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  1. It was Meg I think.

    Nevermind it was Barbara

    Barbara's reflection: Hey, what's wrong with you? Yeah, I'm talking to you. You know he loves you.

    Barbara: Then why did he go back to Vienna?

    Barbara's reflection: Forget about Vienna. Think about the way he looks at you. Think about the way you feel when you're with him. You're in love with him.

    Barbara: Yeah. I am.

    Barbara's reflection: So do something about it.

    Barbara: Like what?

    Barbara's reflection: Well, for starters, stop sitting around, moping while your lover's getting ready to marry someone who doesn't deserve him, baby or no baby. Get out there and get him back.

    Barbara: Oh, shut up and go away. I may be lovesick, but I'm not schizophrenic -- not yet, anyway.

    Barbara's reflection: One more question.

    Barbara: Make it quick.

    Barbara's reflection: Since when does Barbara Ryan give up without a fight?

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