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  1. ^^ Really? Wow, that explains a lot. I thought the stars were given as a reward for accomplishments, which is why some recipients seemed so baffling.
  2. Frankly I don't understand why he even has a star? But that can be said about a lot of the other star recipients as well.
  3. Considering the tumultous, tragic life Diana Barrymore had and her sad ending (death by possible overdose at 38) I think Drew would do better not to follow her lead.
  4. Funny that Drew enters into the talk show business exactly 70 years after her aunt Diana Barrymore almost became the first to host one, The Diana Barrymore Show. It would have been the very first talk show, but she never showed up for the broadcast and the show was cancelled immediately.
  5. Reviving this old (yet delightful) thread again.... I've been watching a re-run of this show during the summer, and it's such a sweet little show and it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. None of the cynicism or bleak worldview that is so common in tv-shows nowadays. I wish there were more shows like this on tv now.
  6. It's been very quiet in here recently..... It's understandable though, because the show has been so depressing lately. They really need to find a balance between the heavy dramatic stuff and more light-hearted stories. Too much doom and gloom makes it very exhausting to watch. I really miss a character like Val, who always managed to lighten things up a bit.
  7. R.I.P. Barrington Pheloung (1954-2019)
  8. I'm feeling both excited and nervous about this. Nice to see that John Howe is involved, since he was also involved in the design of the movie trilogies. (Even though I personally prefer Alan Lee's illustrations.... )
  9. In memory of Harold Prince (1928-2019)
  10. Broadway legend Harold Prince, winner of 21 Tony Awards, has passed away aged 91. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-49183158 The list of productions he produced and/or directed is impressive to say the least: Damn Yankees; West Side Story; Fiddler on the Roof; Cabaret; Company; A Little Night Music; Sweeney Todd; Evita; Zorba; Follies; The Phantom of the Opera etc
  11. An 8-year old boy was killed by a train after he and his mother was deliberately pushed on to the tracks. The mother managed to scramble to safety but the child didn't. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-49155293 What kind of sick world do we live in really?!
  12. Rare footage of the original London cast of Les Misérables performing at the 1985 Olivier Awards. In order of appearance: Patti LuPone (Fantine), Colm Wilkinson (Jean Valjean), Frances Ruffelle (Eponine), Michael Ball (Marius), Rebecca Caine (Cosette), David Burt (Enjolras), Alun Armstrong (Thenardier), Susan Jane Tanner (Madame Thenardier) and Roger Allam (Javert)
  13. Wow, what a classy remark! There's no need for name-calling like that simply because you don't like someone.
  14. Wow, did not see this coming. Simona Halep demolishing Serena Williams.
  15. Yes, Nadal is out!! Federer vs Djokovic in the final.
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