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  1. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    What a disaster!!!! Youtube is closing all Santa Barbara channels with full episodes. And I was watching the show everyday.
  2. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Just watched these episodes. I think this era of the show is great, except for the recast of Santana. I wish Ava Lazar made these important scenes where Santana discovered Channing had a romance with another man.
  3. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Just rewatched this. What do you think of this scene? fans of Eden and cruz seems to love it, but I watch it now and I find it very creepy. I don’t like it at all.
  4. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    2 excellent episodes. But I still think Mary died too soon. Mason and Mary made a great couple, even if I sometimes cannot stand her attitude.
  5. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Mary end is near. I'm not against her death but I think she could have been in the show at least one more year. Watching these episodes her death feels so sudden. And I also love Pearl and Kelly in the clinic. Their acting is so good. I wish they didn't erase their story once Robin Wright returned for Princess Bride. I am not saying they should be a couple but they should have bigger scenes as friends. And I also love the chemistry between Keith and Eden. Their scenes are exciting. I love this season of the show. Here Santa Barbara feels like an ensemble show with multiples leading roles. I forget it. Jane is so annoying. I don't understand why she lasted so long in the show.
  6. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    I am watching episodes from 1987 on youtube and I was wondering when did the Dobsons leave the show. I've read it's this year, but, what are the last episodes or month they are involved on the show?
  7. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    I'm more or less following this and she hasn't. Probably she will hate her second TV series in a few years.
  8. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Wow! These scenes are perfect. Marcy and Robin are great. When I see this, I remember why I hate so much the relationship between Eden and Kelly’s version made by Carrington Garland. See the difference It looks like a different show written by other writes. I have not anything against Carrington but her version of Kelly was just other character not Kelly. The same with Terry Lester as Mason. Nothing to do with the original role.
  9. Marcy Walker discussion thread (soap stuff)

    Do you also have Terror in the Shadows? Becuase Marcy and Ethan/Zack are in the movie
  10. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    One night stand This is the poster of the movie
  11. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    About Leonardo DiCaprio... And Tea Leoni Leonardo was only one episode. About Tea I have no idea if she was more than one episode.
  12. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    John Allen Nelson and A Martinez did full frontal on movies. But they were not porn movies.
  13. Marcy Walker discussion thread (soap stuff)

    Just watched this movie on youtube
  14. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    But what’s the source? Is there any interview where Rob Reiner says that? Because I watch a Chelsea Lately show where she said that to Robin about Rob Reiner. But it looked like a joke. And Rob Reiner first met Robin Wright early 1984 (before Santa Barbara) because she auditioned for ‘The Sure Thing’ and Reiner didn’t like Robin Wright and her bad audition. And then there’s the book of Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins (casting directors of ‘The Princess Bride’) named ‘A Star is Found’ where they explain the casting process of ‘The Princess Bride’ and they tell Rob Reiner didn’t want to meet again with Robin Wright because he remembered her from ‘The Sure Thing’ audition and didn’t like her at all. I wish I could post the pages of the book here.
  15. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Here: http://robinwright.org.es/the-princess-bride-1987/
  16. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Why do you say that? because I read part of a book written by Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins (casting directors of The Princess Bride). And they said at first they didn’t want to meet robin wright because among other things she was on a soap opera and probably would have pick really bad habits in the acting department
  17. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    I copy this from a website: In 1986, Robin Wright was also offered the leading role in ‘Dirty Dancing’ but she had to turn it down because the filming was at the same time that Rob Reiner’s movie. In fact, ‘The Princess Bride’ required a 4 month shooting schedule on location throughout England and Ireland. And the time of filming the movie, Robin Wright was playing Kelly Capwell, one of the heroines of soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’. In exchange for allowing her time off to film the movie, they required her to extend her contract by almost a year. Robin wanted to leave the soap in July 1987, but then she was chained until June 1988. “That wasn’t a fair trade,” Robin said, “but it was worth it. My agents and managers decided that I should agree to anything, to work Saturdays, to kiss their butts for the next nine months, whatever it took to get out and do the film.” Years later, in 1992, Robin also talked about this. She explained: “I had a clause in my two-year TV contract that let me out for four weeks once a year to do films. But no film gets shot in four weeks and I did two movies, so every extra week extended approximately a month or two onto my contract.” In December 2015, Cary Elwes also addressed this subject: “I consider Robin a very dear friend. Everyone knows what an extraordinary talent she is, so we were lucky to get her on the film. She was doing ‘Santa Barbara’ at the time, and they wouldn’t let her out of the contract so Norman Lear, our producer, and Rob Reiner worked very hard to get them to release her.”
  18. They Almost Became

    Jed Allan was the best CC.
  19. Kelly Capwell after she killed Dylan and enter the mental institution of Dr. Rawlings. Very subtle performance for a soap opera. Robin Wright played it so well. It was so sad and painful to watch those scenes. And Robin Wright played said a lot with her eyes.
  20. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    ? I’m watching on youtube this era of the show (April-May 1986) and I have to say all the storylines are so good. Kelly with crazy Dylan, Eden with crazy Kirk, Mason and Mary with Mark, Sophia has cancer. I don’t remember other time where all Santa Barbara stories were this great. I’m enjoying it so much. Some episodes are so fast that the pacing look like a primetime soap.
  21. Models Inc. Discussion Thread

    I remember I loved Kylie Travis on this show.
  22. Sunset Beach and Santa Barbara can be compared. They were similar, but I prefer SB by far
  23. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Love Robin Wright as Kelly. Much more in this second viewing. Jeffrey and Kell are fantastic. I didn't love them as much when I saw the series as a child. BUt now I think they're so fresh together. And I agree with you that Ted is so anoying in these episodes. I cannot stand him. I like Todd Mckee, but the writing of him in the story of Hayley's rape is so bad. That doesn't mean I like Jake. I think Ric Edwards is a wooden actor.