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  1. The trials and tribulations of DelPo continue and it's sad to see. He was one of the few players that seem to relish playing the players at the very top. So many ATP have the talent but lack the confidence to do this. A change of scenery that will, perhaps lighten the mood?
  2. While U.S. media is caught up in the purely preventable back and forth or provocations and reprisals, this is happening. I don't believe that it is a coincidence that the Iran/U.S. kerfuffle is going on at the same time as this.
  3. The air and water is about to get a whole lot dirtier!
  4. Must admit, I don't remember her at all. I missed a lot of TV in 1993, so unless she aired either during my winter recess or sometime during the summer when I could watch, I would have completely missed her.
  5. Hiding casualty numbers has become the M.O. of the Trump administration, so I tend to believe this is the case. They've stopped reporting deaths in Syria and Iraq. Todd Chuck is getting dragged again on social media, just reminds me to question how he still has a job on TV. I haven't watched MTP in ages but I've seen him enough times in press conference to know that he's awful.
  6. I wish I hadn't looked at those pictures that were taken just moments before. When the pilot states that he was following orders despite the conditions, the fault really does lie with Landis who was insistent on the helicopter pilot flying closer to the action, which was where the actors were. Also, if it hadn't been for his skirting child labor rules, those two kids would not have even been on set that day. Just horrid! Has his reputation actually impaired his ability to work as a director or a producer? Despite social media comments, it just seems like he's still been able to have a career in the industry and his connections seem to have allowed his terrible son to carve out a place in the industry--at least up to now.
  7. Every now and then, I'm reminded that John Landis directed Coming To America and other movies but only last week when this news started to break open publicly, did I read about people suggesting that the elder Landis was known to bully people on set. I wish I hadn't looked at Wikipedia because I started to read about those horrific deaths on the set of the Twilight Zone movie, of which I vaguely remember watching some E! Channel docu-show about Hollywood's most horrific incidents but this time around, reading about it in clearer detail, it made me shudder. Landis never seemed to take full ownership of the horrific events that happened on that set.
  8. That's well-played by Jamey Giddens. Rick Hearst has never not been good in whatever he's in. Remember when Hearst played a character named Whipple? He was even good in that. I don't subscribe to cable so I won't be watching but I hope it goes well- a lot of jobs on the line if it doesn't.
  9. 1 hour ago, Vee said: I think it's a bit more complicated. He seemed lovely going in with that beautiful family and a lot of great ideas, but we all mocked him after he took office because he became incredibly inept and tone-deaf. That crossed a lot of class lines, at least in terms of the perception of him. Meanwhile, in the UK, a modest proposal:
  10. The fact that I had no awareness who this person was until recently, goes to show how much of a 'theatre-head' I truly am. While he went along raping women and using his familial connections to build his career.
  11. It's been several years since I left NYC but I have noticed that DeBlasio gets the lionshare of criticisms from mainly from one group of NYers, so it's not surprising that there is such a disparity among racial and economic lines in how he is viewed. So to read this was interesting but not surprising. This is separate from my total bafflement as to why he's running for president.
  12. Out of curiosity, I went to twitter to see if I could find a pic or a clip to illustrate what you were talking about since I haven't watched the show in quite some time...and, whoa!
  13. You ever had the experience of coming across something intriguing but totally unrelated to what you were researching in the first place? This seems to happen to me quite a bit. Or maybe I'm just being easily distracted lately. I'd never heard of this show until today but then again, I haven't watched HGTV since 2010, which would be the same year this show began. Anybody ever seen this reality series or this episode? Apparently, Ellen Dolan and her husband were looking to sell their house, probably around the time ATWT was canceled. https://watch.hgtv.com/tv-shows/selling-new-york/full-episodes/smells-like-a-deal Smells Like a Deal/Selling New York The Ellen Dolan segment begins around 8:45
  14. Good Lord...and to think, there are other children and families enduring something similar, albeit older children...like toddlers. Just inexcusable for any society that prides itself on respecting civil rights and civil liberties.
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