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  1. I like the new logo! "Where Drama Lives" indeed! :lol:

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      It's a cool and slick new look. With a great catch phrase.

    2. Vee


      It applies to the constant, sudden and unexplained outages for days at a time.

  2. Oscar Nominations are out this morning.

    1. Soapsuds


      I am so over the Oscars. I have no idea or have seen the movies nominated for best picture. It's all about popularity and the ratings for the show have been dropping every year. I don't get the big hoopla about it.

  3. PEOTUS Trump probably cannot even spell substantive. (deep heavy sigh).

    1. DramatistDreamer
    2. ReddFoxx


      And he had the nerve to post that phony picture of him "writing" his inauguration speech. As if he would write a speech.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      ...he doesn't even look like he reads that well. I won't be watching, I'll wait for clips on the evening news.

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  4. Went to bed late yet woke up way too early. Why?

    Today is going to be one of those days!

  5. Hidden Fences has been trending all night. Someone done messed up!

  6. Is anyone savvy with Adobe Digital Editions, who can answer a question about them and Windows Explorer?

    It's driving me crazy that my ADE files don't show the cover of the book, only a generic ADE thumbnail.

    Does anyone know how to fix this so that the covers show up on the file in Windows Explorer? I'm still using Windows 7.

  7. For all you Keeping Up With Appearances fans, Patricia Routledge is now a Dame!


    1. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      Finally!! So well deserved!!   :D:wub:

    2. ~bl~


      COol and that gif. :)

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I'm definitely a fan of hers too!

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  8. Serena Williams is engaged!


  9. Everyone's talking about doping of athletes in Russia but this is every bit as disturbing, moreso really.


    H.I.V. Cases Surpass a Million in Russia, but Little Is Done

  10. Tiger Woods is trying to say his kids made him pose for that shirtless Santa baby pic but we know he's just on the prowl, looking for a lady to share that next $5 footlong.

  11. Someone just mentioned that both Liberals and Conservatives can agree on their mutual disgust with Lena Dunham.:lol:

    1. ajsp35801


      Taylor Swift is a feminist? But then I thought all women this day and age believed in the tenets of feminism without labeling it such. No? 

    2. Juliajms


      No, all women are not feminists. Not even close. Look no further than the Presidential election to see that. There are many women on the religious right who are anti feminist. I've tried to be patient with Lena. I think her heart is usually in the right place, but this is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard her say and that's saying a lot. Just disgusting.

    3. ajsp35801


      See, I don't think those female Trump voters aren't feminist. They are just something else first. 

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  12. OMG, Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova injured in a knife attack! 

    1. ChitHappens


      WTF?!  How terrible. 

    2. DRW50


      How awful. Someone posed as a gas man to get into her home? 

    3. ChitHappens


      Yep. She's a really sweet person so I hope they can save her hand. 

      She's a lefty and must've been fighting back primarily with that hand. Feel so terrible for her. 

  13. And the judge in the Brock Turner case was cleared of misconduct over his light sentence.


    What. a. day.

  14. I had forgotten that Christine Lagarde had been Dominique Strauss Kahn's replacement. Oof, I'd forgotten how message French politics is!

    1. Cat


      Message or messy? lol


      Yes, it is, but DSK's proclivities were particularly messy and were rightly exposed. I know the stereotype is of the average French citizen who doesn't care about his politicians' private lives, but this was a sordid story and many I know were shocked. 

    2. DramatistDreamer


      Yikes, I meant messy!  Yes, I agree, DSK was particularly eggregious and he got off lightly.


      In terms of the IMG, it is now being discussed that perhaps the next leader should not only be non-French but be someone outside of Europe. 

    3. Cat


      Perhaps that would be best. Maybe someone from Asia, say Singapore, where they keep budget deficits low and have a culture of saving...

  15. Remind me to stop feeling sorry for 86 year old ladies who won't stop robbing jewelry stores.:unsure:

  16. People who deny being trolls but when you say the word "Troll" they answer to the name.:lol::rolleyes:

    1. YRBB


      LMAO! If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck... it must be an... elephant? :lol:

    2. DramatistDreamer
  17. Apparently Verizon is interested in buying CBS. Hold on to your hats, everybody!

    Verizon has expressed interested in CBS Corporation:


    1. DRW50


      Given their declining fortunes CBS would probably be better off. I just hope this would mean Moonves is gone. 

  18. I no longer subscribe to cable, so I don't get A&E but I do know that Kirstie Alley is getting dragged on social media after trying to come for Leah Remini about her new show exposing Scientology. Apparently, Alley was trying to urge people to boycott and most people responded by saying "NO":lol:

  19. :( RIP Ron Glass, best known for his work on Barney Miller.

    1. reallyhateskateonlost


      What is it with this year? Just about every entertainer I liked has died..:(

    2. DramatistDreamer


      It's terrible isn't it? Wasn't it just yesterday that Florence Henderson passed?! No time to even digest the sadness.

    1. DRW50


      That's hilarious. I love how annoyed a few of those guys clapping are...

    2. YRBB
    3. beebs


      We're just that damn polite, let's be honest. <3

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  20. Apparently WPIX found footage of the original Yule Log from 1966, which they thought was lost forever. They will be airing that footage this year. As a soap fan, I can't help but cling to some hope.

    1. ~bl~


      That is great news that they found some of the 1966 Yule Log. I hope they'll have it online for those who saw it years ago, but no longer are in the WPIX viewing area.

    2. beebs


      Is it not really sad that there's more excitement about a still image of a log than of a widely-loved television show? Just because it happens to be female-targeted drama? What does that say about us as a society?

      Anyway, that IS really cool, and I hope they run it this year. I have fond memories of the yearly yule log for us folks without fireplaces! Haha.

    3. DRW50


      beebs what show are you talking about? Gilmore Girls? 

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  21. Tsunami warning in the Fukushima area of Japan.

    1. YRBB


      Aaaaaargh! God, I hope not!

  22. So the Boycott Hamilton hashtag was misspelled? BoycottHamiton.:lol:

  23. R.I.P. Gwen Ifill. This year continues to get worse.:(

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