut later onscreen it was said he went to rehab.
  20. Anika was not unfaithful on Empire. Lucious already had thrown her out like yesterday's trash. Also it's not a domestic drama since by definition domestic dramas are about the everyday middle and lower class. Grey's Anatomy gets lots of buzz and gains viewers all the time. Isn't it ABC's highest rated show?
  21. I agree that pregnancy should not be a story. However domestic drama is not the issues. Sometimes I wish the soaps were a little more realistic and stopped doing things like bringing people back from the dead and having a bunch of characters who don't actually work flitting around.
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