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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this but with the recent untimely passing of John "Ecstasy" Fletcher of the rap group Whodini, I came across this clip while reading his obit. A YT video from hip hop movie "Beat Steet". I saw the movie on HBO when I was little and remembered that Saundra Santiago was i it but was floored to see that she wasn't the only one. I'm astonished that I am only noticing Tonya Pinkins was in this!

  2. Oh my.😂


  3. Why is YouTube yanking channels that have such enjoyable content? This is getting me down.

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    2. DRW50


      That sounds like such a great channel. I wish I had seen it. That sucks. Patrice Rushen is a legend.

    3. Taoboi


      Boo! Sounds like a great channel and I have been getting in a mood to watch that very thing a few days ago after listening to some old r&b.

    4. KMan101


      YouTube seems to be purging "non-creators" which is bizarre to me (though a part me can understand it)

  4. And Zendaya didn't even have to use a blowup doll.

  5. Happy Juneteenth everybody! Please recognize the day for what it truly means!🤎

    1. DRW50


      I watched the Google video for it and thought it was very beautifully made, but there's a lot I didn't know about the day until recently. With all the hatred out there at the moment I hope everyone can enjoy the day and be able to reflect in peace.

    2. ChitHappens
  6. Wow, this account of the "Karen" who called 911 on the Black bird-watcher in Central Park presents a portrait of a woman who is a scandalous mess!

  7. Ben & Jerry's struck the right note in their Black Out Tuesday message, Popeye's did not.

  8. Heyyyy, Netflix has its own separate thread, so now I know where to put all the Netflix posts!

    Also, I can still increase font size in this post, so I guess it's just in replying to a Status Update created by someone else, that I cannot increase font?


    Overall, I appreciate the less crowded look of the site's layout.

  9. It's a solemn time, I know but I'm sorry...I could not stop laughing at this!:ph34r::lol::lol:


  10. Murder Hornets?!! WTF!

    1. YRBB


      2020 just keeps on delivering!

    2. DramatistDreamer


      The fact that they are coming specifically for North America tells me something. Maybe these "Open The Country" fools might be the first targets of the Murder Hornets.

  11. Lionsgate has been showing a livestream of Dirty Dancing on their YouTube channel. Apparently, they've been doing these livestreams regularly in the wake of the pandemic

  12. I rarely post memes but this one seems especially apt and timely.


  13. Kim Fields is going to be Live on Black film blog Shadow and Act later on today.


  14. Whoever did that #SavageChallenge with Kamala Harris is pretty brilliant.

  15. Can someone please explain to me why people are fighting over toilet paper??

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    2. Juliajms


      And fruit snacks. I guess people are afraid of supply chain disruption. Then once the news starts showing shortages caused by hoarding, everyone else starts feeling like they have to hoard too. The hoarding of hand sanitizer seems especially silly.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      The run on cleaning products is odd too, since, it makes me believe that some people weren't already cleaning their homes.  Rubbing alcohol was off the shelves but somehow, there's more soap than ever! Do people not believe that washing their hands is actually more effective than hand sanitizer? Are there that many people w/out access to running water?

    4. Juliajms


      I think people are hoarding cleaning products, especially things like disinfecting wipes out of fear.  It gives a false sense of control.  If I were going to bother to hoard (which I'm not) I'd worry more about canned food and other non perishable nutritious foods. Frozen and canned veggies, soup, rice and pasta probably. The hand sanitizer might be helpful if you have kids and are out and about, but I think most of us are going to get this no matter what we do. I feel really bad for the elderly. Not just the illness, but when the nursing homes stop people from visiting (and they almost certainly will) the loneliness is going to be hard.

  16. R.I.P. James Lipton. A man of many dramatic talents.

  17. The wig alone puts Tyler Perry to shame.😂


    1. Khan


      Actually, aside from the wig, it was better than anything Tyler's multi-tasked in, like, ever, lol.

    2. ReddFoxx


      The ending was unexpected, lol. That poster has some of the funniest videos.

    3. ChitHappens
  18. Did Pamela Anderson really stay married to husband #5 long enough for him to pay off her debts, then bounce? 

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    2. Cat


      I'm still giggling over 'international love affair.' Yes, I know she's going to Canada and back but still... lol.


      I don't think Jon Peters is an easily intimidated dude. He was Barbra Streisand's wig designer before parlaying that into 'lover' AND 'producing partner' (certainly nobody on the A Star Is Born set could stand Peters). He's had 5 marriages. Apparently his ego was and likely still is huge!


      But yeah, from the text it does sound like she might have tired him out, so to speak, lol.


      As for Pammy, well, glad she moved on from that abusive football player back in France. Jon Peters was definitely a step up from the French D-list where she was languishing. The ole girl does keep it moving! Everytime I see her, though, I fight the urge to give her a tetanus shot, throw her in the shower and pray for her eyebrows to grow back (god, I hate how she uses magic marker for her eyebrows).

    3. Khan


      Wait.  Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters were married?

    4. Vee


      Few have deserved to get bilked more than him.

  19. I can't believe a 'Supermarket Sweep' revival inspired a bidding war!

  20. If anyone is look for a set to film a sequel to 'The Shining', Dr. Phil's house should just cover it.

    1. ChitHappens


      What a nightmare that house is!  



    2. DramatistDreamer


      I was just hoping I wouldn't have nightmares after looking at this last night. 

    3. Donna B

      Donna B

      Anthony Herrera

  21. Maybe Frank Underwood was based on Kevin Spacey? His videos give me the creeps!

  22. Every kid in the U.K. this Christmas.


  23. I'm surprised that people didn't realize that Jennifer Lopez played a supporting role in Hustlers.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Performances aside, anyone who reads a script knows which role is clearly meant to be supporting and which is meant to be leading. 

    3. Khan


      No, what I meant was, J. Lo isn't as relevant anymore, so I don't think people care all that much whether she's playing supporting in a movie or the lead.

    4. Vee


      She is, though; the film was very well-received and she even moreso. It's a big deal for her and IMO she earned it.

  24. These Baby Yoda memes. :lol:


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