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  1. The IMDB boards shutting down reminds me of when TWoP shut down. I never did quite understand what board on boards meant

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    2. ~bl~


      The board on board thing was supposed to mean statements like "I know this is an unpopular opinion" or "I speak for everyone when I say". Starting a comment "I don't get what is wrong with you people for not liking this episode" also were banned. Basically don't act like your opinion on the message board is more important cuz it is popular or unpopular. At times it turned into don't discuss issues you have with a moderator, because that has nothing to do with the topic you are discussing. The soap boards weren't managed like other parts, and the moderating wasn't consistent, but that's what happens with large boards. Threads for particular people also typically weren't supposed to be for "fans" only, so no one was allowed to discuss fans of a particular person in the thread about that person. (That I agreed with, because who wants to read about a fan war about a character when you want to see thoughts about the character's story.)  I lurked more than anything else, as TWOP started when Dawson's Creek was still on the air and under a different name. And years ago the unwritten rule of posting was read see if you like what you see then post, don't post to change the community.

    3. SweetPea36


      Some of their rules made sense at the beginning, but when the more power-hungry mods began losing their perspective, the rules were often used to enforce agendas. I remember one mod who was a diehard fan of a certain actor. Not only were posters not allowed to say anything critical of his favorite, eventually he refused to allow any positive comments about other actors. As if we needed more proof that absolute power corrupts absolutely.


      Bad craziness reigned.

    4. frequentsoapfan


      It morphed into don't dislike the mod's favorites or else they'll ban you for board on boards.

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