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  1. I realize that they didn't know at the time that Jane Cox was going to leave, but that whole story with Zak leaving Lisa for Joanie feels even more pointless now. It didn't really make sense when it happened, and now it just feels like a colossal waste of time. I never cared about Zak, and it's been a long time since I cared about Lisa, but I never doubted that they belonged together and the destruction of their relationship was a big mistake. One of many mistakes this show has made the last few years....
  2. Goodbye Lisa Dingle. It's a bit sad really that a veteran character leaves after 23 years and I couldn't care less. If/when they decide to let Annie die offscreen I will be heartbroken, even though she's been gone from the show for 25 years, but Lisa's death leaves me cold. What's even worse is that they will probably devote enormous amount of screentime to show how all the Dingles deal with Lisa's death, episode after episode for months to come, while other stories, including the aftermath of Maya's grooming of Jacob and the repercussions of Victoria's rape will be relegated to the backburner and awarded a few minutes of screentime per week.
  3. Oh dear, apparently Madonna altered the sound on her own video upload of her "performance" at the Eurovision Song Contest..... She must have realized that there would be others who uploaded the real version. The real, live performance: Madonna's own upload
  4. I can't wait! It's funny, a royal visit to the house is also the plot in one of the best episodes ("Guest of honour") of "Upstairs, Downstairs", a show which obviously served as an inspiration for the creators of Downton Abbey.
  5. Gaynor Faye (Megan) has apparently decided to leave the show. A bit ironic that this happens now when she actually has a story after languishing so long in the background.....
  6. I think Madonna should seriously consider retiring from performing. She's never had the strongest singing voice, and as she grows older she can't hide that fact with a spectacular show like before. Her vocal limitations will become more and more obvious.
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