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  1. I've been reading during many years Cruz and Eden fan comments, well also Santa Barbara fan comments in general, on YouTube episodes, Facebook and insta fanpages, boards. And I have always felt the fans of this couple and also sb fans in general are really more Marcy Walker fans than A Martinez fans. They liked better Eden than Cruz. When they are separated (like in Utah, Robert Barr Nikki, Kirk Santana and other stories) they enjoy Eden by far. This is also my opinion. I enjoy a lot more the Eden scenes than the Cruz scenes. Cruz is more boring, righteous, and perfect and Eden is more "crazy", impulsive, troubled, irrational character like her mother Sophia, Mason or Kelly… So that makes Eden more interesting than Cruz. All of this makes me think the show would have work a lot better with Eden sans Cruz that with Cruz sans Eden. Also Eden has better attachments with her family. Marcy scenes with Lane Davies, Todd McKee, Jed and Judith, Robin Wright, Carrington Garland…) are a lot better than A Martinez scenes with his people (either family or other characters like Pearl, Cain…) But we will never know.
  2. No rehab this time. She went to Los Angeles to star in a new TV Series.
  3. what video are you talking about? I cannot find anything. Is this the channel you are talking about? https://www.youtube.com/c/santabarbarasoapopera
  4. I copy something I posted here months ago. It is from a Princess Bride article. The Princess Bride’ required a 4 month shooting schedule on location throughout England and Ireland. And the time of filming the movie, Robin Wright was playing Kelly Capwell, one of the heroines of soap opera ‘Santa Barbara’. In exchange for allowing her time off to film the movie, they required her to extend her contract by almost a year. Robin wanted to leave the soap in July 1987, but then she was chained until June 1988. “That wasn’t a fair trade,” Robin said, “but it was worth it. My agents and managers decided that I should agree to anything, to work Saturdays, to kiss their butts for the next nine months, whatever it took to get out and do the film.” Years later, in 1992, Robin also talked about this. She explained: “I had a clause in my two-year TV contract that let me out for four weeks once a year to do films. But no film gets shot in four weeks and I did 3 movies, so every extra week extended approximately a month or two onto my contract. In December 2015, Cary Elwes also addressed this subject: “I consider Robin a very dear friend. Everyone knows what an extraordinary talent she is, so we were lucky to get her on the film. She was doing ‘Santa Barbara’ at the time, and they wouldn’t let her out of the contract so Norman Lear, our producer, and Rob Reiner worked very hard to get them to release her.”
  5. Just watched it. It starts a little bad "What a cheesy show". But it ends on a positive note. The part of SB is only the first 5-6 minutes.
  6. Warren was also a non-entity from day one and John Allen Nelson showed good acting many times. I think Julie Ronnie was hired because she had a very beautiful face. Because she had zero acting skills on SB and after that. She was bad in the delivery of lines. She always seemed uncomfortable while "acting". She didn't know how to hit a mark. You can watch many scenes of her where she moves along the set in a very weird way.
  7. I loved the carnation killer story but it's obvious that was not on the original Bible so everything you said could be a possibility. And you can see that Peter goes crazy in about one episode and then begin killing so fast so that was a story they invented to end the Peter/Joe/Kelly story. I know some fans have the Bible of the first year. It would be great it they shared the original plans for Santana, The Perkins, Joe/Kelly and on. And what would have happened if they didn’t fire Ava Lazar? Sometimes it seems that Gina took some of the stories of Santana once she was gone. And in the first episodes they teased a Warren/Jade romance that went nowhere. And they had many promotional pictures as a couple so who knows. A triangle between Eden, Warren and Jade was the original plan? Also I don't understand when people say that Cruz and Eden was not an original plan when from the first Marcy Walker episode you can see they shared a romance in the past.
  8. The fans don't talk very much about sets and now that you're talking , what sets do you like most and which ones do you dislike? I really liked Eden and Cruz's second and white house. Also The country club but only the first version which was very big. Then they did it small. I don't like bars like the Bar Noone or something like that. Don't like the Oasis. From smaller sets I like Mason's apartament, Kelly's cottage and don't like Nicks apartment or Nikki's/Celeste apartment which was almost the same. Like both Capwell house. Like the Lockridge but I always thought it looked so small, not even a mansion. Some beaches were good but some very bad. I remember in the Robert Barr era they put a moon in the beach that was so fake looking. There's a lot more but I'll wait if someone puts their ones.
  9. Maybe this is a little off topic, but anyone from here have watched episodes or scenes of The Bay? I ask because this show has many Santa Barbara actors.
  10. Now I understand! They always had some corny scenes in the past but there are some in the 800 that are super corny and pretentious. Very in your face. So grandiloquent. Also I realized that the other characters talk many times about the great love of Cruz and Eden and everybody want to have a relationship like them and they are always present in their conversations. I know this happened in the past but now it happens more than ever. For me it’s sad because I would prefer an ensemble show.
  11. I’m watching those episodes but I have a problem. Even with its flaws I liked the soap until Elena’s death which happens in the late 700. But I haven’t enjoyed very much the first part of the 800. Cruz and Eden have been always the central couple but after Elena’s death I feel a big change. I think it’s here, around 800, where the series truly becomes the Cruz and Eden show. And if you are not a big fan of the couple you do not enjoy it that much. And I’m not a big fan of the couple.
  12. Do you have the full article of Ava's firing? Maybe you posted and I missed it.
  13. Sad news. Just watched this scene on facebook. Beautiful scene.
  14. I don't care if Robin Wright likes or hates the show. IMO Kelly is a very damaged girl since Joe's death and Robin Wright is so good in the dramatic dark sad stuff like Marcy Walker who is also amazing. Meanwhile, Carrington Garland is so weak in that sad and tragic scenes. You mean better writing? Because in the acting department Robin Wright is so much better than Carrington Garland.
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