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  1. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

  2. It's time to give up when you find youself laughing at a show not because it's funny, but because it is so god awful!

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    2. frequentsoapfan
    3. MissLlanviewPA


      Exceptions should be made when it's intentionally bad, I'm just sayin' :P.

    4. frequentsoapfan


      Nope no exceptions!

  3. Jay Z throwing shade at The Dream onstage is my Grammys highlight

  4. JM is inching into Ron Moss level acting

  5. JMW and AI looked gorgeous in the Arrow pilot

  6. JMW is pretty cringeworthy in this LMN flick

    1. ChitHappens


      Good, I missed it. I'm now watching one with Cam Mathison, Sidney Penny and Cynthis Preston. So this is where washed up soap actors/performers go? The new Love Boat.

    2. dragonflies


      she's a bad actress overall

  7. Judging from the reel I saw I think NuKristina can actually act

  8. Just binge watched the first 4 episodes of UnReal. I think I found my fluffy show for the summer.

    1. Cheap21


      was it unreal?

    2. frequentsoapfan


      You should check it out it Cheap since you're a fan of reality tv

  9. Kamar de los Reyes cast member in gay action thriller http://www.facebook.com/HotGuysWithGuns

  10. Kamar de los Reyes is doing voice work for the new Black Ops game

    1. Cheap21


      the dress is awful and draws attention to her mid section and not in a good way. Her hair however is on point

    2. frequentsoapfan


      I thought it looked so good onstage though

  11. Kismet and Fate might be the two most annoying lines I've endured in soaps

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    2. VirginiaHamilton


      I was being sarcastic.

    3. frequentsoapfan


      Was her Fate line stolen from SuB because Meg's kismet crap was annoying

    4. VirginiaHamilton
  12. Lately the only drama in Daytime is which soap will be canceled next

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    2. frequentsoapfan


      The primetime soaps to look out for this summer were listed Dallas,Hollywood Heights, Army Wives, and I think True Blood.

    3. DRW50


      I don't consider the last two to be soaps, and the second one isn't calling itself a soap either. Not that the soaps have been a summer destination in a long time but it kind of annoys me a little to see the press take a poke at them for that stuff.

    4. dm.


      There's always drama, it's just badly written and executed. :')

  13. Like Debbie Morgan but those Royal Family movies were a hot ass badly scripted and acted mess.

    1. Khan


      UO: The majority of Black-centric movies I've seen on TVOne, Aspire, BET, Amazon and Netflix have been nothing but crap.

    2. frequentsoapfan


      The writer for the Royal Family movies also wrote  Marry Me for Christmas and its its follow up movies. At least the Chandler family isn't some big walking stereotype and Victoria Rowell wasn't surround by a bunch of people who can't act. Debbie came off as miscast in her movie and her family was played by some horrible young actors all playing caricatures.

  14. Lol a Lane fan about JFP "She better do right by CK, if she knows what's good for her." Lol it's getting serious!

  15. Lol at this drop mic feature on gmail! :P

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      Oh.  Well, I thought it was funny.

    3. Khan


      Leave it to human beings to kill even the good jokes.

    4. DramatistDreamer


      One person complained that they accidentally dropped it into a work-related e-mail and got fired as a result.  Très stupide!  I never thought to actually use it at the time but I simply looked at it and thought it was funny.

  16. Lol first time watching Rocko's Modern Life in years. Can't beleive this was a kids show with so many hidden innuendos

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    2. lovely_m


      My parents must have been pretty wise to it because this(and Ren and Stimpy) were shows I wasn't allowed to watch.

    3. Eric83


      LOL about to start a thread on this bc I saw a blog pist aboutit once

    4. frequentsoapfan


      My parents let me watch basiclaly everything on Nick. I knew Ren and Skimpy was bad when a few years ago they were playing it on MTV early in the morning

  17. Lol I forgot Kristoff St. John made an appearence on EHC

    1. marceline


      The episode where he's in the line-up?

  18. Lol my sister is a non soap watcher and came over today while I was watching DAYS. The commentary was hilarious. Patchy the Pirate, oompa loopma, she looks 45 to his 2, waste his time 2016, lol

  19. Lol saw this on Twitter

    Tequan:"I'm the lead on a Showtime pilot. Next year my red carpet won't be on Periscope." #DaytimeEmmys

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    2. ChitHappens


      Those were Bibel's words and not his. 

    3. NothinButAttitude


      It would've been hilarious if he did say that. :P

    4. YRfan23


      Even if he did say that, I wouldn't blame him for thinking that...

  20. Lol some posters on here never fail to entertain

  21. Lol watching Fraisers reruns. Analization of the Y&R! Nikki being the town pump!

  22. Longing for creative writers

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    2. frequentsoapfan


      Writing a novel is on my bucket list

    3. Khan


      Here's a good idea for a novel: the goings-on at a message board community devoted to the dying genre of daytime drama. ;)

    4. aMLCproduction


      Good one Khan. U need help Frequent?

  23. MAB's crpa on Y&R can't end soon enough

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