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  1. ^^ I'm pretty sure that video has been posted to this thread awhile back.
  2. How many people under 50 actually still watch cable news?
  3. These storylines all sound so vapid. From the sounds of some of the spoilers, though, I do wonder if the writers will have Elena cheat on Devon with Nate and don't assume that this cannot happen...if they had Olivia cheat with her then ill best friend's husband, they could do this to any character. As we all are by now aware, this show has a history of using AA characters to facilitate other people's stories. I could see this benefiting MO way more than BJ as it will give Abby the opportunity to be the put upon lover left in the lurch with Devon playing the role of 'shoulder to cry on' foregoing his own emotional needs. In terms of Loren Lott, people are acting brand new if they didn't recognize the history of this show's use of black women characters as disposable as well as the actresses who portray them. Hilary (MiM) being used to resuscitate any lackluster storyline or relationship (Lane) they could put her within spitting distance of has been well discussed on this board. Putting aside VR's situation, I mentioned Olivia earlier but even before them, even during the great Bill Bell Sr. era, when the show went from strength to strength, consider the unceremonious way that the character of Amy Lewis (Stephanie E. Williams) exited the GC canvas. The only major non AA actress who ever faced such slights would probably be Sharon Case, and at least Sharon has never been ignored as a character.
  4. Not sure who likes an unstable stock market but if there is, somebody will surely tell me, lol.
  5. I mean, there's a difference between recognizing human life gone and giving deference where it is not due and has not been earned. The Kochs have made it their lives' work to institute policies that made many lives demonstrably worse. When I made that post upthread, that was pretty much the most I could muster.
  6. I'm not sure why anyone would be surprised that these things take place in an industry where the genre's writers and producers feel that it's perfectly appropriate to write a character as a rapist, then write that rapist as a romantic hero less than two years later. And audiences were groomed to accept this!
  7. Is anyone surprised that there was a "Me Too/Times Up" situation at ATWT, especially in that final decade? Look at who was in charge. Look at how characters were being written. I'm not even surprised at this. I was expecting it at some point. Ironically, while many others were trying to write a hagiography of Eplin and his "exceptional" effect on the show's history (which is, kind of ridiculous when you think about the length and breadth of this show's history), I wasn't feeling it.
  8. Nah, that's not what I asked though. The trolls who used to prowl around these messageboards (who are no doubt, still lurking) are the ones I posed that question to. I'm smart enough to realize that big business usually fares well while middle, lower and the poor go through hell. No need to state the obvious.
  9. ICYMI: The last jobs report had to be revised DOWNWARD by about half a million jobs. So, how are those vaunted Trump tax cuts working out?😏
  10. Apparently Puig had moved to Chicago to be nearer to Murray's training academy facility.
  11. If non-migrant children start dying, I'm not sure that this will provide enough of an explanation. The question will be why/how did the U.S. let this happen when they obviously had the tools to stop it? With the way this nutty administration works, it's likely that a few workers at the detention center could refuse vaccination and become carriers themselves (even if they never exhibit symptoms). That would be a recipe for a flu outbreak.
  12. Looks like Sloane is back with Kamau Murray. Don't know what this means for Monica Puig though.
  13. Like I said in the post on the previous page, people shouldn't be lulled into a false sense of security that the flu or any disease will remain contained within those detainment camps. Disease inevitably finds its way out, into the general population.
  14. It's as if Sascha Baron-Cohen were writing an extended skit!
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