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  1. Did Judy Garland really curse out Grace Kelly for "stealing" what Garland thought was her Oscar from for A Star Is Born

    1. Khan


      I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

    2. BetterForgotten


      Judy wasn't even at the Oscar's that night (she was in the hospital giving birth to her son), but she was a raging alcoholic (not to mention her pill addiction) at the time so it wouldn't be a surprise. By all accounts, it was Judy's increasingly difficult reputation in Hollywood that cost her that Oscar - most critics seem to agree she deserved it over Kelly, but Kelly was America's sweetheart and the ideal American beauty at the time, so she was a safer choice than Judy. 


      Poor Judy was eaten and spit out by the industry that made her and also broke her. 

    3. DramatistDreamer


      This is what I mean by awards and awards shows being a flawed measure of greatness (see: Greatest Soap thread remarks) but folks keep going on and on about how awards are some objective metric of quality.  They're not, they're totally subjective and biased, just like much of how we evaluate art.

      Thanks for proving my point @BetterForgotten:wub:

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