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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. First of all, hat tip to you Khan for your kind remarks in the Politics thread. Nobody's perfect (I used to be the kind who would give it right back double if I felt I'd been insulted but after awhile you realize you're giving others too much of your energy, and it's not worth it, you know?) Back on topic, lol. TL's Jack could be a scoundrel, no doubt but like you said, he had sex appeal, he was suave and as others have stated, charisma. I feel like, after he left Y&R on such a sour note, he only really did short stints on soaps after that-- almost as if he was unwilling to commit long-term to any soap, lest he find himself in another situation that he was in while he was at Y&R. I'm not sure whether Bill Bell Sr. looked at PB's Jack and decided that he wouldn't be able to continue with TL's characterizations but Jack morphed into a different personality very quickly after PB took over the role and from there, the character has evolved into some type of 'sad sack' getting dumped and cheated on repeatedly and being outdone by just about anybody with half a scheme. Soon it'll be time for Faith and Christian to outmaneuver Jack in business somehow.
  2. For years I've been saying that a revamped Capitol would not be out of place in today's political environment.  This definitely goes with the times.⬇️


    1. Khan




      But seriously, if not a CAPITOL reboot, then a new, political-themed soap certainly would be successful.

    2. ReddFoxx


      Glad to see a soap meme coming out of this mess. Politics is a soap opera right now and the material for adaptation is almost endless.

  3. Y&R might have held onto Terry Lester, if only for a few more years. After Lester left, ATWT managed to snag Lester for a memorable storyline with Elizabeth Hubbard and Mary Kay Adams, all titans of daytime drama.
  4. Not really an ad, in the traditional sense but certainly product placement.
  5. If there is any justice in the world, SHS and that entire Trump WH will never be able to secure gainful employment ever again.
  6. Andrea Lewis did a project about on the thoughts of black boys and black men as it regards loving themselves . https://shadowandact.com/black-boys-and-men-speak-their-truth-on-self-love-in-latest-project-from-degrassi-alumna-andrea-lewis
  7. Does anyone think that TBS could have a shot? What's TBS' budget?
  8. Who says? Streaming is getting to be where TV has been for over fifty years. YouTube, one of the earliest streamers, has never been about having no ads. PBS' streaming service even has a subtly placed ad or two. The idea of cable networks like HBO was always to avoid ads. Netflix, which began as a DVD by mail service, has evolved into the subscription-based service it is today. Hulu has always had ads. Crackle has ads. ESPN's streaming service even has ads (as far as I know, I'm not sure about their recent ESPN+ service). I have never gotten the sense that anything online is set in stone, it has always been ever evolving. I don't think that anyone knows what things will evolve into. That's the Internet, in a nutshell. If you had asked the inventors of the World Wide Web (and people have asked people like Tim Berners Lee), they would admit that they had no idea the concept that they invented for computers to communicate with one another would turn into what it is today.
  9. Interesting that though this article posits that there is room for both Netflix and Hulu and Netflix if far and away the leader, Hulu's $6 per month ad-supported service may be more aligned with the future of streaming, according to this article. I still say P&G are absolute fools for not at least trying an ad-supported service to stream episodes from some of their classic daytime dramas.
  10. All those folks who were praising Trump over his 'brand of diplomacy' with N. Korea, where are they now?
  11. Whew, this has reached the levels of peak pettiness! Is tennis media going to give this as much attention as they did Kerber and Andreescu? My guess is no.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree with these choices. Colleen Zenk's sustained excellence over decades is pretty impressive on its own merits. She probably had only two or three episodes where her hair was out of place in the three decades of her being on the show. I'd also like to add a bit of diversity and add Debbi Morgan to this list, particularly her time on AMC, though I was never an avid viewer of that show. Looking at Angie's hairstyles, from press n curl, to braids/cornrows to naturally curly, DM's looks read like a historical lookbook on black hairstyles through the decades. I loved that she never seemed overstyled, especially in her earliest years.
  13. It's probably because at this age, I realized that there were times when I was bullied, called indescribable names for no justifiable reason or harassed six ways to Sunday and discovered that not openly reacting was the best response (albeit the most difficult) especially when open displays of anger would be giving people what they want and expect, which is their stereotype of an angry black woman. My guess is that both Megan Markel and Michelle Obama have come to realize this fact as well in their lifetimes. People are all over Michelle Obama's areola for comparing Trump to a divorced dad (which is about the mildest thing one could ever call that troll) and the British press are deliberately trying to hurt Harry by going after Megan (this time for the couple having the gall not to submit to that ridiculous post delivery photo-op outside of the hospital ). The British press seems even more incensed that the Megan and Harry won't respond to their tantrums. There gets to be a certain point where you know that displaying outrage won't change anything, in fact, it gives detractors a smug sense of satisfaction, so better to channel the anger in other ways and so much the better if it comes off as insouciance. I used to have a wicked temper when I was younger but over the years, I think meditation has also helped. Thanks for the compliment though @Juliajms.
  14. Not going to defend the stingy because obviously there are no Jehovah's Witnesses in this group but I personally have never claimed charitable donations on tax forms and I know some people consider it somewhat distasteful to make every charitable donation a "write-off". Are all these folks, keeping their wallets/purses tight or is there some other reason, like investing in organizations that do work that helps individuals? I would genuinely like for someone to ask each candidate why their charitable donations look the way they do. Of course, when the Obamas taxes showed how generous they had been in their charitable donations, they got criticized by some people who claimed it was for show and that charity's effects were limited compared to investing in entrepreneurial and training programs that benefit women, minorities and the poor, for example. America, in general, was quite harsh on the Obamas in certain regards. Some still are.
  15. He's often spoke of some injury. It sure doesn't stop him from beating most of his opponents into the dirt.
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