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  1. Am I the only one tired of the Back from the Dead trope on soaps?

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    2. NothinButAttitude


      I've always wanted RJ to be gay too so Ridge could have a hard time with it, but that was somewhat scrapped when Bill tried pegging Ridge as being gay as Ridge was in a photo at a gay pride parade. However, the story might still be able to told but with Brooke being the intolerant parent. But it's still hard for her too as she easily accepted Maya. 


      This is what happens when you try and make all the characters be politically correct....

    3. YRfan23


      I too had in mind for Brooke to be a little "weirded" out at first but have Ridge totally accept causing a bit of tension which Brooke would eventually get over....for some reason I think it would be more interesting if maybe Thomas turned out to be homophobic and totally shuns R.J out....which deep down would be because he's jealous of Ridge being more of a better father to R.J then Thomas himself...

      As for R.J's lover....I know the "beauty and the geek" thing is something everyone is tired about since maybe Patrick/Sabrina on GH but I did have in mind for R.J to maybe fall in love with a gay nerdy interm at Forrester (who might turn out to be related to a past character) IDK but I like the idea of R.J though he is gay being this very handsome well built guy, and falling for a computer geek boy (who would eventually look just as handsome after a makeover)

    4. frequentsoapfan


      Soaps cant even write proper romances between straight people lately.

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