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  1. For every soap I've watched, I've come to expect that at least one prominent family has a cabin somewhere.
  2. That lack of direction and rehearsal time hurts young and inexperienced actors who only have enough time to memorize and slog through 20-40 pages of dialogue at a time, without any guidance from a director in rehearsal to try to pick up the nuances and subtext of what could be on the page. As a result, we get some flat, basic, very matter-of-fact acting with no levels or layers. Usually what we get is some very straight-forward and dull characterizations.
  3. Don't mean to be a pest but PMs don't seem to work (I only know because someone tried to PM me and I can't respond because the Error message pops up when I click the Reply button) and YouTube video no longer embeds in the post. I hope I'm in the appropriate thread for this. I wasn't alerted to your response @Vee even though I clicked the "Notify me of replies" button. I had no idea there were any replies to this thread until today.
  4. This was a great example of the type of dialogue that I was talking about. I guess the show often used Nadine as a talking point to show that she was open to concepts that might be considered "out there" to other characters. I don't see characters on any of today's daytime soaps even broaching concepts of these sorts. Actually, even back then, this type of discussion was pretty rare on most soaps of the day. IMO, it was presented in a way that was not meant to mock but explore those topics and go beyond the usual soap chatter. The scene starts at 6:16. https://youtu.be/bqCOIvCHv0g?t=376
  5. Anything even remotely connected to Trump is infinitely messy.
  6. Yeah, I know how they use snap but I just think it's an overused term like "tea". From the time I spent living in London, I've noticed that for all their many (many) faults, the Brits seem more resistant to the idea of being caught up in a cult of personality than Americans. Perhaps because they spent hundreds of years being ruled by monarchy but many seem. Brits are also more honest about the fact that class has been a major factor in social mobility than Americans.
  7. He didn't snap. He calmly but passionately hit the nail on the head on every point.
  8. I have the Roku Express. I never consider the Fire stick because I don't subscribe to Amazon Prime. I'm pretty satisfied with Roku. I also synched it with my library card for access to Hoopla Digital, although I don't use that as much as I thought I would. I wish more local news would get on board with livestreaming on Roku and on streaming boxes in general. It seems like local news is still more accessible on my laptop than on Roku but that's slowly starting to change as well.
  9. They've already started in on Elizabeth Warren. They're determined to agitate for the candidates that they want.
  10. That's why I asked. It seems so wasteful to spend time, money and effort building a set when there are no good solid business stories taking place. In this day and age when Y&R cries poverty rather than retaining talent, it seems especially foolhardy to build a business set where no tangible corporate storylines are actually taking place. I mean what about Crimson Lights, The Athletic Club, Chancellor Park and all the other sets where conversations can take place? DH sounds like a glorified Coffee Klatch.
  11. Are there any actual business stories taking place? That involve DH, I mean.
  12. Speaking of unnecessary sets, has Dark Horse been seen lately?
  13. Thanks for posting @NeilDru4ever. Part 1 was very enlightening and entertaining. I think later today would be a great day to listen to Part 2.
  14. Which is why, even after I returned from the polls where I had cast my vote, about an hour later, I began to have a sinking feeling. I mentioned it to no one, I tried to brush away the thoughts that were creeping into my thoughts but as the day went on and I saw news reports about HRC campaign headquarters' itinerary shifting, I felt a genuine sense of unease. I'm glad I cast my vote because, honestly had I not...I'm the type of person who would've been haunted by this for decades. My state went for HRC but, as they say, no man is an island and I'm not shielded from the anger I feel as I read about each child migrant death in custody or every religious building being shot up, set fire to or sprayed with racist graffitti or women having to demonstrate for rights that should be ours and enshrined in law since before I was born! Even though I try to avoid thinking about it all the time, on some level I knew that with Trump in the WH, the U.S. would transform into an ungovernable hellscape. Unlike Susan Sarandon, I bore no illusions about the people rising up to fight this new menace. Being black in America has taught me not to make such assumptions. Also, I don't care what happens to Julian Assange. Don't know why I felt the need to write that.
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