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  1. On 3/12/2020 at 4:20 PM, edgeofnik said:

    Wasn’t CK around 28 when they aged the kids? I never understood why they made Lily a matron at 21. The show has desperately needed strong characters in their 20s. They should’ve made Lily/Mariah galpals/cohorts, especially since Sharon/Dru were friends. Oh well. I hope this potential s/l clicks. 


    They wanted a black female lead character to replace Dru. So they chose Lily and proceeded to give her stories more fitted for her mother. 

    On 3/13/2020 at 2:18 PM, Darn said:

    Who the hell is Sam?


    Oh wait, is that Cane's kid with...Juliette? Speaking of young characters, what happened to that girl that was Hillary's ward (?) and Charlie's girlfriend?


    Sent to live with her parents somewhere. 

    On 3/6/2020 at 7:17 PM, DramatistDreamer said:

    I think it was @ajsp35801 who said to beware of how TPTB take fan suggestions, that they will take a suggestion and twist it in a way that's not very good.  

    The whole thing with Amanda and Billy (whew that preview for Y&R was lousy!) reminds me of how people suggested that Hilary be paired with Nick. Well, it seems like a weird "take" on that suggestion. Instead of Nick (who I seriously doubt will ever be paired with a BW anyway), they're giving you all Billy.

    Kind of a weird flex but whatever. (*shrugs*)


    Also, those who watch the show, do Amanda and Billy have better chemistry than what's being shown in the above clip?



    Actually B&B looks pretty bad too. And they're still rolling out Carter to perform the ceremonies for these 2 minute marriages? 


    The show never gives fans what they ask for with certain characters. It's always some twisted version or they give them entire story to another character. 

  2. 1 hour ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    One of the key reasons why I asked how long Ripley had been on the canvas before committing this stabbing was because it's clear that the longer he was on before he committed the crime would be equivalent to the amount of interest and investment to his character and the character closest to him in connection-the shorter the amount of time, the less amount of interest and investment. Based on Ripley's all of two weeks before committing a crime, it's obvious which one of the two this one falls under.

    Compare it to Abby's pimp/procurer boyfriend who was in GC for months meeting, courting, dating Abby before everyone in town discovered his crimes. He wasn't just a garden variety villain, he had a past (which tied into Tessa's past) and a personality.  I remember lots of people even claim that they found him charming.  Did Ripley get any of that complexity in the writing about him?


    Had TPTB really cared about Amanda, they would have had Ripley in town under the guise of seeking redemption and forgiveness from Amanda but his true motive would be to insert himself back into her life by attempting to win back her trust.  He proceeds to make all the moves indicative of a person who has turned his life back around. He: gets a job in CG, gets to know more about Amanda's circle of associates and friends, maybe tries to form a friendship with Nate or Phyllis, etc. Amanda is uneasy but does not want to block Ripley's chance to rebuild his life and make a living yet hopes that Ripley does not intend to try to reconcile as that 'ship has sailed'. Ripley seems to have successfully 'rehabbed' his reputation, he is now know as a nice guy, charming, he even seems to have gotten a hold of his hair-trigger temper... until he sees signs of an intimate relationship between Billy and Amanda.  At first, Ripley convinces himself not to jump to conclusions and goes about a 'fact-finding' expedition to verify the nature of Amanda's ties to Billy. This can lead him to irrefutable proof that there is an intimate relationship between the two and Ripley tries to contact Amanda, who is busy and cannot answer her phone.  The night of the gala, Amanda eventually gets a message from Ripley that they need to talk but puts it off, saying that he'll have to wait until tomorrow. 


    Very good. 


    He was onscreen 3 or 4 episodes, I think. Most of the arc was Amanda talking to Billy about it. They gave Amanda one day to "regain get power" with Ripley. But no effort was put into their connection. The writers has ignored developing any relationship between Amanda and anyone else to keep Billy onscreen. Very unfortunate because the story could have been good. 

  3. 11 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    From everyone's descriptions, it appears that Victoria's stabbing will be angst for Billy and will ultimately be about him and his ties to both women. Nothing in the description makes me believe that TPTB care one whit about Amanda. Victoria's stabbing is in service to Billy's angst.


    YES! THIS! 


    The show turned what could have been interesting story for Amanda to give viewers glimpse into her life prior to the show into a story about more of Billy's main pain! This entire Amanda and Billy relationship is all about more story for Billy. Both Victoria and Amanda are plot points. 

  4. 3 hours ago, LondonScribe said:

    That’s right. Mal Young set the wheels in motion (and subsequently tampered with the breaks) on Kyle and Lola- I think largely influenced by Angelica McDaniel. At the point Griffith took over, maybe they were so far along, anything else would have seemed even more jarring than we’ve had recently?


    Perhaps it was always the plan, but I (and others before me have) noted the about face turn and blitzing of the relationship occurred after McDaniel left her position.


    I think that about facing has more to do with new stories being played. That always happens around the new year it seems. Besides, Lola is probably pregnant, i.e starting a new story for all four players.  The show will milk this quad for years to come due to fan response. They won't care that their is a severe lack of chemistry amongst the entire group. Nor do they care that none of them look very good together onscreen. Fans are rules up and screaming and that's good enough. 

  5. On 2/14/2020 at 12:14 AM, Khan said:


    I think Josh Griffith and Tony Morina realized they had made a mistake in pushing them together.


    It's the beginning of a new year. For soaps, that usually means new stories. So here we are...


    By the way, wasn't it Mal Young that pushed them together. Josh just continued it. I can't even recall. 

  6. Phyllis versus Abby over Chance is such a downgrade for MS. Not near as WTF as Abby versus Sharon (Scottie) but still feels out of place. They aren't even contemporaries. 


    This might be worth while if it was centered on the Nina and Phyllis history. But Abby just isn't the cog to make this go. While I like MO and her Abby, it's so daytime to be able to find story after story for her yet can't see any future for Loren or her Ana when she and her character could run several circles around MO/Abby in every department, including being interesting onscreen. 



  7. 1 hour ago, slick jones said:



    The Young and the Chelsea.  Dreadfully boring.  Billy walking around talking into a phone (is anyone on the other end?) is tedious.


    Sharon getting cancer is not the story I'd give her. JG's  "You get an illness! You get an illness!" never follows through.  She should have embarked on a hunt for her father, the story we've discussed a million times here.


    Tessa's goodbye seems permanent from those scenes. Can Mariah get a real story now?


    Now that Theo has been "accepted" by the Abbotts, how about a Brooks sister coming around?  (BTW, I mentioned this in my FB group in a post and Janice Lynde "Liked" it.)


    Fen's addiction should be a bigger story, and the attraction between Jack and Lauren never should have been dropped.


    I like that Devon and Nick have become friends as they work on New Hope, and including Elena and Nate in the clinic, but why not rely on Sharon  as a mental health worker? it beats giving her cancer....


    Why were Kevin and Chloe brought back?


    Amanda is a mess. Hopefully they give the character direction soon. Give her a job at New Hope and really put her in the mix with Nick, Nate and Devon.


    NuChance sucks. Replace him. A sock puppet could do a better job.


    Can Phallus stop running around talking about her Grand Penis er Phoenix?   Give her a tech job somewhere.  It's becoming a drinking game.


    Isn't it time for Lola's liver to reject her?  Kyle should, the way she fawns over Theo.


    Adam, Chelsea and their child of the corn should move to Kansas...




    Do you think Adam and Chelsea have chemistry? 


    I don't think the show wants Amanda in Nate's orbit. I mean, they did at first but the story has turned on a dime away from that.  It appears they want to use her to give the characters they really care about story, i.e Billy.  And they have Devon obsessed over her where she's not even aware of his existence half the time. 


    Theo shouldn't have been so easily  accepted by Abbots. It seems there's more story available if he's not. 


    I saw a clip of Abby and chance. I didn't hate it. But it still wasn't much. Seems like from what I read, Abby and chance are together so Phyllis and chance can get together. 

  8. I haven't watched the show in so long. But I do read recaps and see the pictures and occasional clip. Chelsea never gets any flack. Whoever said that her having to answer for choices would be better soap is correct.  


    They clearly took what was to be Nate's story with Amanda and gave it to Billy. JT just isn't good in this role. I regret that mishael is stuck with him at the moment. 

  9. "What is past is prologue"


    Amanda = Hilary

    Nate = Devon 

    Elena = Lily

    Devon = Cane

    Trident (Billy) = Neil who will get with Amanda while Nate pines then fights for her


    All the while Elena and Devon will be self righteous a$$ hats who play angst for the story. Mostly Elena the same way Lily did despite the fact that Elena doesn't have near the reason to hate Amanda that Lily did Hilary. Nor does she have that deep of a relationship with Nate to justify harassing him over who he chooses to dates unless she wants him herself...which takes us to the added bonus, Elena isn't related to Nate so the show can go there. 


    Mind you, this time around it won't have near the same results. That was the perfect unintentional storm, so to speak. 


    The show found some of its greatest success in years with the black cast telling that Hevon story. They will surely try to repeat it. But with Nate as leading instead of Devon because for whatever reason, TPTB doesn't want Bryton as a lead alongside Mishael. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Faulkner said:

    It’s just exasperating. Moments like Jack registering his surprise at seeing the face of his dead friend are why I watch soaps, and to be denied them makes me lose interest. Why invest in these characters if they aren’t going to play the relationships? I stopped watching GH, for all its ridiculousness, when a female character showed complete indifference to her best friend’s near-fatal medical crisis, which only happened because the plot-driven writers considered their stories separate.


    These writers aren’t creative enough to build story around a young black billionaire, which just seems intriguing as an idea. But they are so locked in playing the same kind of stories for the same boring characters. 


    They didn't even attempt to play the same boring stories they've played over and over for those other characters with devon. At least on Devon it might seem fresh and new. Why not give him the mentally ill stalking woman that Jack usually gets. Why not??!! 

  11. 20 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    Amanda likely is being "chem tested" with a variety of male actors.  Also, JG by now, is wary of appearing predictable in how characters are paired and what direction their storylines will go. Too late for that, imo.


    If anything happens with Billy and Amanda, it'll be his alter Trident involved. It won't be real for him. I fear they'll fall back on old ways and use Mishael as a lighting rod to jump off stories and characters they truly care about with Amanda as the villain. Though, I guess it's a trade off. At least she will get the story avd airtime.  Something Elena has surely been denied. 

  12. 7 hours ago, Khan said:


    "Who Killed Cane?  WHO CARES?"




    But seriously.  I agree.  Y&R refuses to allow their non-Caucasian characters to remain prosperous for very long.  Remember when LML had Neil decide suddenly that he'd rather own some stupid jazz club than work at Newman?  Because, God forbid a brother wants to climb the corporate ladder!


    I recall vividly. That was during the Carmen Mesta drama. 

    1 hour ago, xtr said:

    Here are a few more spoilers from SOD about Devon/Cane:


    Devon and Cane will end up facing off in the penthouse after Colin implicates Cane in the will scam. Cane will come to the penthouse to defend himself but Devon will not believe him. Cane will say that he's innocent and doesn't know why Colin is implicating him. Devon will not believe him and will not be happy that his grandmother's wishes have been disrespected. Bryton says in the mag that all of Devon's money is gone because Colin has hidden it somewhere. Devon will vow to get to the bottom of things and find out if Cane is involved.


    I wonder how Colin gotten a hold of all of the money and where he's stashed it. I also wonder if Cane is really involved and how exactly he will be written out. Him and Colin only have like a couple of episodes left, so their part in things may get resolved quickly. 


    I also wonder how these spoilers may tie into the spoiler about Devon's past coming back to haunt him. 


    I also read a spoiler that Elena and Nate wish for a Christmas miracle. Makes me think Devon's life is on the line somehow. 

  13. At this point, I'd rather see Cane murdered in a whodunit that gets Devon blamed then we find out it was Billy's alter at the end if a trial than to have Cane just leave town with Devon's money.  I can see the second scenario happening since this show is obsessed with black folks being poor and trying to claw their way to the top, which was Hilary's through line despite being married to a billionaire. She was written to take nothing in the divorce  ensure she remained poor. 

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