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  1. Did Pamela Anderson really stay married to husband #5 long enough for him to pay off her debts, then bounce? 

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    2. Cat


      I'm still giggling over 'international love affair.' Yes, I know she's going to Canada and back but still... lol.


      I don't think Jon Peters is an easily intimidated dude. He was Barbra Streisand's wig designer before parlaying that into 'lover' AND 'producing partner' (certainly nobody on the A Star Is Born set could stand Peters). He's had 5 marriages. Apparently his ego was and likely still is huge!


      But yeah, from the text it does sound like she might have tired him out, so to speak, lol.


      As for Pammy, well, glad she moved on from that abusive football player back in France. Jon Peters was definitely a step up from the French D-list where she was languishing. The ole girl does keep it moving! Everytime I see her, though, I fight the urge to give her a tetanus shot, throw her in the shower and pray for her eyebrows to grow back (god, I hate how she uses magic marker for her eyebrows).

    3. Khan


      Wait.  Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters were married?

    4. Vee


      Few have deserved to get bilked more than him.

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