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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. She's a long time model and the wife of Singer Miguel. I've never seen her act.
  2. Lol those two look completely different. But I never understood casting a woman lighter than biracial Rainbow to be her black mother.
  3. Yet his one episode of this show was filmed last summer! Lol
  4. That boy cannot act so it wasn't a loss
  5. Love this trend of Twitter right now #TheTitleofMySoapOpera

  6. They didnt want her related to Nate as she was to be a potential love interest
  7. Remember Passions did the binge marathons before they were a thing. During the Direct TV run they aired episodes 4 days a week with a marathon on Friday.
  8. Jonathan Bennett won't let us forget he peaked in 2004.  Watching Celeb Big Brother

  9. Jesse McCartney released a new soap opera parody themed music video. The soap is called The Young & The Wasted


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    2. frequentsoapfan


      I'm a Young Justice fan so I knew he was still acting. Singing he started back up last year. I liked his last song. Not impressed by this song or video. And his plastic face. Yikes!

    3. soapfan770


      I wonder @Khan if he'll also do a parody song of that mediocre beach TV show about  he was on where Shawn Christian played his dad or something lol. 

    4. frequentsoapfan


      @soapfan770 That one was one of my shows as a teen. Lol. I loved Summerland. Shawn Christian didnt play his dad. He played his aunt's on and off boyfriend. 

  10. Time to go on another hiatus from soaps. None of them have anything interesting me at the moment and I'm doing a lot more cringing than anything else during all of them. 

    1. ChitHappens


      I keep up thru Twitter.  I'm 3 eppies behind on GH.  This is a theme for me lately.  When I finally watch them, I end up ff to the end to see what's up the following eppy.  Trash all around!

    2. Faulkner


      Y&R is always on in my workplace, but yeah. Too much freely available content of higher quality or entertainment value.

    3. frequentsoapfan


      DAYS is always on in my workplace as well as GH being on in one of the breakrooms. Sometimes people stop eating their lunch just to cringe.

  11. The only who called him out on that was Abby.
  12. Kyle was still entertaining Summer up until she moved away so it's hard to feel sorry for "poor, put upon" Kyle.
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