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  1. Tired of all the singing on soaps. None of these folks even have impressive voices

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    2. ~bl~


      When shows went from 30-60 minutes and the casts hadn't expanded yet, it made sense. Also if someone was from theatre it was less annoying even if they weren't an awesome singer...

    3. KMan101


      It depends on the situation and the actor/actress doing the singing but I could give two craps about Reed or Tessa singing or Claire on Days singing ... I don't mind someone singing but I don't care for it as a storyline

    4. QueenOfHearts


      By far the worst was that recent nurses ball full of non singers who were autouned but not enough to  make it sound pleasant while they talked on the tracks. Sorry  but after about Kindergarten/First grade not being able to sing in a talent show type setting isn't cute anymore.

  2. building a summer reading list

  3. Rewatching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie and I have to say that I prefer IDOJ. Because Jeannie wasnt the typical housewife like Samantha and ony was not as controlling as Darren. Darren was just the worst husband.

  4. Justin Gaston as John Stamos Lifetime needs to quit with these horribly casted and written unauthorized sitcom movies based off hearsay and lie

  5. so excited Nick will be playing So Little Time and all of Mary Kate and Ashley movies

    1. MissLlanviewPA


      I wish Two of a Kind would be shown again somewhere. That was my favorite.

  6. I forgot Bewitched crossed over with The Flinstones

    1. MissLlanviewPA


      They did! I LOVE that episode! Sam and Darrin look just like they do in the Bewitched opening credits :) .

    2. SFK


      And for good reason, Hanna Barbera (uncredited) produced the opening titles for Bewitched and Jeannie! Love that episode.

  7. I thought Dallas 2.0 was crap skting by on its name. where were all these angry viewers when it was airing?

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    2. ChitHappens


      Don't let the Twitter/FB noise fool you. The off liners have the final say as they severely outweigh on liners!

    3. Steve


      I lost interest halfway through the second season.

    4. chicklitsandfantasies


      It wasn't even the most popular show on that network

  8. Which new show is an absolute train wreck?

  9. Geno City residents need to stop spray tanning. Looking at you Kyle, Dylan, Katherine, Jack, Phyllis,etc

  10. Often soap fans say they want quality stories on their soap but turn around and praise crap stories on a different soap

    1. JackPeyton


      quality story seems to be more of a taste preference though.

  11. Can Grayson mcCouch come to Y&R next? Villy needs to be broken up next!

  12. I'm get really tired of seeing females wearing see thru leggings as pants

    1. Money


      ICAM. I saw this chick wearing stockings as pants with red underwear underneath. She looked absolutely ridiculous.

  13. Any good books to read lately?

    1. Melroser


      I have a soapy novel released on Amazon. I intend on it becoming a series of books. working on book two.


  14. Can't wait to start posting. Been lurking for quite some time

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    2. London
    3. Mr. Vixen
    4. QueenOfHearts


      Thanks. My favorite soap is Y&R though when I was registering it wouldn't let me pick that one!

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