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  1. Exactly, it is an unfortunate legacy to leave behind for a character. I had similar problems with a few AMC characters when I wrote bios from my history site... some characters had gaps of 1-2 years where they really did not drive any stories. Back in the 80's, this was probably acceptable to a point (e.g., Donna Beck, Edna Fergueson), but nowadays, a show cannot afford and should not be expected to hold onto a glorified extra as a contract player.

    I think that this could also encourage, better, more balanced writing. If a show has the ultimatum to either write for a character or write them off, it would force storylines to be better balanced amongst the cast and be more reminiscent of the soaps of yester-year.

    It is unfortunate because it's like Lexie, she who spread her legs to hot young men and was the least evil of the Dimeras.It's especiially sad with her being the only black female on the show. And if they're going to only use a character to prop another character, then that character shouldn't be on contract

  2. It is so true! The role of Lexie, as much I love Renee Jones, has she really done anything in with the role? Or rather has she had the opportunity? She really only drove a story once in her decades on the show, the baby switch. Really, the fact that she is still a contract player is beyond me.

    Cuz they wasted too much potential on affair stories instead. Alot of times when I think of Lexie, I think of her cheating on Abe with some fine young men and balancing out the evilness of her brothers and father.

  3. It was Meg I think.

    Nevermind it was Barbara

    Barbara's reflection: Hey, what's wrong with you? Yeah, I'm talking to you. You know he loves you.

    Barbara: Then why did he go back to Vienna?

    Barbara's reflection: Forget about Vienna. Think about the way he looks at you. Think about the way you feel when you're with him. You're in love with him.

    Barbara: Yeah. I am.

    Barbara's reflection: So do something about it.

    Barbara: Like what?

    Barbara's reflection: Well, for starters, stop sitting around, moping while your lover's getting ready to marry someone who doesn't deserve him, baby or no baby. Get out there and get him back.

    Barbara: Oh, shut up and go away. I may be lovesick, but I'm not schizophrenic -- not yet, anyway.

    Barbara's reflection: One more question.

    Barbara: Make it quick.

    Barbara's reflection: Since when does Barbara Ryan give up without a fight?

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