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  1. Another good episode.

    Ashley is just all over the place. Confronting folks left and right and irrational to boot. I see her back in a padded cell before it is all over with. I wonder if she will be sniffing that stuff Tucker has for Mrs C.

    Victoria about to kill Chloe. Was it intentional. I can't tell. But either way it is going to be a problem. Hope she doesn't die.

    And Leslie...really...just tell the secret out like that. I knew it was coming as she was to ansty and stalkerish to keep it much longer.

  2. Poor Katherine. ALl this time and she still doesn't understand that her son is a snake in the grass.

    And Ashley. Why is she confronting Neil and Harmony about Roxy. They aren't her parents...or anything like that.

    Billy and Chloe. Yep. ANd Victoria with her eye full. I can't wait to see how this goes down. ANd to top it off we have the "real" Victoria back. None of this wimpering and simpering bohemian mess.

  3. Chloe needs to save herself. That Billy just ain't no good for anyone. He is telling her he loves her but I have to question whether he is being sincere. He is the kind that will just tell you whatever you want to hear to get what he wants.

    Malcolm...lol...who is he fooling? He is hurt trying to act so tough.

    Jack is about to blow a gasket when he finds out about Keemo and Gloria. THey are sweet together...not sure I like the May-December romance aspect though. LOL.

    Why didn't Devon confront Nate...I was ready for a rumble. LOL.

  4. Harmony, Kay, And Jill at Newman...Golden. You hit pay dirt with that. Keep those three in the office.

    Let the fist fight between Nate and Devon begin. Roxy really was playing with fire all along anyway. After Nate kissed her, she should have kept her distance. Oh well. Like I said, let the rumble in the park begin. LOL.

    What is Avery's motivation here?

    And I have forgotten what Nate's mativation was with switching Moses paternity. It would be very helpful if Nate repeated once or twice in dialogue. :-)

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