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  1. The IMDB boards shutting down reminds me of when TWoP shut down. I never did quite understand what board on boards meant

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    2. frequentsoapfan


      I posted there until the end too but by the end it was only on one of two boards. I hated the soap boards there. Between actors who had accounts trying to control discussions, general groupthink, and the ban crazy mods I was glad to see that gone.

    3. DRW50


      Some of the soap posters were among the worst I've ever seen on the Internet, especially on the Y&R boards. The Muhney chokehold was just unbearable.

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I posted there heavily around 2009-2010, but there were too many pompous ego-maniacs there for me to stay long-term. Everyone was THE expert on whatever topic/subject a show was about.

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