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  1. Neighbor's butchering I Will Always Love you

    1. London


      idk why I am laughing so much at this.

  2. Nice to see Y&R promos on different channels but that Villy one isnt a good one. They need to run one with the men again

  3. Not even 45 minutes in and Whitney has me dying of laughter. Bobby Brown lecturing on the evils of drugs! Did he write this script?

    1. ChitHappens


      This is NOT a biopic!!!!!

    2. frequentsoapfan


      Why did they hire an MJB look alike to play Cissy? Bobby was never a saint so I'm not sure what couple this movie is supposed to be about

  4. Not even halfway through VH1s Hit the Floor and it already sucks between the acting and the dancing(which should be its strongest point)

    1. ChitHappens


      I only saw one kick ass dancer, and she's not a main character. The others are weak! Not that I care as I don't plan to watch any more. It was awful!

    2. frequentsoapfan


      I thought I'd give it a shot but it was not good. I see Melissa from Making the Band is getting that paycheck. Logan Browning was really weak as the HBIC and that main actress could not act and her dancing was weak. Oh and I don't even follow NBA Basketball but know enough about it to know the cheerleaders do not practice at the same facility as the players!

  5. Okay I'll make you really think on this one. Anyone got a good name for a fictional beach resort in Delaware?

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    2. DRW50


      Biden Biden?

    3. SFK


      If you were doing a gay-themed serial, I would go ahead and name it Rehoboth Beach. That would actually be a good idea for a show. Rehoboth ("affectionately" referred to as "Rehomo") has a considerable gay population. My friend has a beach house nearby, so we'd drive all around to Bethany, Ocean City, MD, Rehoboth, et cetera. There was a t-shirt shop in Rehoboth that curiously had a shirt that read, "Silly Faggot, Dicks are for Chicks". *DEAD*

    4. frequentsoapfan


      I'm not writing a soap opera(at least not this time).It's a class project.

  6. Okay I'm tired of all the "Work" songs. Rihanna, Tinashe, Fifth Harmony. 

    1. ChitHappens


      This is not a good song at all and I wish folks would stop acting like is was.  

    2. frequentsoapfan


      Its my least favorite Rihanna song and I was a stan for her first 3 albums. Fifth Harmony's song is straight garbage too.

    3. NothinButAttitude


      Glad it isn't just me. I am not feeling this new Rihanna song. 

  7. Okay so DG randomly started following me on Twitter though I don't follow him o r tweet alot about Y&R or Cane

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    2. dragonflies


      I don't follow him. Melody Thomas Scott does follow me though, love that woman <3

    3. frequentsoapfan


      Oh I'm still not following him. Just resisting the urge to DM him asking why Cane is still on my screen

    4. JackPeyton


      yeah, he randomly follows people. i bet someone Rted you and he liked it or something.

  8. OLD CM epi with MCE playing a stripper

    1. marceline


      IIRC, that one has two soapers in it. MCE and Robert Newman (ex-Josh, GL).

    2. Soapsuds
    3. dragonflies


      criminal minds

  9. Patty needs to stop playin with this vanilla pound cake bs and make a lemon one!

  10. Perfect description of soap press from  a GH board "Soap press" = soap bloggers with one or more e-mail addresses of a GH cast member

  11. Rainy day in. Any Netflix suggestions?

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    2. DRW50


      Twin Peaks. Supernatural.

    3. ChitHappens


      Xena: Warrior Princess

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      OMG the Up series is on Netflix??

  12. Really relish is on of today's GH spoilers?

    1. AlexElizabeth


      LOL. February sweeps, folks.

    2. ChitHappens


      Wow! I forgot it was Sleeps!

    3. MontyB


      Have no

      idea what you guys are talking about, but I watched GH today. Haven't since 1979 when Luke and Laura came off the run and Mr Smith.....hell, I don't remember what happened now. Anyway, it wasn't bad. I'm thinking of watching. TJ!! My little guy from Everybody Hate Chris!

  13. Rewatching Lincoln Heights on UP. Forgot how much I enjoyed the family dynamic and the cop drama. But my God they were the unluckiest family. Every episode someone was getting shot, kidnapped, held at gunpoint, almost assaulted. The Sutton family never caught a break!

    1. NothinButAttitude


      I loved Lincoln Heights, but I agree the Suttons were unlucky as hell. I wish Y&R would realize the jewel they have in Robert Adamson though and utilize him. Like he proved on Lincoln Heights, he can be a young, romantic lead.

    2. frequentsoapfan


      Yes RA is so wasted on Y&R. I've liked him in every thing else I've seen him in

  14. RIP Denise "Vanity" Matthews!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. frequentsoapfan


      MC Hammer said some beautiful things about her on Twitter

    3. ReddFoxx


      Nasty Girl is one of the best funk songs of the 80s. Vanity had a hard life, but she did get herself together and I hope she was at peace when she passed.

    4. DramatistDreamer


      I had read that she had a kidney transplant years ago (her kidneys being so badly damaged from drug abuse) but apparently she developed a rare but fatal disease as a result of the drugs she had to take after dialysis and for anti-rejection medicines.  Very sad.  She seemed to have found love and to be in a good place emotionally and spiritually in life.  May she R.I.P.

  15. Rumor is that John Ingle passed away

  16. Sam's baby can't be born soon enough. I'm tired of hearing about that child!

  17. See Dad Run is actually kind of funny

  18. Shirtless hair models, horrible background music, some of the worse dialog ever, sexual tension between the lead males

  19. Since when did Oliver become a big name photographer?

  20. Since when does Phyllis not hate Sharon?

  21. So Nancy is back on social media letting us know she didn't get reprimanded and is patting herself on the back while skirting around the issue.

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    2. Khan


      I figured nothing would come of her remarks and that the network would just let the episode blow over.  I mean, I WANTED there to be serious repercussions for NLG, but I knew better.  For me, however, the REALLY sad part is that I no longer have respect for an actress who, if I had been an EP or HW on any soap opera, I would have snapped up the second she was between jobs.

    3. Cheap21


      its too bad Black Twitter has moved on. Id be all for an encore dragging

    4. frequentsoapfan


      Lol Cheap so would I. She waited until Black Twitter quieted down to basically rub it in that she got no real repercussions for her posts and sput some bs about being enlightened.

  22. Soap news dropped this week that actually made me happy for once

  23. SOC might be the only board impressed with BC and the bipolar story.

    1. Soapsuds


      I use to post at SOC but haven't in a long time. I think the last time I posted anything was right before ATWT was cancelled. 

    2. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      When I was a wee lad, SOC was my first message board. Once I found this place back, I quickly outgrew it, thankfully.

    3. frequentsoapfan


      I occasionally visit now just to see what everyone is talking about. I was surprised to see so much love for BC because everyone else can't stand  him elsewhere

  24. Someone please tell Ryan Pavey to stfu and stay in his lane. So those of us offended by Nancy are trolls?

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