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  1. All that SATC BTS low-key enmity over the years has really burst into the open, huh?

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    2. Khan


      I say, go ahead and DO the next movie, even if it means doing it w/o KC.  Let the public decide if they're truly ready to move on from Samantha.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      Except Hollywood is very risk averse, they want a sure thing and not having that combination of successful actresses in their original roles is taking a gamble for them.  I guess we'll see if the studio wants to spend the money.

    4. DRW50


      The people who say SJP had "no choice" but to blather away on the red carpet or that Kim Cattrall should accept the grief in some kind of polite manner when she's just lost her brother in very sudden circumstances are pathetic, and yet more examples of why you should not stick your nose in the business of celebrities just because being on social media makes you feel brave.


      I thought the show declined significantly after season 2, and I thought the "friendships" on the show were extremely unbelievable in the last years. If nothing else the last year has finally confirmed my feelings that this was the case.