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  1. Apparently Puig had moved to Chicago to be nearer to Murray's training academy facility.
  2. If non-migrant children start dying, I'm not sure that this will provide enough of an explanation. The question will be why/how did the U.S. let this happen when they obviously had the tools to stop it? With the way this nutty administration works, it's likely that a few workers at the detention center could refuse vaccination and become carriers themselves (even if they never exhibit symptoms). That would be a recipe for a flu outbreak.
  3. Looks like Sloane is back with Kamau Murray. Don't know what this means for Monica Puig though.
  4. Like I said in the post on the previous page, people shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security that the flu or any disease will remain contained within those detainment camps. Disease inevitably finds its way out, into the general population.
  5. It's as if Sascha Baron-Cohen were writing an extended skit!
  6. I mean, every now and then you can find a gem (if you're willing to sit through 2,000 commercials) but the time you waste sifting through all the detritus is worse than any Netflix queue!
  7. Who the hell still watches Dancing With the Stars??! Or Dancing With The "Star", as Whoopi Goldberg used to refer to it. Meanwhile there's an inept madman in the White House who refers to himself as King of Israel and Jesus Christ Superstar after backing out of an international visit with Denmark because he was rejected in a bid to buy Greenland.
  8. So, in Trump's quest to undue the Obama era regulations, he didn't foresee that California and several automakers would thwart his plans with even tougher regulations. Ha!
  9. You don't know from terrible until you've gone through the list on the Roku Channel, lol.
  10. Not quite a reboot but I loved this! 


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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Robin Thede (who briefly had a late-night BET show) played Sondra.  I heard Jackée loved it!

      No problem @Khan

    3. Khan


      Has ABLSS been on awhile?  I can't believe I haven't heard or seen one thing about it.  (Yes, I can.  This is America, after all, and like hell they're gonna give publicity to a sketch show created, produced, starring, written and directed by WOC.)


      My Lord.  This isn't just good comedy.  This is GROUNDBREAKING.

    4. Errol


      @Khan It's an HBO show that started a few weeks ago. I think this is maybe its third episode since debuting. HBO has several clips from the episodes on its YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO79iP69FaZPUe5TEM4i99eUANCbFThx3


      My favorite clips is the one featuring Angela Bassett


  11. I'm starting to wonder if maybe he's part of the reason why there are no DVD Collections or online streaming of episodes of Head Of The Class.
  12. What a stupid decision by the government. This is not just to protect the detained migrant population but also the larger population who could contract the flu. These centers are not hermetically sealed, it only takes one un-vaccinated worker or guest to "carry" the virus to the outside population. Also, the basic premise of having sick incarcerated children and adults suffering and possibly dying of the flu is just inhumane.
  13. For all the justifiable criticism that The New York Times gets, this 1619 project is definitely representative of the best of what The NYT could be.
  14. From what I've read, Twitter actually alerted Facebook that this was happening.
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