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  1. They're literally reviving and rebooting every highly-rated series with a reasonably long run, except cancelled network soap operas, lol.

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    2. Vee


      They could remake DS for TV at literally any moment yet have consistently failed to do since 1991. We'll see if the current attempt goes to series. I would've expected at least 2 on-air/stream attempts in the last 20 years but here we are.


      I don't think most soap premises are any different fundamentals-wise than any other popular family drama on TV or streaming. The core concepts are ultimately often the same for a reason.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      If they can reboot Punky Brewster, they can reboot As The World Turns, lol.


      And as @Vee
      mentioned, the fundamentals are not so very much different from one genre of drama to the other. Downton Abby, a big expensive costume drama is getting yet another movie and it wouldn't surprise me if a miniseries were on the cards in the future. Downton Abbey hews closer to the daytime drama in its heyday than any of the remaining daytime soaps still on air. The major problem is that the most sustainable model for production is no longer five days a week, and to diverge from that model would elicit a hue and cry from the die-hards. That was another frequent complaint from them with the PP shows, even before they were streamed. Many (not all) soap fans don't seem to understand that in order to survive every entity must be able to evolve and move with the times. TBH, much of the industry doesn't seem to understand this concept either.


      As for the Daytime Emmys being on "regular TV" (if there is even such a thing anymore), it only took a pandemic death induced shutdown of television and film production to get to this point but the die-hards will have their things. (*shrugs*)



    4. Vee


      You can do the soaps for 30 minutes at 2-4 episodes a week tops like the UK. You can airdrop them in a package on streaming, 30-40 episodes done in seasonal blocks, arc-based then let them take months off, like PC did with its production schedule but with an actual break in broadcast/release. It's perfectly doable and it's something Linda Gottlieb experimented with (and never fully abandoned, IMO) 30 years ago at OLTL. Also something Degrassi kind of did more recently.

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