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  1. Pratt out as showrunner for Star. Good! Cuz he did his usual throw everything but the kitchen sink at the characters style writing all season. Especially in the finale

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      @DRW50 In terms of mainstream movies, yes. There are some indie gems that are lurking that unless you live in L.A. or NYC, you wouldn't be able to see otherwise. It's been pretty good, particularly for Black filmmakers and documentarians.

      I can't completely knock it. Know of any other areas where Black filmmaker's work are featured as often?

    3. DRW50


      I was talking more about their TV shows, which seem to be veering more and more toward milquetoast. I do appreciate the chances they offer some filmmakers. 

    4. ChitHappens


      @DramatistDreamer, folks want better but we realize we aren't getting better so we have to settle for the lesser of evils. 

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