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  1. Even when Cookie made her first appearance in his office, Lucious had the look of admiration. He introduced her at the party as Ms Cookie LYONS although they are divorced. He has called her a queen and the heart and soul of Empire. I thought he was very sincere. Yes, he still loves her. My one regret for this not bring on HBO is that the love scene won't be as hot and sweaty as it could be. Cause it's going to happen. Lol
  2. I don't think Jamal wanted to cross dress. He wore that because he thought it was funny and would make his father laugh. He was being silly. They reacted that way because they thought he was going to be gay. I suspect that if they didn't have those thoughts, they wouldn't have reacted that way.
  3. First and foremost, Taraji P Henson is a Queen. She slayed. There aren't many actresses capable of delivering, with seeming ease, the lines she was given without being grating or annoying. But she pulled it off. It felt natural and authentic. And Cookie Lyons is easily my favorite character on TV. And is far more relatable than Olivia Pope could ever dream of being. Also loving how they are handling Jamal's story. It's hard to watch. The directing was amazing during that trash can scene. They showed his mother proudly watching him present day singing a touching song interspersed with flashback to her being his hero and savior. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time! I cried my eyes out. Even if you aren't gay, which I am not, you can relate to his search for a paren'ts love and acceptance. Most people have felt this way about a parent. I liked that the show focused on him first. I hope that each son is given moments like this to show the audience why they are the way they are or do what they do. Give me a reason to care about them all. I suspect the eldest son is a paranoid schizophrenic. When I heard "That Nookie Thang" being played, I hollered. You just don't hear Southern Soul on TV Shows. It's not main stream music. I am in love with this show!!! I could go on and on but I won't. Lol
  4. If Katrina doesn't fall in love with Death/Abraham and turn evil then this show is wasting my time. Who is this Hawley character and why is he even on the show? It's like the EP said, "we need someone the dudebros can relate to so we can bring in a different demographic". I am unimpressed! I am also upset that they have marginalized Captain Irving. Is he or is he not one of the leads on this show? I like the monster of the week. I just need it all to tie into a main over arching plot.
  5. Oh, I know it was very real. I think it is a good thing that we all feel uncomfortable about it. It let's us know that ideas and perceptions about humanity can improve.
  6. Glad I am not alone in feeling uncomfortable at the exploitation. However, I try to tell myself these folks are actors and in the entertainment business. The episode was interesting and well written. Side Note: That clown was so scary. And i fear I will have nightmares about it.
  7. I wasn't going to watch this because I usually grow bored and/ or tired of Shonda's shows after the first season. But I liked the trailor. Also love Viola and that she is not the only color on the show so I will give it a whirl. Hopefully I can stick with it.
  8. This is the best new series coming out IMO.
  9. Really, really enjoyed this show. I also thought it would be more steam punk but it isn't. I like that. As for the Frankenstein's monsters being "cut"...nah. He looked very much intact to me.
  10. You know what?! I am looking forward to this. One of the few shows that I didn't have to force myself to continue to watch.
  11. Not really. I don't. Which is why I don't watch it much unless it is Diggle centric. I love him. This is the first show I have seen all year. I only started watching it for Manu Bennett but even he couldn't keep me entertained.
  12. I loved last night's episode simply because it focused on Diggle and something other than Team Arrow drama. I can not stand Oliver Queen. Must he sleep with or have had a romantic past with every woman unrelated to him. Looks like has had a thing with Waller too. I just can't deal. I would watch the Suicide Squad any day over Team Arrow at this point. I hope a spin off is In the works so I can stop watching this show for my Diggle fix.
  13. His issue is that he sees race through the eyes of privilege. The fact that he played "Oh Freedom" to symbolize a white man breaking free from a situation (of his own making) by massacring innocent black people shows the parallels he is trying to draw between Hanks situation and slavery/oppression. In the eyes of privilege, this makes complete sense.
  14. Jennie Mills is a great character. She is clearly interested in the straight laced captain...could make for a great dynamic.
  15. YEah she would be...I also read that Kathy Bates and Angela Basset will be returning in season 4.
  16. Definitely uncomfortable conversation. One argument that I see often is Marie Laveau being racist and is just as bad as LaLaurie...maybe? maybe not? But let's not pretend like it is the same. Its hard to compare a Marie's ( black person's) justified hatred and general distrust of white people when they have lived through and seen what Marie has with folks like LaLaurie (white people) who have brutalized and hated black people just because they could. Marie's SL is a revenge trope..Marie versus Fiona (the voodoo coven versus the witch coven) is feuding families trope (they just happen to be of different races)....but LaLaurie's story is what? redemption? I resent that being that the character doesn't deserve it.
  17. Or they are not even attempting to see actions through the eyes of the characters...or just can't empathize with Queenie's situation/story. Someone who has always fitted in may not understand the thoughts and feelings of an outsider (which is a situation that doesn't have to necessarily do with race, could be class, gender, straight/gay. cis/trans, general interests, hobbies, basically anything that is not like the most of the people you are around).
  18. "Queenie switches sides because a couple of people tell her that her fellow schoolmates will never think of her as a sister witch and because LaLaurie—a woman she already knows to be an immortal racist murderer who created a minotaur—once killed a baby. Yeah, I get why she doesn’t want to be forever friends with LaLaurie after that revelation, but turning on everybody else? The show is trying to use race as a central motivation in its “Now, you go here, and you go here” action-figure storytelling, but it just doesn’t work or conform to the characters as we’ve gotten to know them." I don't think that this it is as simple at that with Queenie. She feels like an outsider and is looking for somewhere to fit in. How may times has she said she doesn't need the "sorority" because she is used to looking out for herself. But then she is secretly looking for love and acceptance which we saw with the Minotaur. So really her talk is just a front for what she really wants. We know that she has aspirations to be a powerful witch. Look how easily to ate that line up from Fiona about being the supreme. But she never really believed that and neither did Fiona. I don't see it as Queenie turning on the rest of the witches moreso than it is about her own ambition accompanied by her desire to be accepted.
  19. Ryan Murphy must be a totally incompetent writer. I thought we were suppose to rejoice that Queenie betrayed her. Look at the story LalAurie told about that baby...and her utter lack of remorse for it. Saying "it was a different time" to explain it away or convince Queenie that it was okay. Then for her to tell Queenie that she would never be accepted because she is black. Come on now.
  20. I kinda sorta agree here...I see no reason for all the Latinas to be maids.
  21. Another good episode. Ashley is just all over the place. Confronting folks left and right and irrational to boot. I see her back in a padded cell before it is all over with. I wonder if she will be sniffing that stuff Tucker has for Mrs C. Victoria about to kill Chloe. Was it intentional. I can't tell. But either way it is going to be a problem. Hope she doesn't die. And Leslie...really...just tell the secret out like that. I knew it was coming as she was to ansty and stalkerish to keep it much longer.
  22. Waiting on Drucilla to make her appearance to her family.
  23. Poor Katherine. ALl this time and she still doesn't understand that her son is a snake in the grass. And Ashley. Why is she confronting Neil and Harmony about Roxy. They aren't her parents...or anything like that. Billy and Chloe. Yep. ANd Victoria with her eye full. I can't wait to see how this goes down. ANd to top it off we have the "real" Victoria back. None of this wimpering and simpering bohemian mess.
  24. Gloria marrying a man and doesn't know his last name. A mess. Devon is jumping to conclusions. Abby doesn't sound obsessed at all. She just likes him and wants him. He needs to relax. Victor is so mean. Just a heartless bastard. Going to embarass all these folks.
  25. LMBO at that last scene. Both Roxy and Abby are fierce. But he needs to wake up before Roxy chokes the life out of Abby. Literally. Tucker is just lower than low. Gonna make the woman look crazy and sell it as a reality show. That is too much. I love it. LOL. Jack is true to form. Wanting to prostitute his sister to get what he wants.
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